Miles matheson and rachel relationship problems

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The Matheson children themselves. One is healthy and one is not. That could mean nothing, or it might mean that Danny's health problems are genetic and She loves Ben and Miles gives up on the relationship, but by then it's been too long. Soul-mates Rachel and Ben Matheson are living and have been living in Philadelphia for years at the request of Ben's brother and co-founding fathers of the Republic, Miles Matheson, Yuanfen (Chinese): A relationship by fate or destiny. and brought back to her that she realized there was a problem. When Charlie tells Rachel that she's teamed up with Miles, Rachel asks if Miles has 'hurt her. Problem: only two matches in the box and they're pretty lousy. M in a circle, to stand for both their last names—Monroe and Matheson. so much of the relationship between Miles and Monroe and made it feel.

Either way, Miles said he never would have left if he knew Rachel was alive. To torture her some more? Or were old feelings resurfacing?

You must really love him. The on again off again lovers were reunited and shared a steamy kiss before Rachel ran off to turn the power on. I can't help but wonder: Has she forgiven Miles so easily after all he had done to her? The pain he put her through? That's kind of the toxic part of Miles's and Rachel's relationship. Her desire for revenge got Nora killed. Miles really did care about Nora even though I believe he wasn't in love with her. Yet Miles didn't say anything about it. I don't know why.

Maybe it was because Nora kind of gave Miles the okay to choose Rachel over her. She and Bass just went at it and poor Miles was in the middle. At least during those ugly feuds Miles stood up to Rachel to make her see reason. In the end he ended up choosing Rachel. But like Bass, whenever Miles and Rachel get together, bad things happen.

You never leave your other half. Yet despite all I have said about how Rachel and Miles can be toxic for each other, I have to admit that their love has proved to be the strongest force on the show. Miles just had to tell Rachel as he lay dying that she was always the one and that he should have never let her go. And Rachel was at Miles's bedside while he recovered. And Miles was always willing to sacrifice himself to rescue Rachel.

miles matheson and rachel relationship problems

They stumble upon Jason, who's barely holding it together, but he doesn't want to leave without Charlie. In another shockingly sweet twist, Neville offers to help his son, while Miles and Nora save the girl.

And only a week after ordering her murder! You really can't predict what this guy will do next. Who should kill Monroe? Did you believe Jeremy? I love Mark Pellegrino.

miles matheson and rachel relationship problems

All Jeremy did was tell Monroe David Lyons the truth: But Monroe's paranoia got the best of him and, convinced that Jeremy had tried to assassinate him, the militia leader officially killed the last friend he had left.

If he had only waited a few hours, he would have learned that the Georgia assassin had acted alone, and now he'll be the one who's alone. What makes you think I'm in it to help people?

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Rachel doesn't want to help, she just wants revenge! As she explained, "I want to kill the man, who killed my son," even if that means letting someone else's son die and abandoning her friends. Jeremy says that he used to know Miles and reveals to the Rebels that Miles was one of the Monroe Republic's founding fathers.

Charlie demands an explanation from Miles, who admits he taught the Militia everything he knows. That is why her father had always told her to run from the Militia, because Miles created them.

Eventually, the sun rises and the Militia continues their attack. Nicholas wants to fight but Miles believes half the rebels will die. He has a better idea: Charlie disagrees, but Miles surrenders himself. Jeremy and the Militia depart with Miles. Jeremy tells Miles that Monroe believes Miles knows something about the Blackout and how to reverse it. He also says that ever since Miles left, Monroe has been angrier than ever.

The Longest Day

The squad crosses a bridge, just when there is an explosion. In that moment, Charlie and Nora rescue Miles among the chaos and escape. The trio decide to continue their journey. However, Charlie says she doesn't hate him. Although she doesn't understand his reasons, his actions saved the Rebels, so there must still be some good in him. The soldier reveals that he saw a nearby patrol yesterday, giving Charlie hopes that they might be able to reach Danny soon.

After Miles knocks the soldier out, Charlie asks about Miles's reputation among the Militia, but Miles refuses to talk about it, saying that he will abandon Charlie if she keeps pressing the subject. Eventually, the trio reunites with Maggie and Aaron at Lowell, Indiana.

Walking across the city in nighttime, the group is ambushed by dogs. They manage to temporarily escape, but Aaron is wounded in the leg. Miles tells Nora he plans to leave so that the Militia can leave the group, but Nora tries to convince him to stay for Charlie's sake. Charlie overhears the conversation. The group continues to walk, and Miles discovers that Nate has been following them. After a short fight, the group takes Nate captive, with Charlie believing Nate knows something about Tom Neville, the Militia squad's commander, or Danny.

As the group continues walking, Maggie tells Miles that after the blackout she tried to commit suicide when she realized she would never see her children again, but Ben and his family gave her a new purpose in life.

Maggie tells Miles to give Charlie a chance, saying that she can save her just like she saved her. After Maggie's death, Miles comforts Charlie. Suddenly, they are attacked by more dogs, forcing them to take refuge within a diner.

Unfortunately, Maggie is stabbed in the leg by Ray Kinsey, the dogs' owner. Miles allows Nate to come with him to save Charlie while Nora stays to help Maggie. Miles and Nate track Kinsey down to his house. After a short confrontation, they kill Kinsey and save Charlie. Using Kinsey's whistle, Miles calls the dogs off, allowing the trio to return to the diner. However, Maggie has lost too much blood and dies. Seeing how devastated Charlie is, Miles hugs her, promising never to abandon her.

After a while, Miles insists they must continue. Charlie wants to say goodbye, but Miles tells her that mourning will not help her find Danny. Eventually, the group reaches Noblesville, Indiana, where a working steam train is located. According to Miles and Nora, a train would give Monroe an advantage. Taking refuge in an abandoned workshop, the group discusses what to do about the train.

Charlie figures out that the train will leave tomorrow. Also, since the train is bound for Philadelphia, Miles believes Neville will put Danny on the train. Charlie and Miles decide to look for Danny, but leave their weapons behind in order to keep a low profile. During her recon, Charlie is attacked by Neville, but Miles saves her. While Charlie runs to safety, Miles and Neville briefly fight, with Neville questioning Miles' reasons for leaving the Militia.

Miles berates Charlie for getting emotional and ruining the operation. He even says that if Danny is killed, then she will be to blame. Charlie is exasperated by Miles' attitude, remembering a time when he used to be a happy and kind uncle. She asks what happened to that man and Miles replies he is dead. The duo returns to the workshop, where Aaron informs them about Nora's plan to destroy the train.

Knowing that they must find Danny fast, Charlie and Miles interrogate Nate about the train. Running out of options, Charlie, Miles and Aaron go to the bank where Danny is being kept.

Unfortunately, the vault is empty and the train is about to leave ahead of schedule. The group goes to the station, finding an injured Nora, who had tried to stop the train.

She tells them the bomb is a hollowed-out log. Riding horses, Charlie and Miles reach the train. Miles tries to find the bomb and Charlie enters the train to find Danny. After beating down the engineer, Miles gets rid of the bomb and reunites with Charlie, who fails in rescuing Danny. The group reunites, and Miles comforts Charlie, saying that the man she wants her to be is not dead, but he cannot be that man any more, not until Bass Monroe is dead.

However, Charlie agrees with Miles' advice that mourning will not help her find Danny. She decides to go to Philadelphia.

At the last minute, Miles stops her from doing so. In retaliation, Drexel orders Aaron and Nora now recovering to shoot each other.

Aaron refuses and apparently shoots himself in the chest. But he actually shot his metal whiskey flask in his chest pocket, and shoots and kills Drexel. A 14 year old boy, Michaelsays his brother Peter has been taken by the Militia.

Having already seen Peter on a wagon, Miles and Charlie make a plan to save him. Charlie poses as a teenager and is taken by the Militia aboard a conscription ship, where kids are turned into Militia soldiers. Miles and Nora manage to save Charlie and Peter, but are surrounded by Militia soldiers threatening to kill Micheal. Aaron meanwhile is hiding in a nearby lighthouse with 3 children when his Pendant turns on, activating the light beam for 4 or 5 seconds. This is enough time to distract the soldiers, who are attacked by Miles, Charlie, and Nora.

Peter and Micheal are saved and they reunite with the other children. Miles demands to know what happened with Aaron and the lighthouse. He shows him the Pendant, and Miles wants to destroy it so that Monroe doesn't get it. The group makes it to Freeport, Pennsylvania, miles from Philadelphia. But Mia is saved by Miles. Mia tells Nora that she found their father in San Antonio, Texas, and wants her to come see him.