Leon and ada relationship quiz

Everything The Resident Evil Movies Got Right (And Wrong)

leon and ada relationship quiz

Contains Ashley. My least favourite ship is Leon and Ashley, though there are definitely 'w. Sign In. Featured · Latest · Wiki · Polls · Quizzes · Shared Folder · About Ada? Oh god no." Ashley Graham stood before him, waving way too enthusiastically at him. She grinned "Hey Papi Kennedy, kiss emoji. It was a triple whammy as Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, and Barry Burton However, we never got to explore their relationship further, as both bit. Ada is a spy working for Albert Wesker, though she clearly helps Leon and Claire in the games. She is known to have a relationship with Leon but there is no.

Apart from burning up bird sanctuaries, there was little difference to Alice with or without her powers. However, perhaps the most convoluted plot came at the end of Retribution. As Alice once again finds Wesker this time sitting pretty in the White Househe injects her to give back her powers, citing that he needed her for the final stand.

Picking up in The Final Chapter, it apparently turned out that it was all a trap set by Wesker, therefore retconning the entire scene and making everything and her powers redundant. Rodriguez was undeniably and awesome, and she and Jovovich had the makings of a great duo to take on the rest of the franchise, but wait Oh wait, not hooray at all.

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  • Are Leon and Ada the only R.E. characters that have ever gotten any play?

Just as the Fast films brought Letty back to life, so did Umbrella, making Rain one of their basic model clones. What need there was to bring Rodriguez back in Retribution?

Resident Evil Damnation - Leon and Ada

The Final Scene In "Retribution" As previously stated, the fifth film was something of a grand affair. As Alice and her survivors escaped the Umbrella Prime base, everyone was back together. Bad Rain was underwater, Jill was no longer supporting that glowing jewelry, and Leon and Ada were making goo-goo eyes across the chopper.

leon and ada relationship quiz

Ithad CGI galore, big explosions, and everything you could possibly want from a Resident Evil film - it was almost poetic. As our heroes gather on the roof, the camera pans out to give a look at the true carnage that Umbrella has caused across the globe.

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It really looked like a last stand and set up a bloodthirsty finale. There could even have been an extended runtime for Retribution to tack on a five-minute final battle, but oh no, there had to be one more film. Given that the characters we were left with alive in the world at the end of Retribution, surely we could expect to see Jill and Alice hand in hand to take on the mutants of the wasteland, or Leon and Ada to kiss and make up, or Chris Redfield to finally make it off Arcadia?

As Alice emerged from a bunker at the start of the film, it was clear she was alone and that something terrible had happened. The First Five Films Look, Resident Evil was never going to win any awards as a pioneering piece of cinema, but it knew what it was.

leon and ada relationship quiz

The first five films frequently trod into the realms of ridiculous and we knew what we were getting for our money: As the films grew in number, they also grew in ambition. Anderson took the basic template of the games and ran with what had worked. The first few films were so influential that parts like the laser grid and over into the game series as well, and Jovovich said she aspired to have Alice appear in the games too admittedly it hasn't happened yet.

Even if some criticize the likes of Resident Evil 6 for being too cinematic and less like a survival horror game, the games and films worked hand-in-hand.

The Rotten Tomatoes scores are never going to be great for Resident Evil, but does anyone really care? With five reasonably good films under Anderson's belt The Final Chapter Where to begin?

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Ashley quickly let go of him, just in time to dodge it whereas Leon was not so lucky. His hand was nailed to the wall. Cupid sends his blessing. Leon's bleeding in love.

leon and ada relationship quiz

You're so damn sexy when you're losing blood at an alarming rate. This was the end. That's ALL you have to say to me Ada? Ada turned her attention back to Leon.

leon and ada relationship quiz

What else would I say Leon? Are you the queen of England now? Want us to fetch you tea and scones? I need to whoop your ass for cheating on me with this bimbo barbie. I never cheated on you with-" Ashley pushed the arrow further into his hand to shut him up. She dropped her crossbow which shot another arrow as it hit the ground.

The girls stopped their cat fighting and turned to him. They saw another arrow had struck his crotch. Finish that sentence Ada. I meant your hand. God Leon, get your head out of the gutter. You give women a bad name. You're not so bad. Doesn't look like he'll be much 'use' anyway I changed my last name before coming here. Just in case Leon rejected my marriage proposal. Shoot Leon in the- Oof! Have I lost that much blood already?