Lauren and bo relationship problems

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lauren and bo relationship problems

Bo's character arc in Season 4 took a darker turn with Bo doing some downright Bo's Relationships with Dyson & Lauren I think Rainer is the cause of Bo's difficulties in this season she's more lost than in season one!!. Thus I rooted enthusiastically for Lauren and Bo until they got together by the standard media depiction of lesbian relationships as tedious. Don't worry, though, everything ends well and Lauren and Bo get While they're riding the high of their relationship, they pose as a . The problem is that humans can't be turned Fae, and instead Lauren has gotten very sick.

They got off to a good start — those early-season sex scenes, for example — but as Season Three prodded on I was repeatedly frustrated by how intensely it seemed the show wanted us to favor Bo and Dyson! While I appreciated that gender was never addressed as a factor in who Bo would favor, it was still an unfortunate trope for this show to entertain. I felt like I could sense the writers favoring Dyson and that pissed me off. As Season Three advanced towards its confusing end, I felt like my brain was on a spin cycle.

It even happened in an episode of Breaking Bad I saw two days ago, where a character missed his wife giving birth to facilitate a drug deal. I hate that plot! Bo is the same way, of course, and actually so are most of the characters in Lost Girl.

Tamsin betrays Bo and reveals her real goal.

Mid-Season 5 Review — Episode 94 – Drinks at The Dal – A Lost Girl Podcast

As the season draws to a close, Tamsin tries to stop the Wanderer, but he bests her, heading for Bo, who is stolen away in a cloud of black smoke. At one point, Bo-as-Dyson seduces a dancer who is Lauren. In this episode, she finally antes up to face him, but instead of fighting, they end up doing, if you catch my drift. That dude is even scarier. The only thing that can close the portal? But nothing is straightforward with the Fae, and though Bo loves both Lauren and Dyson, it is Kenzi who is her heart.

Accepting her fate, Kenzi dies closing the portal to Hel. Everyone talks her through her freakout, and she and Dyson get her healed up real nice. Seeking to soothe her wounds, Bo hooks up with poor, love-struck Tamsin. Tamsin had her baby, a girl, but then passed away apparently Valkyries do that when they die.

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Bo promised to always protect the little girl. Bo shows up where Tamsin is being held and seems to be trying to unite with Hades. She even sets her home on fire with all her friends inside. Bo slips Tamsin the key to her cage in a kiss while feigning killing her.

She declares herself Queen of the Fae and breaks the object protecting her friends.

lauren and bo relationship problems

She feeds, but as she does so, she remembers everything that made her love these people and turns on her father. Meanwhile, Tamsin has given birth, and Bo sends chi back into everyone to save them, but Tamsin does not want to be saved.

Fangs For The Fantasy: Lost Girl: not as Gay Friendly as it Seems.

And I really miss Kenzi. I really want that character back. If they are going to make Tamsin suffer unrequited love, then there had better be a good reason, such as Tamsin getting back at Bo later.

The way the storyline of Bo and Tamsin sleeping together was executed ultimately made everyone look bad. Annie thinks having Bo and Tamsin sleep together felt like fan service rather than a necessary piece of the storytelling. Rachel Skarsten has nailed it. Her face and body language reflect the emotions her character is going through so well. It throws into sharp relief how Tamsin was raised versus how Kenzi and to some extent Bo raised her on her last life and informs a lot of her behavior.

lauren and bo relationship problems

Bo What happened to Bo? Where was Bo for the middle part of this season? She has felt more like a plot device than a character. She has been primarily driving the A plots. It has primarily involved finding happiness and freedom in her professional life. Another confrontation between her and Evony seems imminent. How long can she blackmail her? Evony surely has more tricks up her sleeve.