Peter parker and gwen stacy relationship test

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peter parker and gwen stacy relationship test

Gwen Stacy is the tragic love interest of Peter Parker. Watson was created to add some drama to the Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy relationship. The pairing of Mary Jane and Peter Parker became one of the most prominent and MJ as the first girl he has any significant relationship with. Only A True Spidey Fan Can Get % On This Spider-Man Quiz . means becoming a target of villains who discover his connection to her). . Mary Jane Watson is an iconic character in the Spider-Man universe, as Peter.

They would eventually fall in love and get married.

peter parker and gwen stacy relationship test

It has been established that she is the love of Spider-Man's life The Scarlet Witch used her powers to remake reality in such a way that all of the heroes would receive their heart's desires. For Peter Parker, this meant that he was married to Gwen Stacy and the pair had children. Despite what he might say in the regular continuity, Peter Parker's heart belongs to his first girlfriend. He did this while under the protection of Tony Stark and the pro-registration faction of heroes.

When Parker realised that Stark was up to no good, he was forced to go into hiding with his family.

Sins Past-The Gwen Affair - The Green Goblin's Hideout

Aunt May was shot and there was nothing anyone could do to save her. It took a deal with Mephisto Marvel's version of the devil to save Aunt May's life.

The deal was struck and reality was rewritten. Spider-Man's true identity was also a secret again. Along with the return of Harry, the writers also wanted Mephisto to bring Gwen Stacy back. It took an internal revolt from many different writers and editors within Marvel in order to keep Gwen dead. Apocalypse had taken over most of America, with Magneto leading the X-Men in a hopeless rebellion against him.

In this new reality, Gwen Stacy was spared the destruction of America, as she was in France at the time presumably not getting impregnated by Norman Osborn. After suffering from an illness, she is healed by Dr.

Donald Blake, who never found the hammer of Thor in this reality thus preventing the Asgardians from coming to Earth in order to stop Apocalypse.

peter parker and gwen stacy relationship test

Once she recovered, Gwen Stacy then became Donald Blake's bodyguard and protected him from the forces of Apocalypse. Gwen Stacy and Donald Blake would go on to be captured by the Marauders human servants of Apocalypse.

Gwen would become instrumental in destroying Mikhail Rasputin's ship and preventing Apocalypse from launching an attack on the free humans of Europe.

peter parker and gwen stacy relationship test

This led to the creation of the cosplay-friendly Lady Deadpool, as well as Dogpool a dog version of Deadpool from another reality. One such character to receive the Deadpool treatment was Gwen Stacy.

peter parker and gwen stacy relationship test

Despite only having one appearance on a cover no lessthe Gwenpool concept became popular with fans. This led to Gwenpool having a few backup stories of her own. In April ofGwenpool was given her own series.

Gabriel Stacy and Sarah Stacy

When the character was finally fleshed out, it was revealed that her name is Gwen Poole and that she comes from our reality or a similar one. What Gwenpool lacks in powers, she more than makes up for with her intimate knowledge of the Marvel universe, due to her being a fan of the comics in her own reality. One of the reasons that a lot of Marvel characters have names that start with the same letter Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, Scott Summers is so that it would help Stan Lee to remember them.

However, her scenes were ultimately cut from the final movie. Having Woodley appear as Mary Jane would have only made this issue worse in the grand scheme of things.

Famous for her skimpy and impractical metal bikini, Red Sonja found herself in the present day and possessed Mary Jane Watson.

25 Things Only True Fans Know About Spider-Man And Mary Jane's Relationship

While Red Sonja at first attacks Spider-Man, they later pair up in order to defeat the evil sorcerer names Kulan Gath. There will always be debate over which character is better for Peter, but there are some solid arguments for Gwen Stacy. It was only after Mary Jane was introduced that the writers found more chemistry between Peter and Mary Jane and thought that Mary Jane was more interesting to write about. Peter Parker was originally supposed to marry Gwen Stacy but Mary Jane was just too much of a jackpot to pass up.

In an emotional scene, Mary Jane goes into her backyard because her family members are yelling at each other.


Peter happens to be taking out the garbage at the same time and the pair have a conversation with each other about their future. He even confessed that he cried like a baby when she played Cinderella in first grade.

You be the judge. Thankfully, Aunt May pushed them to meet and they became one of comics most iconic couples. What makes this even more interesting is that the same thing happened between MJ and Aunt Anna as explained in the Parallel Lives graphic novel. Gareth Edwards did this with Godzilla in and Home Improvement did this with the character Wilson back in the '90s.

Needless to say, Peter Parker and the Spider-Man comics could have been very different if the writers would have kept her on as a joke. For someone who is supposed to be a nerd underneath the mask, Peter Park certainly got a lot of action.

While his relationships with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane are often explored in movies, he has also had several other relationships. Trusting his teammates, Spider-Man subdues Ash and flies him away.

peter parker and gwen stacy relationship test

Ash tells him of the Necronomicon but Colonel America-- yes, not Captain America-- jumps up and bites Spider-Man, infecting him with the virus.