Phil spector and lana clarkson relationship

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phil spector and lana clarkson relationship

I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with you people,” said Phil Spector to the There was no word then that Lana Clarkson, lying dead on a white French . of the Kessel brothers' connection to the Backstage Café (which she denied). Phil Spector had no prior relationship with Lana Clarkson. And according to crime scene records, Clarkson was wearing her purse when police found her. The second trial of Harvey Phillip Spector for the murder of Lana Clarkson was dominated by one phrase: "I think I killed someone" At the centre of the dispute was Spector's stand-in chauffeur on the night of Clarkson's death, Adriano de Souza, a Brazilian student who proved an.

Gone was the retinue of heavies that had marched into court with him every day the first time around. He was accompanied by just one bodyguard, and his young wife, Rachelle.

Phil Spector 'flew into rage before shooting actress' court told - Telegraph

His legal team was reduced to a single lawyer, Doron Weinberg. Facing him was the same lead prosecutor from the first trial, Alan Jackson. Without the theatrics of that trial, Weinberg's speciality was studied doubt. De Souza, he noted, had been through eight variations of the phrase "I think I killed someone" in recounting events to investigators.

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Surely that suggested sufficient doubt to acquit, Weinberg argued. But ultimately, Spector came up against a barrage of evidence.

phil spector and lana clarkson relationship

Clarkson had given no indication that she was suicidal, the defence's proffered explanation. Why would someone who was just about to shoot themselves go out and buy multiple pairs of shoes?

phil spector and lana clarkson relationship

The trial heard expert testimony that people rarely kill themselves on the spur of the moment, and almost never at the home of a stranger. More damning for the defence was the judge's decision in both trials to allow evidence of prior acts by Spector involving women and guns. A parade of women at both trials described how Spector had turned from charm to menace, often fuelled by alcohol and medication. His penchant for waving guns in people's faces, they recounted, suggested an accident waiting to happen.

phil spector and lana clarkson relationship

They all deserve a bullet in their head. Spector, 68, is on trial for a second time for the murder of Miss Clarkson, whose body was found in the foyer of his suburban mansion just east of Los Angeles on February 3, His first trial ended in a mistrial a year ago after five months of testimony with a deadlocked jury split 10 to 2 in favour of guilt.

How Phil Spector was convicted of the murder of Lana Clarkson

In an opening statement similar to the one he gave at the original trial, Mr Jackson told jurors that prosecution evidence would introduce them to "the real Philip Spector" and "paint a very clear picture of a man who, when confronted with the right circumstances The diminutive defendant, who arrived at court in a dark, pin-striped three piece suit with frock coat and braces accompanied by two towering bodyguards and his young wife Rachelle, sat next to his lawyer, showing no emotion as the prosecutor spoke.

He denies murder and remains, since his December arrest, free on one million dollars bail, living at the sprawling home where the alleged murder took place.

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In a presentation criticised by the defence as "dramatic" in which he mimed pointing a gun at jurors and thumped a lectern to simulate the sound of a gunshot, Mr Jackson described "the events leading up to the murder".

He told the court the rock music producer, famous for developing the pioneering Wall of Sound recording technique in the s, had toured a variety of Hollywood restaurants and bars, drinking continually, before arriving at the House of Blues nightclub around 2am.

There he met Miss Clarkson for the first time.

phil spector and lana clarkson relationship

She was working as hostess of the VIP section and he invited her back to his secluded, "palatial estate on a hill" for a nightcap, Mr Jackson said. Around 5am, Spector's driver heard a gunshot and saw his employer emerge from the back door.

phil spector and lana clarkson relationship

And then "Philip Spector confessed to what had just happened inside the house", Mr Jackson said, telling his driver: