Perona and zoro relationship trust

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perona and zoro relationship trust

While stuck on an island together, Zoro and Perona have a talk. . "You should never trust more than half of the things Usopp says. on the other hand, would probably suggest a beneficial rather than a romantic relationship. Luffy and Nami have not only an adorable relationship but also a true friendship. They wholeheartedly trust and understand each other. .. 17 Zoro & Perona. Zoro was furious and stated that he never trusted Nami in the first place. . others , shocking Sanji, though it was Perona who helped Zoro reach Sabaody early.

In those last two years, taking care of such needs on your own had been nearly impossible when you were either going through hell while training with the strongest swordsman of the world or an annoying girl sent her negative ghosts after you all day. Even in the shower, Perona had loved to interrupt him before he could get some release, that annoying laugh of hers softening a dick faster than even watching Luffy's chopstick dance ever could.

Zoro breathed in again. The pressure that had built up after all this time was immense. Gaining control over his body again whenever his thoughts travelled back to that blonde, that was a difficult task indeed. Impossible for most other men, but Zoro had decided to wait And as things were at the moment, he would most likely end up mad before that happened. Sanji looked at the photos Chopper had given him, wiping his nose time after time when a bit of blood began to trail out of it.

His body had to get used to the female form again and, according to Chopper, this was the safest way to heal him. Glancing at Zoro who was now leaning against the railing with crossed arms and downcast eyes, breathing deeply as if he was trying to fall asleep while standing, Sanji's stomach began to sink.

What was that green-haired idiot thinking of him now? And what had happened in his two years? Did he even remember that moment in the galley? Reaching into his breast pocket, Sanji took out a cigarette and used his lighter to ignite it. He set the cigarette between his lips, enjoying the calming feeling when he breathed in and smoke invaded his lungs.

That time in his own personal hell had been nearly unbearable but he did learn something from that experience. Sanji had never given that possibility much thought before. He had acted on impulse in the galley that night, but never really thought about how one had to seduce a man.

perona and zoro relationship trust

He didn't even have much experience with women and, even if he had, it would hardly be the same thing. Zoro was worth wandering into that unexplored territory, though. Despite his gender, he was all Sanji needed in a partner: Normally, Sanji would have no idea how to tell Zoro about his feelings but those shitty okama did teach him a thing or two about men dating men and, with those skills, he might be able to catch the swordsman's heart.

His hands beginning to tremble as nervousness began to rock his body; Sanji breathed in deeply and then made his way to the bathroom.

He had to calm the fuck down first. Zoro yawned, his right hand running through his hair as he made his way through the Sunny. This underwater journey had been surprisingly uneventful so far, giving Zoro more than enough time for a quick nap.

After yawning again, he reached the bathroom and opened up the door. He scratched his head as he walked inside, making it a few steps in until finally he looked up and his mouth opened to form a silent 'o'.

Sanji stood in front of the mirror, a red-coloured lipstick placed on his lower lip and looking at Zoro with the same shocked expression.

Flinching when he suddenly heard Luffy's voice behind him, Zoro quickly closed the door and locked it behind him. Want to try fishing again? Robin said she could keep Nami busy because it would be interesting. Zoro gritted his teeth and threw a quick glance over at Sanji before he said, "I can't, Luffy. Should I get Chopper? There are many tasty sea monsters outside!

After putting it back in the bag that belonged to Nami, no doubt, he turned his back to Zoro and looked at the ground. I d-don't like this, you know? I just do it when I'm getting nervous His hands were twitching at his sides and Zoro could practically feel the tension in his body.

One eyebrow raised, Zoro asked, "What're you nervous about, cook? A faint blush had spread over his cheeks. He had seen a million times on that island how one man courted another. He could do this He clasped his hands together, looked determinedly at Zoro for a moment and with another deep breath he cried out, "Zoro-kyuuun, my heart goes doki doki for you!

There was a long, long pause after his words.

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Zoro stared at him, looking as if his soul had left his body and he had turned to stone. Unsure of what to do, Sanji just blinked. This was the time in which Zoro usually had to return the gesture, made a high-pitched scream and confessed his undying, sweet love.

Did Sanji get it wrong? Did he make a mistake somewhere? When Zoro still neither moved nor said a word, Sanji stepped forward and waved a hand in front of his face. Then he frowned, contemplated his options for a moment and after a few seconds he finally clapped his hands right in front of Zoro's face. With regained life, Zoro stumbled back, his eyes wide with disbelief as he stared at Sanji. When they are interested in each other? His whole body shuddered at the memory.

So, I did it wrong? That Sanji had no experience in these kinds of things didn't come as a surprise, but this shy and blushing virgin sure was something new. It was adorable and sweet, adjectives that normally didn't apply to anything the cook ever did.

This behaviour wasn't just strange, it was girly and Zoro didn't fucking like it at all. Sanji wasn't like this. He didn't act like a girl. Like an idiot when facing women, yes, but in front of Zoro? In front of a man? No, he wouldn't accept that. Would never let that happen. And as expected, his words had really broken the spell. In a matter of seconds, Sanji's blushing virgin behaviour made way for an explosion of fury and rage. How about you prove it to me then? Then Sanji shifted his weight to the other leg, aimed to kick Zoro's side, but the attack was once again fought off by a sheathed sword.

He grinned at him in a way he knew made Sanji furious: Then he laid his hand on Sanji's cheek, bent forward and kissed his lips, the contact being nothing more than a brief touch. Only seconds later, Zoro pulled back again. It's my win in every way. This time it wasn't chaste, but wild and uncontrolled, a kiss with tongue, the biting of lips and hands trying to find every bit of exposed skin. Sanji couldn't believe it.

He was touching him, kissing him. Passionately and wild like an animal, Zoro was reaching for him again and again, insatiable. Despite him completely messing up the confession, Zoro accepted his feelings anyway and was now acting on his own, showing Sanji how his fighting style wasn't the only dangerous thing about him. As Zoro ravaged his lips, his tongue playing a skilful game with Sanji's own, Sanji found himself lost in the sensations.

His heart was almost out of control, thumping heavily against his ribcage. Heat gathered inside his groin as Zoro reached under his jacket and shirt for a bit of bare skin on his back.

Sanji was burning from his touch. Every single contact from skin to skin left fire in its wake. Almost unconsciously, Sanji's hand reached for the back of Zoro's head, his fingers running through those green hair and nails scratching Zoro's scalp as the kiss progressed. Then that hand on his back began to travel down, causing Sanji to shudder and gasp when it reached into his pants to squeeze his butt.

Carefully, Sanji took the swords and lay them down on the ground.

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Then he removed the sash completely and opened up Zoro's Even more heat was rushing to that place, making the small contact nearly unbearable. The jacket and shirt come first! Do it proper- Hey! He raised an eyebrow when he got a good look at Sanji's boxers. I was lucky enough to get this damn suit! Not giving him time to react, Sanji threw his arms around Zoro's neck and pulled him forward for another long kiss.

Zoro seemed almost shocked for a moment but then he shrugged and returned the kiss, his hands reaching into Sanji's boxers and making him gasp as a hot, strong fingers suddenly surrounded his burning member. Don't tell me you don't like that, because I'm pretty sure you do.

perona and zoro relationship trust

He pulled them down in one go, his eyes opening in shock when he looked up and was greeted by the answer to the question of Zoro's favoured underwear choice: It was already half-hard. Flushing, Sanji stood and looked at Zoro a bit shyly. They had kissed and touched and groped, but seeing Zoro's erection in front of him, seeing his want, the need to go even further with Sanji that clearly and honestly His heart now beating at a pace that could hardly be healthy, Sanji slowly opened the knot in his tie and then took off his jacket.

The tie still hanging around his neck, he then unbuttoned his shirt. All the while, Zoro watched him intently. He had his arms crossed, a small smile playing around his lips as button after button was undone. When his shirt was open, Sanji removed the tie completely and let it fall down to the ground.

Then he wanted to remove the shirt as well but was stopped by Zoro's hands. He gazed deeply into Sanji's eyes, all the smugness gone from that expression, leaving nothing but admiration and a tiny hint at nervousness. Sliding his hands under Sanji's shirt, Zoro slowly pushed it over his shoulders, the piece of clothing falling behind his back to the ground. No servants, no cute little animals!

Perona cast a sidelong glance at Zoro and pouted.

perona and zoro relationship trust

A green-haired stiff, even. I would like my swords back. The only thing I have left! I'm not exactly in any condition to run around anywhere. I could have just let you die.

I don't even know why I saved a Straw Hat. I could do without it, but I assume that not everyone can do so. I would I want the likes of you as my companion? Could have been any of us ended up here on this island with you. I'm sure you'd probably prefer Nami's female companionship or Sanji's instant servitude to the likes of you. She quirked an eyebrow. It's not like I could tell what Bartholomew Kuma was doing to us before I disappeared.

I don't know how I would have. My cute animal zombies are all gone. All I could have done was hope a rock would have fallen on his head. I would have taken away his weapons just like I did with you. Despite this assertion, though, he cares deeply for his crewmates and wishes to protect them at all cost, telling Ohm that in spite of his preference for fighting without a motivation he can feel one coming on.

Zoro is also very perceptive, something he demonstrates by providing important and logical decisions at critical times and by evaluating the situation from an objective point of view, as he did in Water 7 by evaluating the best way to handle what, at the time, seemed like Robin's betrayal, and again when the crew wanted to bring Usopp back after he challenged Luffy to a duel over the Going Merry and lost.


Zoro is the one who noted that Usopp was at fault for leaving the crew of his own accord. Like Nico RobinZoro is also easily sensitive when put into embarrassing situations to where he prefers to object vocally though Robin usually ignores these situations most of the time because of her patiencerather than respond violently like Nami or Sanji.

Examples are during the Thriller Bark ArcZoro refused to do something stupid like address Franky as "Bro", or Franky's later joke technique "Pirates Docking 6" where after they disassembled, Zoro felt stupid for agreeing to do it in the first place. In the Dressrosa ArcZoro was embarrassed when he had Wicca with him when traveling through town, as trying to communicate with her made the people around them think Zoro was "talking to himself" as they could not see Wicca due to her small size though it was revealed at the end of that arc that Dressrosa's citizens were secretly aware of the dwarves ' existence.

Also during anime-only events in the Post-Enies Lobby Arcwhen Zoro was forced to help take care of children, he intended to make sure that the crew or any of the town's residents that knew him personally did not find out about this embarrassing situation. Zoro does have rare moments of responding violently in these situations, such as choking Chopper during Aqua Laguna for mentioning to Luffy and Nami the embarrassing story of how Zoro got stuck in the chimney of a house which Luffy laughed about though Luffy was also in a similar situation earlier.

For example, when Nico Robin was violently electrocuted by EnelZoro was extremely ferocious at him, reminding the God that his target is a woman. Though he rarely shows hesitation in cutting down foes, Zoro allowed Urashima's men to capture Kikuexplaining that he does not want to cut "half naked" men. Honor and Loyalty Edit He has a strong sense of leadership and reasoning.

Zoro follows the samurai philosophy and doctrine of Bushidosuch as the code of honor and integrity where he strictly fight fair and square honestly by consistently refuses to attack an adversary whose back is turned, with the only exception being when his friends are in imminent danger of losing their lives in which Zoro would strike the attacker from behind, and Zoro himself considers a scar on the back to be a swordsman's greatest shame.