Neelix and kes relationship

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neelix and kes relationship

I'm in the middle of Voyager season 3 right now, and it really bugs me how after the Warlord breaks up with Neelix that their relationship is. This question made me laugh, in a good way. I hadn't thought hard about the ethical issues raised by Kes' relationship with Neelix until now. KES: Everything seems so different now. My thoughts and perceptions, even my relationships with my closest friends. You, the Doctor, Neelix. How can I go back .

The experience opened up severe old wounds in Neelix, but when Jetrel died of his own metreon radiation poisoning, Neelix granted the guilt-ridden scientist forgiveness. It was a difficult but huge step for our Talaxian crewmate.

neelix and kes relationship

Our first encounter with the Vidiians involved the theft of Neelix's lungs, and it took the Doctor's holographic substitutes to keep him alive. Fortunately, the mercy I showed our Vidiian prisoners prompted them to use their superior medical technology to transplant one of Kes' lungs into Neelix, and adapt his immunogenicity so his physiology wouldn't reject it.

Neelix is completely in love with Kes, whom he calls by the endearment "sweeting" and was ready to father a child when her premature elogium seemed to loom. His jealous nature of Kes was an ugly monster until he finally settled with its main target, Tom Paris, after the two helped birth a sentient reptilloid infant in an abrasive atmosphere.

neelix and kes relationship

His long-running feud with the less-than-patient Doctor was not helped by Kes' early elogium, which found him pondering the responsibilities of parenthood and deciding to embrace it, only to be nixed by Kes herself and other events. Later, he assisted with the birth of Ensign Wildman's baby. Janeway I have grown concerned in recent weeks about our morale officer's morale, and now I understand why.

Despite Neelix's cheerful and upbeat demeanor, even he has a down side, and now I understand that some of it stems from his pessimistic self-view as worthless to this crew now that we have exceeded the region of his scouting knowledge.

Aside from my regular assurances, I note in this record that I acknowledge Neelix's past "very" basic combat training on Rinax, per his description, and intend to merge him more usefully into entry-level defense training, including the monthly tactical exercises.

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The heartache would pass, but knowing Harry, it would also be unbearable. She directly asked him if he wished to copulate. Later, she tried again by informing Harry she was willing to explore that side of the relationship and instructed Harry to take off his clothes.

It never had gone right for Harry with women, and his early interaction with Seven of Nine was equally as awkward. With no information for a long time, Mark continued his life with new friends and slowly forgetting about Janeway and his life with her.

That seems harsh, but what else was he supposed to do? Voyager couple probably goes to Neelix and Kes. Initially, like most romantic relationships, it was nice and love-filled, but it became quickly clear Neelix and Kes never belonged together-- mostly because of Neelix. Tessa developed a plan to use Borg technology to send a message back to to stop the disaster of Voyager.

Starfleet refused to let the plan go ahead. Tessa and Chakotay attempt the plan anyway and are intercepted by Starfleet. Chakotay was willing to sacrifice himself for Tessa on the Delta Flyer, but she wanted to stay with him as long as possible. However, she perished when the Flyer exploded. He owned a pub and was married. This caused Janeway to reprogram Sullivan. She made him single and smarter to match her intelligence with what she wanted to talk about.

The continued to see each other and had a romantic relationship. She was happy with him, but it was just a holodeck program.

The Captain eventually realized what she had done, but not before Sullivan and other townspeople figured out what they were.

While under Tieran's influence, Kes breaks up with Neelix. The crew eventually free Kes from Tieran's control and kill him, though she is traumatized by the experience.

In this alternative timelineshe is romantically involved with Tom Parisand they have a daughter, Linnis. Linnis marries Harry Kimand they have a son.

In this timeline, Kes participates in Voyager's year-long battle with the Krenim during the " Year of Hell ", becoming infected with particles from a chronoton torpedo. The Doctor helps Kes return to normal temporal sync, and she documents information about the Krenim and their future attack. In " The Gift ". She uses her newly acquired powers to hurl Voyager and crew safely beyond Borg space, 9, light-years closer to Earth before turning into living energy.

Kes revisits USS Voyager in " Fury ", in which she is near the end of life cycle and experiencing memory loss.

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She mistakenly believes that Janeway kidnapped her from Ocampa, and travels back in time to negotiate with the Vidiians; she promises to help them access the ship to harvest the crews' organs if they take her younger self home. After stopping this plan, Kes creates a hologram to remind her future self about her affection for the crew and how much they had cared for her.

The older version of Kes says goodbye to the crew before taking her ship back to Ocampa. Literature and merchandise[ edit ] Kes is featured in the novel trilogy Dark Matters, where she is primarily shown gathering mutated dark matter.

Referenced as the "Entity", Kes forgot portions of her past and slowly regains her memories over the course of the trilogy by returning the previous locations from the show.

She decides to not contact the USS Voyager crew after being told she is an alternative version of Kes, different from the one present in "Fury". Despite this decision, Tuvok senses her presence before her final departure. The novel trilogy String Theory reveals the Kes from "Fury" was really the manifestation of her dark side, caused as a side effect during a confrontation with a renegade Nacene the same species as the Caretaker.

Kes reappears to help the Doctor and Q with the birth of a Ocampa-Nacene hybrid, where she acts as a surrogate mother for the child. In the novel The Eternal Tide, Kes assists Q Junior in resurrecting Admiral Janeway after she is assimilated and the Borg Cube she was on was destroyed; Kes' actions restored Janeway's body to its most perfect state after Q was able to teach her how to pull her body back together.

For the short story "Restoration", Kes sacrifices herself to revive Ocampa's ecosystem. A mirror universe version of the character is also included in several publications. Aside from these literary appearances, an action figure of Kes was also released. Development[ edit ] Creation and casting[ edit ] Early development of Star Trek: Voyager began in Julywhere producers initially imagined the Ocampa as an androgynous alien species. In later meetings, they further expanded the Ocampa as having a short lifespan similar to a Mayfly.