Lamb to the slaughter mary and patricks relationship test

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lamb to the slaughter mary and patricks relationship test

In "Lamb to the Slaughter", Patrick Maloney decides to tell his wife he wants a divorce. Mary Maloney reacts in a completely different way than. Questions for "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl Answer each question of the story suggest about Mary Maloney's relationship with her husband? us see Mary's feelings, which shows how deeply she actually loved Patrick. Clay Marble test · Elements of Short Story · Formative assessment · Lamb to the slaughter. In the story "Lamb to the Slaughter" the dynamic character is Mary being a warm, caring, and a loving wife to her husband, Patrick Maloney.

This choice to tell the story from the point of view of the murderer is an interesting choice and one that largely defines this story.

The reader knows only what she knows. At times, such as the end of the story, this means that the reader knows more than the other characters, especially in relation to the leg of lamb. Early in the story, the reader discovers that Mary Maloney is pregnant. This understanding is important to the story on a number of levels. The most basic is that it helps the reader to understand just what it is that her husband is doing by leaving her.

This makes the story more ambiguous in morality by making the reader associate with the woman more. In addition, it almost certainly helps keep her from being suspected. The motherly instinct of protection is invoked by this understanding as anyone can understand the instinct of a mother protecting her child and the fear of execution is vital to making Mary a more positive character. In the middle of the conversation between Patrick and Mary, the narration changes for a single paragraph at the very climax of the conversation.

It then says that he told her, though not exactly what, and ends with him saying that he will take care of her. This change in narration is disconcerting and in large part that is the point. This helps the reader to understand the disorientation and detachment of Mary.

lamb to the slaughter mary and patricks relationship test

In addition to this, by not telling the reader exactly what happened, it gives far more power to the reader in the interpretation of her later actions. Resorting to violence and even worse, killing, was certainly not one of the ways to escape from conflicts in life.

If other pregnant women are able to shun her action, she could have likely done so too. There is no excuse for her to have snatched away the life of her husband within moments. Jio Hui Zhen 8 May 9, at Hope no one minds. Initially, Roald Dahl uses imagery to let the reader think that everything was going well. However, these phrases also tell the readers that perhaps something is wrong, keeping the readers in suspense. At first, Mary did not and could not believe it and thought that Patrick was lying and it was all a dream.

Then when she managed to tell Patrick that she was going to take supper for them but she was still in a daze that was why she had continued to take the leg of a lamb up to Patrick even though Patrick told Mary that he did not want supper and wanted to go out himself.

I think that this was what had ignited Mary the most to take the leg of lamb in her hands and kill Patrick. Because Patrick was going to leave Mary soon but Patrick did not treasure the little time they had together before he left and even wanted to leave Mary sooner than expected. I think that the police who investigated did not make use of everything that they had. They did not even think that Mary could be acting. They merely believed what Sam the grocery shop-keeper had said.

Sam could be lying without the police knowing.

lamb to the slaughter mary and patricks relationship test

Also, police should take everything in the household as evidence but this batch of officers did not which I find it very irresponsible. I copied this from my two responses so that it is easier to read and I added more I think that Mary is a very clever person and her mind works in a very quick manner.

After, she had killed Patrick, unlike normal people who would panic and have no ability to think straight and properly, Mary did not.

She managed to think through very carefully about what her next step should be and schemed her idea out well in less than half an hour after Patrick was killed. I think that what Patrick had told Mary that had caused her to go into a daze should be something about their 6-month-old baby. I do not pity Patrick at all as I think that he was deserving that he got killed as he should not be so brutal as to tell Mary the news all at once which is very hard for Mary to take it considering the fact that she is pregnant.

It is also unacceptable to me as to me without family would be like being alone in this strange and harsh world. I sympathize with Mary the most as she could not take the stress that Patrick is going to leave her and their 6-month-old unborn baby. I think that that was what had caused Mary to kill Patrick.

Besides,she was pregnant and pregnant ladies have mood swings. Also, I sympathize with Mary for losing control of herself. From someone who is loves her husband dearly, and was blinded with love to becoming a woman who is cunning and smart was truly incredible. I think that she would have a better life than at first but I also think that killing her husband had also turned her into a zany person also she had done nothing wrong to deserve this fate. Thus, I sympathize deeply with Mary and my heart pours out to her.

The writer also used a wide vocabulary but short and simple sentences which make it easier for the readers to understand the story better. However, the ending shocked me, and the twist of the plot had certainly surprised me and I think that it was well written and filled with emotions and it makes readers feel creepy especially the last part where Roald Dahl had ended with Mary giggling.

Tho Nian Qin 33 May 10, at 9: Mary Maloney asked them to eat the leg of the lamb, and they did not suspect anything about her when she kept on asking them to eat it.

Besides, when they were eating it, they did not think that the leg of the lamb could be the weapon used to kill Patrick Maloney. Thus, they were very foolish, as they ate the whole leg of lamb, and the weapon that is used to kill Patrick Maloney is already gone, when they were racking their brains over the weapon used.

The yearning individuals in the relationship - a comparison of two short stories

I think that Mary Maloney is a very cunning, as well as clever person. After killing Patrick Maloney, she acted very calm, and planned many ways to cover up the truth of the murder, so that the police will not know that the murderer was actually she herself.

The most cleverest act of her was to destroy the weapon, so that the police will never know what the weapon is. From this, i can see that she is a very clever person. However, she is also a very cunning person. She immediately killed her husband, Patrick Maloney, when he just said about something which hurt her.

From this, i can see that she is a very cunning person. It was a pity that Mary Maloney killed him instantly in a gush of anger. I think that Patrick Maloney is very innocent to be killed, so i pity Patrick Maloney more than Mary Maloney, although her heart was broken.

Rachel Lee 12 May 11, at 5: The story starts of simple but as the plot unfolds, the content becomes more and more interesting. Mary Maloney is indeed a very special character. Mary is obsessive and paranoid. She treats her husband with too much care, and maybe that is why he wanted to separate her.

Maybe he could not stand an obsessive wife. She reacted to the news impulsively. She thought she was imagining it all and wanted to distract herself. She took the lamb leg out of the freezer in the cellar, and walked back up, just in time to hear her husband say that he was going out and she need not make supper for him.

As an act of impulse, Mary used the lamb leg to hit him on his head, killing him. By practising talking in front of the mirror, she would not be so nervous in front of the grocer; hence he would not have suspected anything. Before she left, she put the lamb leg in the oven to cook it. From these actions, I can tell that Mary is a very complex and scheming woman.

When she got home she saw the body of Patrick and somehow felt all the old love and longing welling up inside her, and got down on her knees and cried. She did not need to act that part, because she loved him. The police were very foolish and incompetent. They believed everything Mary said because she was his wife and because she looked innocent and pitiful.

“Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl Questions and Answers

She was also kind to them by offering drinks and food. The police should have thought of other weapons that could have killed Patrick, not just the usual metal weapons. They should have suspected Mary first, because she was the only one with him in the first place. They should have checked the time Patrick died, because he died before Mary went out, so she could have been a suspect.

By telling them to eat the lamb leg, Mary destroyed the weapon and all the evidence.

lamb to the slaughter mary and patricks relationship test

Mary was very sadistic to giggle in the other room when she heard one of the policemen say that the murder weapon was probably right under their noses, which was literally true, because they were eating the lamb leg, which was the murder weapon. I have the most sympathy for Mary at the end of the story. She was so agitated and upset over what her husband had said that she could not think straight.

She was very badly affected by the news and acted rashly and impulsively because of it.

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She was shocked and horrified, and in the end became delirious and possibly mentally unstable. Although Patrick had died a cruel and unusual death, he should not have been so blunt and insensitive to tell Mary that he wanted to separate her when she was six months pregnant. Mary seems caring and serene, but deep down she is actually a very scheming woman and covered up the murder calmly and carefully without leaving any evidence behind.

I think he would feel terrified of his mother if he knew that she had killed his father so brutally. Ong Shi Ri May 11, at 7: According to the story, Mary had been obssesed with Patrick and had been very possesive of him.

Thus, it was natural of Mary to be in such a rage when Patrick announced to Mary of his un-faithfulness to her. It, unfortunately for Mary, has been a one-sided love. I am disgusted with patrick for knocking her up with a baby and than going to have another affair with another woman. The cat is supposed to symbolise the American wife's longing for something different and exciting in the relationship.

Perhaps she wants a baby, someone to take care of and keep her distracted, or maybe she's just longing for excitement and despair. Whatever the interpretation, it's something her husband is determined not to give her freely.

Both women characters are the weak link in their relationships. The American wife acts as if she knows her meanings and thoughts are of no interest to George, and Mary Maloney would rather see her husband dead than in the arms of another woman. Mary knows she can't handle a life without her husband: The American wife wants change, but doesn't get it.

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Her husband, George indirectly declines her several times. Patrick Maloney wants change, he's leaving his wife, but ends up dead instead because his wife doesn't see any other solution to the problem.

There's a weak and powerless link in both relationships: There's a relationship filled with people taking each other for granted.