Leonardo dicaprio and carey mulligan relationship

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leonardo dicaprio and carey mulligan relationship

Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan have little chemistry in the Great . My relationship with my father got so toxic it did a number to (happy. And with the setup of a classic love story and a co-star like Leonardo DiCaprio, ET's Rocsi Diaz could not resist asking Mulligan-what was it like. Let's just say Carey Mulligan wasn't pleased with the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Carey Mulligan ‘The Great Gatsby’ Role: ‘I Didn’t Love My Work’ – Variety

It may be that context played a role — celebrity context to be exact. A shot of them embracing at a luxurious bash on the floating palace that had powerhouses like Robert DeNiro hanging out was the first clue the stars had gotten together. This beggars a bit of speculation: Both were available, so the timing may have come into play.

Getting caught up in the glamor of the moment, it just might have made sense at the time. The gorgeous city on the water is famous for its charming canals, stunning architecture, and is basically an open-air art museum in its own right. Neither half of the couple look terribly happy while soaring around via water taxi in the ancient city. If faces do not lie, theirs are saying that there were bumping waters ahead for the relationship. Who was unhappy with whom?

Rumors claim that it was DiCaprio who ended the relationship, but nothing has ever been confirmed either way. Yes, it may seem that jet-setting superstars should restrict themselves to remote Italian villas, exclusive tropical islands or members-only private ski runs for their public outings, but it turns out that DiCaprio and Lively had enough childhood spirit left within them to go out on the town together in Disneyland.

What united them in their love for such stomping grounds? Whatever the case, this trip to the House of Mouse made headlines, but also may give insight into an element of their bond. Was there a wee bit of less-than-mature puppy love going on?

Did they both feel so magical themselves, they needed to be with their fellow pixies and wizards? If there is a case to be made that the Disneyland trip did indeed reflect the impulsive nature of their union, it may also be a clue as to why it burned out so quickly.

Yep, these cute furry marsupials seemed to have briefly been the apple of both stars' eyes.

leonardo dicaprio and carey mulligan relationship

Continuing their ontinent-hopping during their exceedingly short-lived relationship, the two A-listers pranced around Down Under on an Australian excursion. Now, this is an outing that makes a lot more sense for the private jet crowd. Where other couples may be spotted at VIP nightclubs, red carpets and major charity events, here again we see these two cute kids doing something positively not adult. To be honest, it is kind of refreshing.

Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't my pin-up, says 'The Great Gatsby' co-star Carey Mulligan

Seeing two young-at-heart living legends being able to be that childlike is heartwarming. And you know I definitely have an affection for Leo so it was easy for me to have an affection for Gatsby as Nick as well.

For me, this is like American Shakespeare, this is one of the most celebrated novels of all time. We needed that, we needed those checks and balances, we needed a contract with each other to continually be honest. Can I add a tiny little thing to this conversation? And I just thought wow we gotta get going. A question was put to Catherine Mann production designer, producer and wife of Luhrmann and producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher as to how the film started coming together.

Baz was an incredible fan of the book, he listened to a talking book.

leonardo dicaprio and carey mulligan relationship

So when Baz suggested it I was slightly a naysayer and he convinced me as an adult to reread the book. So much to his annoyment it was like I had made the decision that we were going to do The Great Gatsby.

Our version was very lucky, for about 2 years we had been trying to buy the rights to the book.

Carey Mulligan Confesses She Wasn’t Thrilled With Her Work in ‘The Great Gatsby’

So like anything magnificent about Fitzgerald, here were the rights of one of the great works of the century held by a TV company and frozen there…We were just closing and we had agonized over, how do you make this movie work for a contemporary audience?

It felt more about now than any other literature. Baz Luhrmann had come to check us out to see if he could stand working with us. But maybe the hardest piece of casting was which filmmaker in the world could ever make that movie and make it feel about them? The fact that that filmmaker had come and knocked on our door and had been sent away, I think about it and I still want to put a gun in my mouth. He was talking about the parties, Gatsby, who he is now, needless to say you just got that profound relief.

Somewhere between that meeting Baz had become incredibly articulate about how to adapt Gatsby. I thought that was pretty well covered. May I remind you, the Siberian express.

Fade in a small countryside…I could do it in bullet points. I think the epic version is out there somewhere in print. Luhrmann was asked what he thinks Fitzgerald would have though of being a cornerstone of young adult fiction in schools.

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He was a young adult himself when he wrote it, he was moving into that transition. You can never know what F. When he was about to die he was going into shops buying copies of his own book The Great Gatsby, just so there would be a few sales registered at the publishing company. If you drive in a sports car very quickly…can I just ask one question. Do you have a car license? Your honor I rest my case.

How could he know that 88 years later that book would be turned into a drama with the finest actors in the world playing out that book and in 3D? When he died there were 4, copies of the book in print. When it was published there was great correspondence between him and his editor Maxwell Perkins…it had very mixed reviews when it came out.

His memorable two big fans were T. Elliot and Edith Wharton but the public more or less rejected it until Lionel Trilling came along in the 40s and reclaimed it as a great American novel. And then later became read in every high school, when he died there were copies in print and he had no idea it was going to be reclaimed and redeemed the way it was. I [lived there] the whole time. We went in the morning and said wake up Mr. Luhrmann is here to give him his close-up.

The challenge was to make the whole film in Australia. We were going to make it in New York actually but it became impossible. The dangerous moment, the project maybe being lost. I always thought Douglas had the hardest time with the greatest barriers…Australia became an absolute part of the equation economically. We felt we could create this grand illusion.