Music teacher and student relationship manga

[REC] Manga about female teacher and male student romance : manga

music teacher and student relationship manga

UPDATE: JANUARY 9, Added more series to the list! Well, to be exact, I started visiting scanlators' website to check their projects and i'm. This is my top 5 Student &Teacher Romance Manga,hope you like it! Spoiler alert Top 5 S. The typical anime romance is usually depicted as a challenging mess of chaotic ups and downs, 18 LISTS Very Dirty AnimeLists about anime, manga, light novel series, and characters that Rin is an 8-year-old student in the third grade. One day, a year-old man named Daisuke becomes her homeroom teacher.

  • Looking for good (shoujo) manga where the main character has a teacher-student relationship?

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music teacher and student relationship manga

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