News on junsu2pm and waii relationship

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news on junsu2pm and waii relationship

What is your definition of perfect relationship? Gan Mi Yeon & Junsu (2PM) – “ Sunshine” Yun Hyun Suk established his new home in Ilsan, and for his honeymoon, he'll be going to Hawaii. . all korea; breakfast Planet breakfast Planet; snack on the road · Soompy K-Pop music, latest news and Korean drama coverage. Howon smirked, pinning Woohyun onto the wall, leaning down to face him. . hard to finally have some down time to myself and update. Clip from 23rd July (Waii's interview airs after Mod's news) Is Junsu even aware of his 'Two day' relationship with Waii and are they really.

The temperature was match with this season right?

news on junsu2pm and waii relationship

I saw this message when I pick my cellphone, since Monday Chansung sent me this message over and over. Where do you life by the way? And my appa busy for working, he rarely comeback to our house because…. You can share this room with another if you want. I miss your kick so much. I heard that you have any problems with newly idol, and he got a big news in the newspaper. So…… lets have a fight, I will change my cloth first. He smiling at me and help me take my bag. Who is he anyway? But, who is he?

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My coach was a drunk and a lot of women visited his home. It will comfort me a lot. It has been a while right? I kick them as fast as I can because suddenly…. After a while, I sat down with sweat streaming down and limped body. I really missed this time. But suddenly, I met the guy who has a nice body on the pool last time. Are you stalking me? I heard you seems tired and limp, could I take you home to a sauna center?

Take it easy, I just want to know you more.

news on junsu2pm and waii relationship

I think we should be friends to each other, am I right? If you want to ask about itu, just ask me. Especially Hwang Chansung, did you know about that rookie idol?

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I never watch TV, waeyo? What happen about him? Are you two fighting? Are you an idol too? I want to go home, do you need something huh? Is he know me? Leave me… leave me now! My name is Taecyeon, remember it ok? Girls tend to grow more faster than boys in elementary. When Taeyeon was in high school, she was part of the library club at one point… and also a movie-watching and a dancing club.

Taeyeon used to play burping games with her brother When she was a trainee, she used to play around hiding in a locker. Taeyeon was asked out by this guy, when she was in grade school, but that guy was a player and he asked her out…and Taeyeon was the 3rd or 4th person….

When Taeyeon was forced to learn tables by her mother, her father was taping it with a camcorder! Then her mother got angry at it, she forced Taeyeon to learn multiplication at home, holding a switch.

Soon, she was putting this and that on her face; she tried blue eyeshadows…then black eyeshadows for smokey look. So she opened the front door with her face down. Then as soon as she opened the door for her mom, she ran to the bathroom, before her mom noticed. However she still had bluish make up mark around her eyes so mommy taeng found out anyway.

You know how you write what you wanna be when you grow up thing at school? But because her school teachers belittled about how becoming a singer is bad thing, kid taeng became self-conscious about writing down her dream as becoming a singer; she was like that until middle school. Then during her 2nd year at mid school, she actually took a bold step and focused her activities on becoming a singer.

She thought she could outrun the subway, because you know it starts off slowly until it gains momentum. Like in the beginning Taeng was ike yeah!!! Super Mario and those games where you have to clear stages. She also likes playing those tycoongames where you have to sell stuff ie.

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Taeyeon is so bad with directions. Her destination was directly across the street but she took a taxi. Then taxi driver gave a strange look to taeyeon when they reached the destination in 10 seconds. A quick u-turn…drove for like 5seconds. Her most precious possession is perfume. She loves guys with broad shoulders. Taeyeon dislikes things with lots of legs aka insects Taeyeon: Being such a shorty as she is, she once complained: But during summer, even if you take most of your clothes off you might still be suffering from the heat.

Taeng said she prefers hugging, because she wants larger surface area of physical contact. She thinks she looks like a seal after shower.

[PIC] Thai Trainee “Waii” with Rain

Taeyeon knows how to play starcraft, and she likes protoss. Taeyeon's ideal guy from dragon ballz is Vegata. She said she was then just speechless at that member…. Other members scolded Taeyeon for putting too much water, when Taeyeon tried to make a Japagaeti Instant noodle version of Jajangmyun. She always hides her tears. When asked why she seems to talk less nowadays and it almost looks like she is holding back a little to maintain her idol image she answered, Taeyeon: Haha, did you feel that way?

Joking around and laughing out loud is a side of myself, but I also have a quiet side. After finishing our 1st album promotions, I continued starring in variety programs and radios.

news on junsu2pm and waii relationship

I had numerous chances to talk by myself or show my talents. The manager kept trying to stop her but she argued with him that fans had waited all morning for it. One thing that made me know Taeyeon was the leader, was that Soshi girls were sitting in the back in the beginning.

Then they were to get ready and it was commercial time and someone was singing and the girls had to move to the front seats. At that time Taeyeon became like the commander and was instructing everyone, and that's something I remember. But now she talks to members about those hardships in her heart. Taeyeon answered that before she was… like when fans approach her she would tend to step back. But doing the concert last year she says she has gone through lots of changes in her thoughts and character.

She said there are some things she made promise to herself. And many fans visit her parents spec shop and she talks to her dad at night about them.

Listening to all the stories from fans Taeyeon says she felt that she should approach the fans herself. Fany has the most capacity in drinking Fany is known best for her eye smile Fany was known for making the most mistakes in Live Performances, though actually she's not the one who made the most mistakes. Fany hates bugs so much When Fany is shock, she always claps her hands Most of the time, Fany is the victim When Tiffany first started Yoga, she was very enthusiastic about it and begged her instructor to teach her well.

Then she quit after 3 days The one who usually picks out Hyoyeon's mistakes in dancing is ironically Tiffany ironic because she is thought by some to be the least skilled dancer; I believe she admitted to this herself once Tiffany, Sunny, and Go Ara an actress with SM once went over to Karaoke after dinner initially just to kill time to digest the food Tiffany, Sunny, Jessica and HyoYeon once snuck out to the amusement park before Gee promotion started Fany has a nickname "CenterFany" because she's always seen standing behind the host on a music show Jessica chose Tiffany as the person to go on a trip with, saying that "Tiffany is good with money" Fany made French-toasts for the Family Outing members during breakfast During a ballet lesson; Fany could do 8 consecutive spins Fany won a chicken fight against Park Kyunglim Fany is the one has a single room in their dorm SooYoung said that Fany's fans once gathered and wanted to name the 9th station of the National Assembly Station to "Tiffany station" Fany won a m dash against Sunny, clocking Fany did 26 sit-ups in 1 minute Fany's vaulting record is 1.

Fany sat next to SooYoung when they were on their way to New York Fany shared a big room with Jessica while they were in New York Fany said that her voice becomes high-pitched whenever she gets excited causing Jessica to think Fany was the female version of Noh HongChul Taengoo said that Fany "really likes people and is very cheerful and lively" According to the girls' height; Fany is the one in the middle Fany said she makes the best tuna sandwiches For this Tiffany even picked herself, saying that she fought on the phone alot especially with her older brother Fany hates to lose Maknae said that Fany's voice is very loud, that if she were to get into fight on the 1st floor, the 6th floor could probably hear Sooyoung mention that, one time Fany fought really hard with someone on the phone and it turns out to be her dad.

news on junsu2pm and waii relationship

She was fighting in English. Shim Shim Tapa Radio Taeyeon even said that, Fany's voice is usually loud. Even when she doesn't fight Shim Shim Tapa Radio Taeyeon's family is very close with Fany compare to other members, and everytime they went to visit Taeyeon, Fany would greet them even brighter than their own daughter I read somewhere from fan's acct. Fany had a love-hate relationship with daesung in FO.

news on junsu2pm and waii relationship

Fany is quite strong.