Lee dewyze and crystal bowersox relationship

lee dewyze and crystal bowersox relationship

Nice 'N' Uneasy: Lee Dewyze, Crystal Bowersox, 'American Idol' and . she says she has a deep connection to — one she won't disclose. After losing the “Idol” crown to Lee DeWyze on Wednesday night, the his radio show on Thursday morning that she'd also lost her relationship. Lee DeWyze is a nice young man from a Midwestern town who just wants to play his guitar and sing. Crystal Bowersox is a sincere young woman from a. able to end my relationship (and it is a relationship) on a better note.

Then work in the office stopped and employees filtered into the room; a few visitors arrived and Mike Pallen, VerveLife's manager of licensing and entertainment relations, thrust his hands in his pockets and welcomed everyone, and explained Bowersox is from Ohio.

He's not wrong — she's from Elliston, Ohio, 20 minutes outside of Toledo. But she's been living in Chicago for seven years, since she was But I have two homes, one in Ohio and one here, and when I was on 'Idol,' they would never really let me talk about Chicago. As far as my coming from here and my living here.

Crystal Bowersox in harmony with life after 'American Idol'

I really wanted Chicago to be my hometown on the show and they would say, 'Well, it's not. They painted me as this naive farm girl — and at one time, I was. But the city hardens you up and I have gotten street smart since then, playing the subway platforms for like eight hours a day, for I don't know how long. I feel under the radar.

Crystal Bowersox in harmony with life after 'American Idol' - Chicago Tribune

Then someone recognizes me and I remember, 'This year's finale is now. This started a year ago. She made an album of roots rock, "Farmer's Daughter," which was critically well-received.

lee dewyze and crystal bowersox relationship

Being diabetic, she shot a commercial with B. King for glucose meters. Back in Elliston, someone spray painted the word "balls" on a welcome sign bearing her name "Elliston, est.

lee dewyze and crystal bowersox relationship

Home of Crystal Bowersox"which she thought was hilarious. A local church quickly fixed the sign. In October, she married Brian Walker, a Chicago songwriter she met performing at Uncommon Ground's open mic night in Wrigleyville; they had the wedding in the back room then bought a house in Ukrainian Village.

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But in August, they're leaving — moving to Nashville, Tenn. It's what she planned to do, until casually going on an "American Idol" audition. Indeed, among the first words on the first song on her first album were: Dewyze played it as a dramatic acoustic ballad while backed by a string section, pumping up the emotion and turning the lyrics into an urgent plea.

Ellen felt the arrangement showed Lee's depth and talent, and DioGuardi said it was clear from his performance that he had a connection to the song, which for her made it his "moment" on the show so far.

Not much, actually, as Keys said Teflon T found a way to make it sound like it was his song already.

lee dewyze and crystal bowersox relationship

Also backed by a string section, Urban wobbled through the first bit, strumming his acoustic guitar with his eyes closed, never quite finding the right notes after seemingly hitting his stride last week with Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love. It was just OK karaoke for Randy, and Simon said the performance wasn't quite believable and a letdown from last week.

Aaron Kelly was 5 years old when R. Kells could practically break down by song's end, he might have a shot.

Crystal Bowersox And Lee Dewyze Get Inspired On 'American Idol' - MTV

Kelly was a bit too somber, and though he hit most of the notes and had a major diva run at the end, the intensity and emotion seemed to be missing. Jackson and DeGeneres praised his huge voice and said Kelly pulled it off, but Cowell wasn't totally buying it. On the one hand, Simon said, he could judge it knowing Aaron and liking him, which made it seem quite good.

lee dewyze and crystal bowersox relationship

Magnus appeared to pull it off, putting some diva power into the song and hitting that high, clear note Keys loved so much at the end. Calling it the hardest song of the night, Jackson said it was just OK, but Ellen disagreed, dubbing it proof of why Magnus was still in the competition.

Cowell felt the arrangement was too old-fashioned and messy, saying he was distracted by the cloth butterflies wrapped around her arm.

Top 4 - Duet - Lee DeWyze - Crystal Bowersox - Falling Slowly

Michael Lynche began putting together his list of songs he'd play on "Idol" if he made it, and the one he picked Tuesday night was Nickelback's "Hero.