Old man and the sea santiago manolin relationship advice

Relationship between Santiago and Manolin by Julissa Sanchez on Prezi

old man and the sea santiago manolin relationship advice

The Old Man and the Sea can teach us a lot about being a man. When the sharks begin attacking Santiago's marlin, at first he fears that he. The Old Man and the Sea starts with a description of an old man, Santiago, a fisher At first a boy, Manolin, was helping him, but after forty days without fare his. The Old Man And The Sea is the last published word in the life time of . even from the days of Christ. Santiago's advice is practical and encourages. Manolin. This interaction . on the sea. Santiago's guileless relationship makes him endear.

old man and the sea santiago manolin relationship advice

Last year, I was in Napa with my wife and two of our best friends celebrating my oh shit!! It was the latter part of October near the end of harvest time and the weather was perfect We were staying at our favorite Napa sanctuary, the Villagio Inn and Spa. Though pricey, Vellagio is just about perfect, it's centrally located, with wonderful rooms, and one of the BEST breakfast spreads in the world Hey, when you are going out drinking all day, it is important to load up on foodstuffs to avoid alcohol-related trouble.

Speaking of drinking all day, we had just come back from an awesome tour of the Castle di Amarossa Winery which is, I shit you not, a real castle in the middle of Napa, California Anyway, we got back to the room and had a few hours to relax before a late dinner reservation. I choose this story because it was only pages long or just under 3 hours via audio and it seemed to fit my time allotment perfectly.

So, feeling a little buzzed and in a superb, yet contemplative mood I had just turned 40 for crying out loudI poured myself another glass of wine shut up and don't judge mewent and sat on the balcony outside our room and, with the sun starting to go down, began listening to the audio version of this story. Well, this story slammed me and had me sucked in and captive from the very first words: As many have said and almost as many have complainedthis is in many ways a simple story about an old Cuban fisherman named Santiago, who has had a significant run of bad luck fishing i.

Yes, a simple story and Hemingway uses sparse, straight-forward prose The most powerful emotions, passions and struggles that people experience are often tied to the most basic needs and the most elemental aspects of who they are. I felt an immediate connection to the story and was deeply moved by the restrained, yet palpable power of the narrative. The most lasting message that I took away from the story was that, despite the many hardships Santiago faces, and the titanic trials that he endures on the open sea, I NEVER ONCE felt that I was supposed to pity or feel sorry for him in any way.

He is a strong and big fish, and Santiago has respect for him. The fish has a great fighting spirit, a big spear and has beautiful colour and stripes in the sun. His carcass gets eaten by sharks when the old man reaches back to the coast.

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Form The story is narrative. The narrator sees what happens. He hears what the old man says and what he thinks. The story is told in short sentences. And there is a lot of monologue. For example, when the old man is talking to his own left hand. The story is mainly told by telling. There is not much to show anyway.

Besides the fish their appearances it is just the sea and the water that the narrator can show. The narrator tells us what Santiago does and thinks and says. Theme and moral In the book a lot of themes come along. He is determined to catch the fish, he says he will keep going until one of them dies. However, the fish has an equal determination and endurance as Santiago has.

His wife has passed away and he has a lot of bad luck. He only has the boy. He himself says a few times that he is isolated. On the sea when fighting the fish, he is all alone as well.

Because he has bad luck he is forced into solitude, but he finds company in the creatures of the sea. He calls the fish his brothers. In the first forty days a boy had been with him. But he could see the prisms in the deep dark water and the line stretching ahead and the strange undulation of the calm.

The clouds were building up now for the trade wind and he looked ahead and saw a flight of wild ducks etching themselves against the sky over the water, then blurring, then etching again and he knew no man was ever alone on the sea. But I must kill him. I am glad we do not have to try to kill the stars. He got respect for his physical strength when he won from the negro. He is also very noble.

Santiago has a lot of respect for the fish he is fighting. He has respect for other people their skills, for example Joe DiMaggio and his baseball skills. The boy has respect for the old man.

old man and the sea santiago manolin relationship advice

On the contrary, he keeps saying that the fish would easily be able to escape. The old man only has his tricks and intelligence. But there is only you.

But not much money was bet and he had won it quite easily since he had broken the confidence of the negro from Cienfuegos in the first match. After that he had a few matches and then no more. He decided that he could beat anyone if he wanted to badly enough and he decided that it was bad for his right hand for fishing.

He had tried a few practice matches with his left hand. But his left hand had always been a traitor and would not do what he called on it to do and he did not trust it. But you have a right to. Never have I seen a greater, or more beautiful, or a calmer or more noble thing than you, brother. Come on and kill me. I do not care who kills who. Of course, I started to root for the old man, I really did hope he would catch the fish.

I wanted him to succeed after he had put so much time and effort and determination into catching the fish.

old man and the sea santiago manolin relationship advice

Logically I felt bad for the man that after all they had been through the fish got eaten by so many sharks. The sharks in a way were the common enemy of the old man and the fish. Perhaps the author wanted to tell the reader that the journey matters more than the goal. I liked that the old man kept being so down to earth.

The Old Man and the Sea

Because the book is just about the man fighting the fish on sea, the narrator tells the reader what the old man is thinking. The old man puts perspective on everything. At the end of the book, when the boy tells him he must rest and that they will fish together when he is back to full strength, the old man says to the boy that they must bring the things he missed when fighting the marlin.

One learns through experience.

old man and the sea santiago manolin relationship advice

I find it more interesting to read analyses of the books afterwards. You learn a lot from analyses, things you yourself would never had noticed. Together, these images and allusions suggest a theme of transformation and a larger spiritual dimension possible in the human condition: Human beings can summon imaginative vision, as well as physical endurance, creating the capacity to withstand and even transcend hardships.

The Old Man and the Sea Synopsis , Chapter 1+2+3+4

The old man his image is his love for the young boy Manolin. Santiago is mentor, spiritual father, and the old man viejoin Spanish or old age; Manolin is pupil, son, and the boy chico in Spanish or youth.