Nana and takumi relationship counseling

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nana and takumi relationship counseling

yes i think they love eachother but love alone won't make a relationship last, right now to me it seems lik Takumi has other priorties that he feels are way more. Nana Manga, Paradise Kiss, Komatsu Nana, Kawaii Anime, Shoujo, Nana Osaki .. Nana Osaki & Ren Honjo from "Nana" series by manga artist Ai Yazawa. In the beginning, Nana's and Takumi's relationship was built only on . When Nana has a hyperventilation attack, she gives Nobuo advice to.

It reminds me a little of my mother-in-law, who, like Hachi, is in many ways, infuriatingly flighty, and who, like Hachi, married too young. Yet, when my father-in-law that man she married was dying of brain cancer, she fed him and cleaned him and struggled tirelessly with a series of indifferent doctors and hospitals to get him the best possible care.

Watching her was more than a little awe-inspiring.

nana and takumi relationship counseling

Nobody takes her up on her interview offer…and indeed, Nana is swept out of the car too quickly for anyone to really get at her, it seems like.

Life is filled with such blind alleys, of course, where the narratives sputter and stall and then go on; where the storyteller seems to have abandoned her work. Nana, certainly, is as insistently artificial as any soap opera melodrama, packed with tell-tale and impossible coincidences.

On the micro level, the two protagonists have the same name; on the macro level, everybody in the manga either becomes a rock star or marries one. But instead, Yazawa goes in the opposite direction; Naoki narrates, but what he narrates is almost entirely about other characters — or more precisely, about his misinterpretations of the other characters.

Or, then again… Haruko may be real, or she may not; her drawn image is either the the core of Naoki, or a meaningless surface.

He is quiet, steady, and devoted, especially to Ren and Nana. He shaves his head bare and wears sunglasses most of the time, even indoors.

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I find his devotion to Nana incredibly moving and he is a surprisingly gentle and warm man for someone who keeps so much of himself hidden from the world. Nobuo Terashima Nobu The son of wealthy hotel owners, Nobu leaves that life to pursue his musical dreams. In a lot of ways, Nobu is the male version of Hachi. It is incredibly difficult not to love Nobu, because he is possibly the most sincere, guileless character in the series.

Nobu is, plainly speaking, a gem. Raised in a loveless environment, he leaves his family and makes most of his living off of older women who pay him for sex. He is smart and insightful, serving as an unlikely confidante and sometimes roommate to Nobu, and regularly trounces everyone else at mahjong.

He views Hachi as a mother figure and loves her for being kind to him without expecting anything in return. Takumi Ichinose The leader of Trapnest as well as its bassist and musical arranger, Takumi is a brilliant businessman and maintains powerful control over his band.

He is extremely driven, often ruthless, occasionally tender, controlling, and possessive, and he evaluates every situation in terms of how it will affect the band. Reira Serizawa Layla Reira is the lead singer for Trapnest.

She is, in many ways, controlled by Takumi, both by his will and by her own feelings for him. She is lonely and fragile, though she sometimes plays the bad girl to cover it up.

She has a long history with Takumi, Ren, and Yasu, and her feelings about singing and about herself are frustratingly tangled up with her feelings for each of them. The worlds of the two bands portrayed in the story are endlessly interwoven and necessarily tight-knit due to the realities of the music business. As with most groups of people bound together like this, everything tends to be pretty incestuous and there is a great deal of emotional drama at the center of it all.

This is one of those aspects of the story which could so easily cause it to deteriorate into melodrama, but this never happens.

Everyone has been brought together both by the pieces of them that are most broken and the dreams they cling to in order to battle demons of the past.

When her band decided to go to Tokyo, Yasuhi broke their relationship. Takumi Ichinose Takumi Ichinose is the bassist for Trapnest. His family life is filled with emptiness and neglect.

Throughout his life, he is known for being a womanizer and a workaholic. Later in the anime, he proposes to Nana Komatsu after she becomes pregnant. The two of them grew up together and were practically family. Layla was completely infatuated with Takumi, but he showed no signs of any other love besides familial affection. Welcome to the family zone, Layla. He took care of Layla and trusted her to sing well for their band.

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While they were still teenagers, Yasu and Layla dated. He is love with Nana Osaki now. Because of this, she took refuge by dating Yasushi Takagi Yasu. Of course, a relationship like that would never last.

Layla was always keeping an eye on Takumi even though she was dating Yasu. Yasu noticed this so when Layla left her hometown with her band to go to Tokyo, he let her go by breaking off the relationship. Later, when Layla noticed that Yasu went to Tokyo to find a record deal for Black Stones, she was slightly outraged and jealous. How could Yasu leave his hometown for Nana and the Black Stones but not her?

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To me, this relationship was just a distraction for Layla. It seems like she tried to hide her damaged feelings by pretending to be deeply in love with Yasu. Yasu finally had an excuse to release Layla when she said her band was going to Tokyo. However, Yasu tried his best to stay away from Layla when he moved to Tokyo to find a record deal for Black Stones. He was too ashamed to admit to Layla the true reason why he left her. He is actually 15 despite looking tall and mature. Sometimes, Shin wishes that he was never born because of his dysfunctional family.

nana and takumi relationship counseling

Because Shin runs away from home and needs money, he moonlights as a prostitute. He eventually falls in love with one of his clients, Layla Serizawa. At first, these two had a prostitute and client relationship.

Layla was tired of being alone so when Shin gave her his business card, she took up the chance and asked him to spend the night with her.

He started to gain an interest in her even though it seemed like Shin was just teasing Layla. I believe Shin started to fall in love with Layla when he saw her working on a song for Trapnest.

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He watched her as she sang her heart out and cried that night. With that, he realized how pure and broken Layla was. She started to pour her heart to him. I think that this triggered Shin to want to genuinely take care of Layla and make her cheerful. Layla wore a fake mask over her face and heart to hide her sorrow. Shin tried to get rid of the misery in her heart so she could take mask off. As I said before, Takumi and many others put pressure onto Layla because she was the face of Trapnest.

If her image was sullied, then Trapnest could potentially fall. More than anything, Layla wants to be free from her expectations, but she has to put a figurative mask on. Shin frees her from some of her misery by being someone she can talk to freely.