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After years of being NCIS partners, Kensi and Deeks finally admitted their They went from the high of trusting the other to give a relationship a. That era is history and they are not seeing anyone else, even though their Kensi & Deeks have shown they do not know how to navigate and tolerate We were friends, dated, engaged and eventually married while working. Deeks and Kensi have been getting closer on NCIS: Los Angeles this In a moment that has gone down as one of the sweetest in the show's history, Kensi went to Deeks' place and was able to calm him Though they shared a kiss at the end of last season, that moment . Relationships · Dating · Sex.

Kensi is flattered, but doesn't believe a relationship between them can work due to Deeks' poor communication skills.

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Deeks finally faces his true romantic for Kensi, admitting his desire for them to be together. Shortly after, Kensi and Deeks spend an intimate night together, but the next day find themselves awkward and nervous around each other. Everyone on the team notice their odd change in behaviour and immediately realize what happened between Kensi and Deeks. Kensi doesn't believe she and Deeks can be together. During a mission to recover a thumb drive containing classified information, Kensi is taken hostage by one of the shooters and Deeks is unable shoot the man in fear of endangering Kensi's life, allowing the shooter to escape and ultimately the mission fails.

Kensi is furious to the point where she punches Deeks despite his claim he didn't have a shot. Returning to OSP, Kensi and Deeks talk about what happened, leading them to discuss the new direction their relationship has taken.

Deeks wants to make his relationship with Kensi work, but Kensi doesn't believe they can find a balance between their partnership or the growing romantic relationship between them. Kensi begins to describe their relationship using a metaphor known as "The Frozen Lake". Kensi reveals despite her wish for them to be together, their hearts and emotions will ultimately comprise missions when they are more concerned for the other's safety and believe this is the sole reason why they can't be anything more than partners and friends, seeing Deeks can't control his emotions and put the mission before her safety.

Deeks is hurt and soon they are interrupted by the arrival of Eric and they leave to resume the investigation. Deeks and Kensi finally make progress on their growing romantic relationship.

When the mission resumes, the team encounters a foreign operative known as a Gurkha named Thapa who is also after the thumb drive. OPS decides to include him for the mission and he partners with Deeks as he is the only person who sees the good in him. Deeks and Thapa begin to bond when Thapa gives him helpful advice about his growing relationship with Kensi, but after another attempt for the thumb drive fails with Thapa escaping with it, Deeks blames himself, but finds a way to redeem himself and recover the thumb drive.

Previously Deeks informed Thapa of a woman who specialises with fake identification and realising Thapa is taking his advice, decides to resume a former undercover identity to find Thapa and retrieve the thumb drive.

Kensi doesn't approve of the plan and offers Deeks her father's knife to protect him. Deeks learns of Kensi's departure, leaving him disappointed and heartbroken. In the end the mission is successful with Thapa rescued and the thumb drive recovered. Before leaving to accompany Thapa to the hospital, Kensi having realized her mistake, assures Deeks they will figure out their relationship, leaving Deeks happy that he and Kensi are finally confronting their true feelings once and for all.

However, when Deeks returns from the hospital he is heartbroken to learn Kensi is gone and has been reassigned for a classified mission indefinitely, forcing him and Kensi to once again put their impending romantic relationship on hold.

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Separation from Kensi Deeks and Kensi miss each other. Since Kensi's departure, Deeks greatly misses her and feels lonely without her by his side, including feeling like a third wheel since everyone has their own partner. Deeks is further upset he is unable to acquire information about where Kensi is or if she is alright.

Hetty requests a meeting with him and Deeks confronts her about Kensi's situation, believing the reason about her reassignment is because of his and Kensi's relationship and offers to leave NCIS if it will bring Kensi back. Hetty sees how much Deeks cares for Kensi and wishes for her return, but doesn't grant his request. Deeks continues to miss Kensi and looks at various pictures of them together in order to ease the pain of missing her. In return, Kensi feels the same way, finding herself missing Deeks very much and looks at pictures of them together on her phone.

During the Christmas holidays in order to further help Kensi and Deeks with their separation, Hetty provides them both a special Christmas present; a phone allowing them to communicate whenever they miss each other, much to Deeks and Kensi's shock, delight and happiness. Deeks continues to miss Kensi throughout the season, but regains a bit of hoping of seeing her again when the team briefly reunites with Kensi and Granger to work on stoping a bombing for a special ceremony when families of native countries become official citizens of the United States.

Deeks and Kensi are excited, but both are disappointed when they miss their chances to see each other due to their respective duties, but still find a way to help ease the separation.

At one point when Granger returns from Afghanistan for a brief period of time, Deeks tries to convince him to come along back to Afghanistan in attempts to reunite and see Kensi again, but to no avail. Since Kensi's departure, Deeks begins to work alone, but find himself partnering up with Nell and Nate on separate occasions. During the season, Deeks meets and briefly works together with DEA Agent Talia Del Campo and despite a rocky upstart, they develop a strong connection and ultimately make a good team.

Mission to Afghanistan Deeks soon begins to grow more worried about Kensi when he is unable to get in contact with her. Eventually, Deeks and the team are brief by Nell, revealing they assigned to go to Afghanistan to rescue Kensi when she has suddenly disappeared.

However, before leaving Hetty privately speaks with Sam about Deeks. Due to his personal relationship and romantic feelings for Kensi, Hetty orders Sam if necessary, Deeks must be separated from the mission in order to ensure Kensi's safe return and to not let Deeks' emotions get in the way of the finding and retrieving Kensi when they encounter danger.

During the mission to rescue Kensi, the team finally learn the truth about her assignment. Kensi was sent to Afghanistan to assassinate a mysterious person known as The White Ghost who is said to have connections with a dangerous group, Taliban. It's revealed the White Ghost never existed and instead it was a cover for the CIA to kill Jack Simone a former marine who previously worked for them and used to get important information.

The End of the Beginning Eventually, Kensi finally returns to work at NCIS, but doesn't immediately resume her partnership with Deeks as Hetty is still concerned about her emotional and physical well being after being torture and meeting Jack again for the first time in years.

Hetty decides to keep Kensi and Deeks apart for a little longer and makes Kensi work with Eric in the operation centre to make sure she is truly ready to return to work in the field. Deeks finds himself working together with Nell once again and while he doesn't have a problem working together with Nell, he strongly wishes to resume his partnership with Kensi after being apart for months and confronts Hetty about the situation.

Deeks questions is there more to the situation than what Kensi experienced in Afghanistan, but Hetty doesn't answer his question.

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Eventually, Kensi manages to prove herself to Hetty and Deeks is happy to have Kensi and their partnership back. Deeks begins to reconsider his and Kensi's potential romantic relationship. Finally after Kensi has managed to recover and fully resume her place on the team, Kensi and Deeks once again confront their romantic feelings for each other.

Deeks attempts to ask Kensi on a date, but find themselves interrogating Angelo, a possibly rouge NCIS Agent and may have turned to the dark side. Kensi and Deeks are sent to interrogate Agent Angelo, but find themselves having difficulty with him and he attempts to manipulate them using their relationship, realizing the romantic feelings they have for each other and tries to convince them their relationship will not work.

While Kensi doesn't let him affect her, Deeks does become affected by Angelo and his thoughts and beliefs about his and Kensi's relationship. Deeks starts to reconsider his and Kensi's relationship due to their jobs at NCIS, knowing that agents can't become romantically involve knowing if the relationship ends badly it will affect them and their capabilities.

Deeks and Kensi remain friends Ultimately after interrogating Angelo, Deeks becomes unsure about his and Kensi's relationship and rethinks after everything they've been through together this past season, especially their separation and nearly losing one another on different occasions. Deeks symbolises his uncertainty about his and Kensi being together and returns Kensi's knife she gave him before she left for Afghanistan, indicating he may not be ready after all for them to be truly together and needs more time.

While both are disappointed, Kensi again shows her feelings and trust in Deeks by opening the mysterious package that has remained unopened since it's arrival in season four and opens The Box and gives it to Deeks and leaves. He opens it to find another smaller box, but doesn't open it and instead leaves the building shortly after Kensi.

However, unaware to Deeks, Hetty and Granger who have been heavily discussing Deeks and Kensi's relationship throughout the entire season witnessed them together. Granger wonders if it's The beginning of the end, but Hetty believes their relationship has reached The end of the beginning, indicating Deeks and Kensi have started a new chapter of their relationship that remains to be seen.

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In the season finale during an investigation regarding the death of a former marine, the team find themselves working together with Talia again who happily reunited with Deeks while sparking jealously from Kensi. Talia openly flirts with Deeks upon their reunion, but he finds himself uncomfortable and nervous when he realizes he has been caught in the middle of a love triangle between himself, Kensi and Talia with both girls trying to gain his attention.

Meanwhile the investigation continues when the team learns a terriost group is involved and have a submarine containing dozens of drugs. The season ends on a cliffhanger with Deeks and Kensi rushing to Sam and Callen's aid only to find the submarine has been launched with Sam and Callen trapped inside.

In the beginning of the season it takes place immediately after the events of the fifth season finale with Deeks, Kensi and Talia arriving to find the submarine gone with Sam and Callen trapped inside.

The three try to come up with a plan and where Deeks instructs Kensi to speak with a suspect while he and Talia go back to the crime scene to find more clues. However, Kensi's jealousy reignites, refusing to let Deeks and Talia be alone together and changes roles, forcing Deeks to interview the suspect while she and Talia find more clue.

Deeks goes to the hospital and tricks the suspect into revealing important information, managing to locate dozens drugs. However, Kensi and Deek become worried when they learn of further distressing news about Callen and Sam's situation on the submarine and get into a helicopter in attempts to locate them and help in anyway they possibly can in hopes of saving them before it's too late.

Eventually, Callen and Sam are rescued and Kensi and Talia have apparently mended fences, much to to Deeks' fear, confusion and uncertainty. Shortly after Talia leaves, the team celebrates their victory.

However, the team's victory is short lived when they discover they are being investigated by the Department of Justice in regards to the White Ghost incident from the events of season four and worse Hetty is being blamed for what happened. When the investigation begins the team learns that Hetty is being targeted by an unknown adversary who manages to learn of Hetty's home address and attempts to assassinate her. The team struggle to find out who is responsible while avoiding speaking with the Department of Justice about the events in Afghanistan.

Eventually, Chief Investigator, Ava Wallace manages to track down the team and interviews them about the events surrounding Afghanistan and the White Ghost. Although Deeks isn't interviewed, he comforts Kensi when she becomes emotional, remembering the tortured she endured while in captivity.

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Kensi tearfully wishes to forget what happened, but Deeks advises Kensi, speaking from his own experience when he was tortured by Issac Sidorov that it will take time before she can fully recover and will need to accept and make piece with what happened in order to move on with her life. Later the team discover an old enemy, Mattias Draeger has returned to seek revenge against Hetty. After being led astray several times in their attempts to find and locate him, the team are finally able to apprehend him back at headquarters before he kills Hetty.

Shortly after the Department of Justice finishes their investigation. Romance Growing Stronger Deeks and Kensi can't fool each other. Since then, the team resumes their normal duties and cases for NCIS and Deeks and Kensi continue their partnership with their romantic feelings for each other remaining and become more stronger to the point when Kensi opens up about her past, revealing a dark period in her life when she lived on the streets for a long time after the death of her father.

Although Deeks was previously aware of Kensi's past on streets, he is touched when by Kensi's honesty and openness and further learns she wants him to only see the best and not the worse in her. Since then, Kensi and Deeks' relationship continues to grow even more than before, knowing almost everything each other each other, making both their partnership and growing relationship more stronger.

Hunt for the Mole Later, the team discover shocking news that Granger was involved in an accident and is clinging to life, but discover it was a murder attempt learning someone poisoned him.

Upon learning about the attempt on Granger's life and recalling the previous incident involving leaks on missions and Hetty's personal information including her home address being revealed, the team realize they have a mole in NCIS. Kensi and Deeks discover the poison to be in the form of Wolsbane, a deadly flower and the source of Granger's poisoning took place in his office. Kensi and Deeks further learn the Mole made an attempt on Kensi's life, leaving the deadly flower on her desk as a supposed gift from Deeks.

Kensi and Deeks begin the hunt for the Mole inside the building, but finds the situation has grown far worse when a supposed suicide occurs inside the building and despite Deeks and Kensi's attempts they are unable to save the life of Helen Trapper from NCIS Human Resources.

Everyone begins to believe Helen may have been the mole, but Deeks and Kensi realize her death was murder disguised as a suicide in order for the real mole and killer to hide his true identity and put the blame on Helen. Deeks and Kensi proceed to get DNA sampling from different workers from the building, but quickly find out the Mole's true identity; Carl Brown who threatens to inject a deadly drug on Eric who he has taken hostage.

The Beginning of Densi Deeks and Kensi finally get together. During the Christmas holidays the team come across a case where important intelligent software has been stolen and Callen's girlfriend, Joelle Taylor is caught in the middle of the investigation. During the case, Deeks invites Kensi to come along with him and on a Ski Trip and in the process, Kensi and Deeks find themselves once again questioning their relationship after witnessing everything happening between Callen and Joelle.

Eventually by the end of the investigation, Kensi and Deeks finally confront their feelings and relationship once and for all. Kensi begins to express her romantic feelings for Deeks, apart their bold, but together their safe. However, Kensi admits she wants to be bold together with Deeks, with no games or mix messages regarding their feelings or relationship.

Since then, Kensi and Deeks begin a serious romantic relationship, but decide to keep their newly formed romance a secret from everyone on the team in order to ensure their partnership and capabilities won't be called into question since officially starting their romance.

Deeks and Kensi's romantic relationship remains strong throughout the season and they eventually move in together and by the end of the season, Deeks indirectly proposes to Kensi. In the beginning of the season, Deeks buys an engagement ring, revealing he is planning to propose to Kensi. However, his plans to propose are postponed when the Los Angeles division of NCIS is threatened of being shut down and during this time, Deeks attempts to learn of Kensi's thoughts of their future without NCIS and possibly having children.

Kensi assures NCIS is her life and is currently unsure of any other career or future otherwise for her. However, Deeks and Kensi soon find themselves and their relationship facing a major challenge throughout a good majority of the season.

During a mission, the team are shot down in their helicopter and while everyone survives, Kensi suffers from severe injuries, leaving her in a coma and Deeks extremely worried about her. Eventually, Kensi awakens only to learn the full extant of the major injuries she endured when the helicopter was shot down. Kensi finds herself almost completely paralysed and must undergo major rehab treatments in order to recover. However, Kensi faces difficulties in her rehab, causing her to take her frustration, anger and impatience out on Deeks.

Despite Kensi's attitude towards him, Deeks is understanding and attempts to keep Kensi's spirits up. Kensi and Deeks are officially engaged and begin planning for their wedding. However, everyone on the team are shocked to find that Hetty has mysteriously disappeared, apparently having retired for good and is replaced by new Assistant Director, Shay Mosley.

Meanwhile during this time, Deeks still has yet to inform his mother that he and Kensi are officially engaged. Kensi and Deeks first met each other during an uncover operation at a martial arts gym for former military men.

Deeks underwent the alias of Jason Wyver and Kensi played the role of the victim's girlfriend. Since their first meeting, both Kensi and Deeks were suspicious of each other. Kensi was sceptical of Deeks and his hostility during their first meeting and throughout the investigation her suspicion of him remained. In return Deeks was suspicious of Kensi, having been undercover for months, he realized she was faking her identity and relationship with the victim.

Eventually, Kensi and Deeks would meet again when Deeks found Kensi snopping in the victim's home. Their suspicions of each other increased as Kensi noticed his weapon and Deeks confronted Kensi of her true identity, calling her out on her fake relationship with the victim. In the second season premiere after the conclusion of his long-term undercover operation, Kensi and Deeks finally become official partners.

Kensi and Deeks begin to develop a friendship between and are known to bicker since they are opposites with Deeks being easy-going jokester and Kensi being strict and hard to open up about her feelings and emotions. Deeks has a tendacy to make jokes that Kensi finds annoying and inappropriate and occasionally hits Deeks or twists his arm to teach him a lesson.

They could both benefit from the comfort and support of being in a loving relationship. Hey, wait a minute, whose side am I on? He makes a bad call in acute grief due to multiple deceptions. I will concede this could negatively affect a physical relationship. But he also fears future dangers. This is an extremely high stakes world where a single moment of poor judgment could get them killed.

If he were her lover, could she have stayed on mission? What if he were her husband, or the father of her children? Might their personal relationship have allowed Sidorov to escape with his weapons? That is an excellent point and one I have considered a lot. We were friends, dated, engaged and eventually married while working there— so I know it is possible to overcome those obstacles.

I did so not based on our relationship but on my trust in his prior experience and training. I love metaphors, but agree they could speak more frankly. Maybe it would be better to express themselves non-verbally. Partner relationships are inherently close: Kensi counters with the reminder that no one is watching your back.

We need look no further than Sam and Michelle in that same episode for an example of this dilemma. But it is different for Sam because Michelle is not just his wife, but the mother of his child ren? They both need to be with someone who understands and can tolerate their intense and unpredictable occupation. What better way to celebrate surviving a harrowing experience or relieve the stress of a difficult case than to go home together?

But all this talk of discontinuing their partnership, and having kids, just points out how much is at stake for them personally. And that means losing their family.