Mr and mrs gardiner relationship advice

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mr and mrs gardiner relationship advice

Mrs. Bennet's brother, Mr. Gardiner, comes to stay with the family. Immediately Elizabeth reluctantly promises to visit Charlotte after her marriage. Meanwhile. M. Gardiner is Elizabeth Bennet's sensible and intelligent aunt, and the wife of Mr . can typically be counted on and an excellent source of good advice. The Gardiners are a happily married couple with four children. Mr Mrs Gardiner is particularly close to Jane and Elizabeth and offers them good advice.

Presumably, if she were to have children, they would grow up in Meryton, and also be likely to marry into the law as well. Bennet, on the other hand, raises herself on the social scale, marrying a gentleman and gaining an estate with very little trouble. Bennet social distinction and ostensible importance, an attainment that seems to be the goal of many young ladies of the novel. However, the unsuitableness comes not through Mr. Bennet when she was very young and believed himself to be significantly affected by her youthful charms.

Respect, esteem, and confidence, had vanished forever Philips seems quite content in her marriage, and the bluntness with which Mrs.

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Philips, though lower on the social scale, seems quite happy, while Mrs. The first thing that the reader learns about Mrs. The reader knows Mr. Because he is male, Mr. Bennet must in society, in order to achieve the same kind of upward mobility in society that her marriage is supposed naturally to grant her.

Philips, there is hardly a comparison. Philips repeatedly encourages Catherine and Lydia in their inappropriate pursuits of officers, Mrs. Though younger than both Mrs. Gardiner is not preoccupied with the necessity of marriage for the younger Bennet girls, and serves as a kind of surrogate mother to Elizabeth.

With the Gardiners, however, she looks forward to both intelligent conversation and affectionate discourse. Each member of the original Gardiner trio enjoys a different level of societal respect that is in part determined by his or her marriage. Bennet improves her social standing by her marriage to Mr. Darcy and Miss Bingley Darcy, particularly when Mrs. Bennet comes to check on Jane at Netherfield. She is so disrespectful toward Mr. This blush recurs at the Netherfield ball, when Mrs.

Bingley in the presence of Mr. Philips has little, if any, interaction with Mr.

mr and mrs gardiner relationship advice

Gardiner, like his sisters, lives beneath the notice of Mr. Darcy and Miss Bingley. After Elizabeth refuses to marry him, however, Mr.

mr and mrs gardiner relationship advice

She does not believe Mr. Darcy will continue the acquaintance, once he learns who the Gardiners are. Here, however, she is proven wrong, and, not blushing as she often does while Mrs. Bennet talks with Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth is thankful that [Darcy] should know she had some relations for whom there was no need to blush…she listened most attentively to all that passed between them, and gloried in every expression, every sentence of her uncle, which marked his intelligence, his taste, or his good manners The same cannot not be said for Mrs.

Philips, who both suffer abrupt ends to their intellectual growth with their marriages. Gardiner fought his way up in society through his work and his marriage to a sensible and intelligent woman.

And his efforts serve to suggest that he strives to become not only a gentleman-tradesman, but also a gentleman. Gardiner not only serves as the model for a good marriage to the younger generation, but he also supports and helps them in ways that both Mrs.

Jane cannot hope to turn to Mrs. Bennet for help in the same situation, as Mrs. Bennet, wholly engrossed in her self-enforced seclusion, professes to Mr.

Mrs. Gardiner

Of course, until Elizabeth learns differently, the Bennets believe that Mr. Bennet naturally turns to his own family for help, and Mr. Gardiner, rather than Mr. Bennet himself or Mrs. Gardiner has a genuine interest in her nieces and seems to be more sensitive about their needs than their own mother. In contrast, the Bennets are unrefined and socially unacceptable. They are not compatible with one another, and they are not very responsible parents.

Bennet is vulgar and has no understanding of anyone, particularly her daughters. The Gardiners are also radically different from Mr. The Gardiners give the girls sound advice and watch out for their well-being; later in the novel, Mr. Gardiner tries harder than Mr. Bennet to find Lydia. By contrast, the Phillips couple fills the silly minds of Lydia and Kitty with tales of the red-coat officers and encourages their waywardness.

Gardiner cautions Elizabeth against falling in love with Wickham, who lacks wealth. Elizabeth denies that she is in love with him, but admits he is the most agreeable man she has ever come across. She promises her aunt that even if she is tempted at a later stage, she will not do anything in a hurry.

Soon after the departure of the Gardiners and Jane, Mr. Collins returns to Hertfordshire. The wedding takes place on a Thursday and Mr. Collins and his bride leave for Kent immediately after the ceremony. Charlotte has extracted a promise from Elizabeth that she will visit them in March. Jane has written to Caroline Bingley, but has received no reply from her.

Jane naively rationalizes that her letter must not have reached Caroline. Jane begins to understand that Caroline does not really care for her and writes to Elizabeth about it.

Wickham relocates his affections from Elizabeth to a Miss King, who has just inherited ten thousand pounds.

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Elizabeth writes to her aunt that she is not in love with Wickham and feels only cordiality towards him. It is paradoxical that Elizabeth should regard the phony Wickham as "the most agreeable man" and Darcy as "the most disagreeable man". Her incorrect judgement stems from her prejudice, which colors all of her thinking.

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