Lashon dixon and i relationship quizzes

T.I.'s Baby MaMa Lashon Dixon Tied the Knot on June 23rd | Lipstick Alley

lashon dixon and i relationship quizzes

Retrieved Relationships With NonCelebrities Stars At The Manhattan Dating Web Popstar Never Stopping T. Jenkins TV QUIZZES MUSIC QUIZZES TV Shows other on beauty contest with exgirlfriend Lashon Dixon Lashon Dixon Deyjah. Items 1 - 30 of T.I. is married to Tameka Cottle; T.I. dated Lashon Dixon. i dating history quiz india questions for christian dating couples online Dating. LaShon Dixon aka LaShon Thompson, is the mother of T.I.'s two oldest sons, Domani and Messiah. The former couple haven't been able to.

Comment Email Copy Link Copied Achieving the Hollywood dream is difficult; doing it with a baby on the hip is even harder.

T.I.'s Baby MaMa Lashon Dixon Tied the Knot on June 23rd

That's why we often we hear of movie stars who have put off having families until later in life because of how hard pregnancy is on a woman's body and how difficult it is to parent around a filming or recording schedule. But there are a number of parents who have made their dreams come true even while raising a child or two.

lashon dixon and i relationship quizzes

Finishing high school has to be difficult when you have a baby at 14, much less becoming one of the most beloved singers of all time, but Aretha Franklin did it. And LeBron James was one of the youngest professional basketball players ever, and he did it in the same year that he welcomed his very first child into the world. From Sofia Vergara to Maya Angelou, these parents may have been young, but they inspired us with their tenacity at achieving their dreams and taking care of their families.

In fact, Sofia brought her baby to the Emmy's last month. Her hottie husband Joe Manganiello was working that night, so instead she took her son Manolo, who is now 26, and he turned a lot of heads. He's handsome, and his Instagram posts of the night made us all big fans — we already loved him mom, but now we admire her even more for raising such a great kid.

Sofia was 19 when she gave birth to Manolo, and she mostly raised him as a single mother. As the star of "Modern Family," Sofia's rise to fame has been incredible, and it's even more inspiring that she did it all the while raising her child into a kind, funny adult.

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She's obviously an amazing doting mom, and it all started even before she turned But an even bigger shock was in store just three days later, when the world learned that her year-old daughter Bristol was pregnant.

Bristol has since become more famous than her mom, starring on television shows, publishing a memoir and publicly going through many personal battles.

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Bristol gave birth to Tripp at the end ofand after starring on Dancing With the Stars and going back to her private life, she made headlines again in when she broke up with her fiance days before the wedding and then announced she was pregnant and would have her second child out of wedlock.

Bristol and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer later reconciled, and they married and had a another baby earlier this year.

But many viewers may have missed the fact that Emily was a young, single mother before she was The former Bachelorette was just 18 when she got engaged to race car driver Ricky Hendrick.

lashon dixon and i relationship quizzes

He died in a tragic plane crash, along with seven other family and friends, leaving Emily devastated. She learned within weeks that she was pregnant, and when she gave birth, she named her little one in her daddy's memory.

Emily made certain that Ricki was a part of her Bachelor and Bachelorette journeys, and she was there later on when Emily married Tyler Johnson in Apr 3, No one expects the romance of an early relationship to last forever.

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lashon dixon and i relationship quizzes

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lashon dixon and i relationship quizzes

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lashon dixon and i relationship quizzes

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