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[Episodes from to are from the Northern Exposure Book. Maggie tries to win her father's approval by pretending that Joel, a successful doctor, with Officer Semanski; while Joel is toted off to the woods to play marriage counselor to. Northern Exposure - - Joel and Maggie. Lisa Granados Northern eXposure - Joel Plays Marriage Counselor to Adam & Eve *** Part 2/2 ***. Northern. Joel and Maggie leaving Joel's office Northern Exposure Laramie Project, Northern eXposure - Joel Plays Marriage Counselor to Adam & Eve *** Part 1/2 ***.

She is not satisfied and asks Joel to run more tests. Just then, Maggie walks around the corner and stops in her tracks when she sees Joel. She smiles, says hi, and quickly leaves again.

Eve chastises Joel for sleeping with her, an event which she heard of from Adam. Joel tries to convince Eve that he didn't actually sleep with Maggie, but Eve won't listen.

Seriously bothered by Maggie's attitude, Joel shows up to her door that night, where he has to practically force his way in. Joel asks her what is wrong, but Maggie insists that nothing is going on, although she is clearly uncomfortable around Joel. Joel sits next to her, but she immediately jumps up and moves to another chair.

Finally, Joel tells her that they never slept together. At first, Maggie is disbelieving, but finally she is enraged, and begins throwing things at him as he runs from the cabin. The next day, Adam and Eve meet Chris at the church to discuss the format for the wedding. In the middle of the discussion, Eve feels sharp pains, like she is going into premature labor. At The Brick, Shelly gushes to Holling over bridal shower preparations and about the importance of a wedding in a woman's life, unknowingly causing Holling to feel guilty and his neck to tighten up.

At Joel's office, Eve is ready to call off the wedding, but Joel reassures her that it is not premature labor that she is experiencing. For whatever reason, Eve obviously wants to get out of the wedding. On Maurice's property, Officer Barbara Semanski delivers Maurice a formal complaint from the neighbor of a large piece of land he owns.

The neighbor charges that when Maurice had his land excavated the explosion caused flying debris to hit and wound his grazing animals. The legal matter is quickly forgotten, but the chemistry between Semanski and Maurice remains apparent.

Joel is shopping at Ruth-Anne's store later that day when Maggie walks in. Joel tries to talk to her, and even apologizes, but she ignores him completely. After repeated apologies, she finally asks Joel why he didn't sleep with her. This response takes Joel completely by surprise and he explains that she fell asleep. Maggie is bothered by the fact that she didn't arouse enough passion in him to make him wake her up, but Joel explains that he also has self-control.

Maggie is offended that she inspires self-control in men and storms off, leaving Joel in a wake of confusion. That night at Adam's bachelor party, Adam gives some military advice to Ed.

Joel complains to Maurice about women while, at the bridal shower, Maggie does the same with Ruth-Anne about men. Maggie explains to Ruth-Anne that she had this incredibly erotic fantasy worked out involving Joel, and had a sort of guilty pleasure when thinking about them actually having sex.

Her anger comes from the fact that the pleasure never actually transpired. Ruth-Anne tells her that, if she's going to feel the guilt, she might as well experience the pleasure.

When Holling introduces Shelly to Anita, Anita mistakenly believes that she's Holling's daughter, a mistake which obviously disturbs Shelly and starts her thinking about their age difference. Joel comes in and begins talking to Maggie, who is sitting in one of the booths. He asks her why she did it, and Maggie angrily informs him that, as a certified flight instructorshe had to tell the FAA of Rick's condition.

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Joel, who has apparently chosen to overlook Maggie's obvious ethical standards, sees this instance as an example of Maggie's continuing competition with men. When he brings up the O'Connell CurseMaggie reacts violently and is then confused when she finds that Rick has left.

Out in the woodsRick is alone by a campfire sitting and thinking. A nearby owl watches him. A loud rushing sound is heard, Rick looks up and an impact is heard, followed by smoke rising up in front of the owl.

The next day, Joel drives out to an area in the woods bracketed by police cars and an ambulance. He rushes out with his medical bag to meet Ed and Maurice who are standing nearby.

Ed informs Joel that a satellite fell on Rick and, as they look into the craterMaurice notes that Rick and the satellite have fused from the force of the impact. Joel is dazed by the whole situation and reluctantly accepts the task of telling Maggie.

Back at The Brick, Joel comes in to see Maggie, who is concerned becuase Rick never came home last night. Joel has a somber, almost childlike look on his face as he joins Maggie. Maggie knows something's wrong, and Joel tells her a joke to soften the impact of his news.

Nevertheless, Maggie is stunned both by the news and by Joel's clumsy attempt to sugarcoat it.

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At Maurice's house that evening, Maurice is cooking dinner with Ron and Erickthe two men who purchased his house. They are listening to show tunes and all three men have an obvious flair for cooking. Over dinner, the two men discuss their previous business and personal experiences together and Maurice starts to wonder about their relationship.

As they hold hands, they inform Maurice that they feel they have a lot in common with him, and Maurice is horrified. After The Brick closes, Holling and Anita are still sitting and talking, and Shelly is unsuccessful in her attempts to join in on the conversation. Later in bed, when Holling wants to snuggleShelly is very cold and obviously disturbed by the depth of Holling and Anita's relationship.

At Maggie's houseshe is working on a diorama of Rick wiping off an airplane windshield. Gary, a friend of Rick's, shows up with oatmeal raisin cookies and then says that he'd like "first shot" at Maggie and he's not afraid of her curse. Maggie is enraged, and throws Gary out, after he tries to get back his crescent wrench set he claims he lent to Rick.

Chris is on the radio talking about Rick and how he might be the next step in human evolution and merging with machines. Maurice motions him to his office and gives some gourmet cooking equipment to Chris in an attempt to rid himself of things stereotypically associated with a homosexual, which Chris points out might be an overreaction and that he might be a closet homosexual.

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Shelly is at the library the book section of Ruth-Anne's store looking for history books about the s. Later that night in bed with Holling, Shelly comments on his grey hairwondering how he got it that color. Holling tells her it's because he's old, giving her an odd look at her seemingly random comment about his hair.

At the house Maurice sold to Ron and Erick, they are taking measurements when Maurice comes in and tells them the deal is off without any reason at first, then tells them his vision for Cicely doesn't include San Franciscohair dressersinterior designersfloristsor dog groomers. At Rick's funeral in the churchthe coffin is missing because, as Chris explains to the people in attendance, it needed adjustment to fit the fused satellite. In his eulogy, Chris talks about Maggie's past boyfriends and how they died in various ways and that he doesn't believe in the curse, trying to get everyone else to agree with him.

However, just then the doors open and the coffin is awkwardly brought in, narrowly missing poking and hitting people as it is carried down the aisle in front of the podium where Chris is standing.

Gradually, some people smile, then snicker, then a chuckle, and a laugh--soon, everyone is cracking up because of the absurdity of the coffin with a satelite sticking out of it. Later at The Brick, Shelly is serving Holling dinner dressed up as a typical s housewife and serves him a martini. She attempts to make small talk with him about various s events but all Holling really wants to do is cuddle. She rambles on about other events as Holling just looks at her in wonderment.

She gets upset that Holling isn't responding and discussing these things with her. The next day at the general storeRuth-Anne tries to give Maggie some advice about her curse when a woman walks in and asks Maggie over to dinner but she really wants Maggie to just date her husband so he will die.

At The Brick, Shelly is chopping lettuce and trying to ignore Holling talking to her but he explains to her that he doesn't care about her mind--he just wants her for her body, which makes her instantly forgive him. In the evening, Maggie stops by Joel's place with dinner and wine to celebrate their decision to give the land back to the Indians. Joel, who hasn't told Maggie about the money, is a little nervous, but invites her in.

Our Wedding

The attraction between Maggie and Joel heightens as they pour the wine and, as they finish off the bottle in front of the fireplace, Maggie apologizes for misjudging Joel. Joel's discomfort grows and, as he tries to tell her about the money, she begins hitting on him. Suddenly, Maggie realizes what she is doing, becomes very uncomfortable, and starts to leave.

Joel, who is by now thoroughtly confused, asks her what is going on. Maggie admits that she was hitting on him, kisses him on the cheek, and leaves, while Joel stands alone, flustered and confused. When interviewing Maggie, Laurie shows her a picture of Soapy's dead wife, who looks exactly like Maggie.

Maggie starts with the realization that Soapy's affection for her could have been related to the love of his deceased wife.

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Later, on a walk with Holling, Maggie brings up her past relationships and the fact that every man she has ever gone out with ends up dead.

Holling explains that maybe she is simply putting something out into the universe. Unfortunately, their conversation is cut short as Maggie spots workmen surveying the land to prepare for drilling. Her anger escalates as she realizes who is responsible. In Joel's office, he is being filmed by Laurie and Kim, with Ed assisting with the camera.

As Joel uncomfortably begins reading Soapy's poetry for the camera, Maggie storms in an accuses him of selling out the land for his own benefit. Joel chases after her and tries to defend himself but Maggie remains unconvinced. For the first time, he ponders accepting his place in Cicely, instead of rejecting it out-of-hand.

He goes to patch things up with Maggie, and Maggie pours out her feelings about Soapy, and her connection with his dead wife. They resolve their disagreements, Joel agrees not to sell the land, and they fly over the mountain peaks to drop Soapy's ashes, which end up blowing back in the cockpit. Through all the arguments, they have emerged slightly closer than before.