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*Long One Shot* **Keenler** It's the wedding of Tom and Elizabeth Keen! Special Agent Ressler looked tired, grumpy, bitter and, well, defeated. Although he grunted as You can't have an open relationship with a felon, let alone a child!" . "My morals are shaken, and my trust on the team is damaged. The Blacklist finally confirms Red's relationship to Liz . Kaplan was his most trusted confidante, knew deep truths. Aram and Samar have acknowledged something between them with the kiss, Ressler is left a blacklister to. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Liz however,is another story. Originally posted by teaandcookies Whenever Liz is involved with her ex husband, [or pseudo husband since she officially was never married to him] Ressler backs off.

This could be considered plot point, or simply character because Ressler will not ingratiate himself into a competition or wait in the wings for Liz to make up her mind.

He will give her ONE opportunity, and if she is not sure as to what she wants, he will just leave and close off his feelings. That means the writers are shielding Ressler in this plot driven debacle. That is a line of dialogue indicating Liz is not in love with him. Consequently the storyline ends as dysfunctional, and dark as it ever was.

That learning lesson for Liz is a risk, and one the writers should tread carefully. A real mother wants to shelter her child. Liz guarded her ex like she did with Judge Denner by saying she killed Tom and perjured herself.


That plot is like swallowing a cap of cyanide. Are We Killing off Elizabeth Keen? When a character goes against the wellbeing of her child, it is an indefensible act. The female protagonist literally drowns in her misery and low self-esteem. Did the writers truly think this through?

Set direction clearly displays Liz and Ressler still share deep emotional glances laced with angst and longing. Originally posted by always-keenler The justification for staying with one, over the other knowing how self-destructive, weakens and diminishes character growth.

She is simply UNWORTHY for a righteous male character that shows time and again that he puts others first before himself, defends the oppressed, rescues the innocent, protects the law, and has far too much integrity to involve himself in such a heavily drama induced comatose mess.

Liz in other words, must save herself which is exactly, what the writers mention. After Liz gives birth in April will her personality transplant be finally complete? Otherwise, what is the audience holding out for? Liz is downright atrocious right now. How Tom cannot logically see that is a failure to his growth.

That is a serious problem, writers. One of my mentors in primetime once said this to me: Your husband never existed. Lizzy, I understand why you went after Tom today. And from the emotional point of view, this must feel like an extraordinary violation and betrayal. But for Tom it was business.

Do you know we had sex the other night? Do you have any idea how filthy that makes me feel? Honestly she learns about Gina Zanetakos and nothing? I fell in love with him. We-we were gonna have — I was excited to have a child with him. He was the one person I chose in my life who made me happy, who made me feel safe.

What does that say about me? I get the reverse engineering to her character, but with it such in a plot format, where are her small moments of growth?

Donald Ressler

Lady Ambrosia was the last time. Everything that we had was just a figment of my imagination. Worse than a figment. I just believed it. Yet this time, she is getting the truth.

Time is the only thing that will allow you to find yourself again. I was doing my job. That was our life! We were going to have a baby to — You begged me to have a baby!

Stop talking about your job! Everything was a lie! My life was a lie! Every feeling every memory. It was the shoes. What does that mean? It was those brown leather shoes. It was our third or maybe fourth date. And by the time I got up, you were gone.

I remember standing in the closet, half—dressed, reaching for my shoes when I saw that you had drawn this little heart In the dust on my shoe. It was the sweetest thing. And ever since that moment, I just felt. Because I knew I knew that I had you. Nothing is more pathetic than a woman going back to a man who says THAT to her regardless of growth. So let him talk. Here she defends Tom a homicidal maniac, justify killing an innocent human being.

This is obviously official business. I can look the other way. You got to kill him. When he does, we are all going to jail, starting with you for torture, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment — Take your pick, sweetheart.

I can fix this. I have a storage unit. Let him do it! Get your hands off me! Next one goes in your chest! Tom, let him go! I think maybe you should call Mr. The dialogue to justify this storyline is so offensive. Keep Tom sadistic, fine. But tarnishing your lead protagonist to the point where even Red avoids her, is a warning sign. A year later and we are retelling the same mistake with Liz only this time, a child is involved.

He was involved in some kind of robbery, and now the police want to question him!

Ressler+Liz -- i am yours

Lower your voice, Lizzy. I am not your Lizzy… to control, to be told what to do. You made yourself clear this morning, Elizabeth. You can blame me if you like.

Using information supplied by the tracking team he cornered the man he believed to be Red on the roof of the National Museum, only to discover that it was Ranko Zamani. When Zamani took something from his pocket he shot him, causing him to fall to his death. The item was a pill tube containing Reddington's tracking chip. He also attended the meeting where Red laid out the new terms for his cooperation.

When Reddington and Elizabeth are in the restaurant he is in the control vehicle monitoring their conversation and the other customers. When Reddington goes missing, he rushes into the restaurant and attempts to pursue him. After searching the restaurant without finding Red, he returns to the control vehicle to find Reddington inside, waiting for him. He later interrogates the Freelancer with Meera. Edit When Elizabeth Keen is unsure about helping to catch Wujinghe tells Elizabeth that if a fifth name appears on the list of Wujing 's victims, it will be her fault, which convinces her to agree.

When Reddington and Elizabeth fall out of traceable range, he is very keen to storm the radio station, since Red may have escaped again or, as a secondary consideration, they may be in danger. When Henry Cho 's name is received, he goes with Meera Malik to try and protect him. Once they reach the building, he finds one assassin about to kill Henry and manages to distract him and then he throws him from the building.

Dealing with the other assassin is more difficult and only after a long fight does he manage to subdue him, just as Meera shoots and kills the third assassin. Once Elizabeth has left taking her redacted copy of the ballistics report with her, he takes the unredacted version to Harold Cooper and reveals that due to his suspicions about Liz's relationship with Red, he had put a flag on her and all intelligence that she requests would come to them first.

They decide that she will get nowhere in her investigation as she has nothing to go on. As a precaution, Ressler decides that he will go to court that afternoon with Liz, to keep an eye on her. At court, after the juror has a seizure, he tells Liz that the seizure was chemical and both rush to check the witness.

They are too late and only find a dead marshal. After Elizabeth is kidnapped, he goes with Reddington to meet with Hector Lorca. He disarms the man and tells Lorca that he is the person that procured the false identity using FBI resources.

Red implies that his fee is the release of Liz. With Meera, he is able to discover that the Stewmaker's real name is Stanley R.

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He leads the FBI strike team on the Kornish family home and using information gained from his wife, organizes a search for the cabin. At the cabin, he leads the raid and calls a medic for Elizabeth. After Elizabeth is in the ambulance, he asks Red about Lorca. He says to Reddington that Lorca was disrespectful and that Reddington does not like that. Reddington responds that Lorca is on his jet. Edit He leads the surveillance team at the Farmer's Market, directing the ground team following Hamid Soroush.

After the capture of Tommy Phelpshe tries to interrogate him, but due to the Courier's inability to feel pain, is unsuccessful. Ressler is visibly surprised that Phelps is immune to pain. When Laurence Dechambou is identified as the kidnapper of Seth Nelson, he goes undercover into her nightclub to try and persuade her to return to the place she left Seth, for the Courier.

The ruse is unsuccessful, even though he cuts his arm with a broken champagne glass without showing pain, because Dechambou is aware that the Courier kills both parties to any failed transaction.

After Phelps escapes, he and Meera Malik lead a search team to his house, where they discover he has taken refuge. After a firefight, he manages to enter Phelps' house, but finds it empty. The agents pursue Phelps through the forest, but he dies just before they capture him. Now, it was true. The Cabal was the least of Liz's worries. Well, it's nothing personal. It's business, you see?

Who hired you, now? Not while he had a gun pointed at him by someone willing to shoot. But the voice approached and he didn't have to turn. She came to him. If he didn't know better, he could have sworn this was Liz. Well, blonde Liz, as she was when she was on the run. A closer look, and he saw that this woman was a bit older.

Her hair was up and she looked very classy, as Reddington had described her. Not really perceptible, unless you payed close attention. Katarina Rostova came closer to him and opened a wide smile. It was as if he was looking at a female version of Reddington. If he had doubts Red had something with this woman, now there were none. He wouldn't be surprised if he revealed to be Liz's father in the process. You're the one Reddington wants for my little girl. He wants to block my choice of suitor.

Do you know how much damage he caused her? I didn't bring him to her life. The whole story of him hiring Jake to be Tom is true. But when Reddington gave him up, I was the one who caught him off the ground. Ressler had a hard time not showing how strong that woman seemed to him. It was like facing Reddington all over again, except that he wasn't scared of Reddington, not anymore.

And what do you want with Liz? Trusting Raymond Reddington is what took her to here and now, to be honest, and I think this could be a good piece of advice for you too. She's only marrying a criminal today because Reddington taught her to see the grey. Wasn't you the one who kept Tom Keen in her life? The poor kid was devastated, when Reddington told him to disappear.

I only did what every loving mother would do, and kept him there. He was necessary so I'd know Reddington's endgame. As a bonus, he was free to love my daughter with my blessing. He was nervous, but he could not put up with this. She might believe in his redemption, but I know the kinds of you. Tell me, Donald, weren't you the one who failed to capture Reddington for 5 years? Rostova grinned, and then approached Ressler, who never dropped the gun from her aim. In different circumstances, I'd love to see you and Masha together.

My granddaughter will be stunning if she has your bone structure. His blue eyes stared at hers, deeply, with a rage that he knew he had to keep under control. Please, be the shinning hero! But first you'll have to get out of here! She didn't feel it. Her baby was kicking inside her belly as if it didn't want this to happen. She swallows her pain in and begins her march, alone, down the aisle. As she walks towards Tom, images of that night with Ressler comes to her mind. It was a big surprise, especially because they had decided to keep things professional, ever since their first night together.

That first night, she was a mess. She had just lost Tom, after destroying the house in a fight with him, feeling the man she promised to spend her life with beat her and drop her to the ground after she discovered everything had been a lie. He told her he pitied her, and she didn't want to feel pitied.

She wanted to feel loved. After discovering that Reddington had been responsible for Sam's death, she thought she would never feel loved ever again in her life. She went to him because she didn't know where else to go. Slowly, their troubled relationship had grown into one with mutual respect and admiration, and they were truly partners.

That night, she needed her partner, and she had much more than that. As she walked into his apartment and told him everything, he sat beside her just listening, never judging, never giving a crossed opinion, simply being there for her. She cried, and he held her close, allowing her to let go of everything that was crushing her. He told her to spend the night, he arranged his bedroom for her to sleep in and went to sleep on the couch.

He was a gentleman, through and through. In the middle of the night, they couldn't sleep. They started a long-distance conversation, she was in the bedroom, he was on the couch, telling each other stories, laughing and opening up to each other.

The conversation that started loudly between two rooms ended in whispers as she stepped out of his bed and moved to the living room, surprising him with a kiss that lead to them sleeping together on the rug. In the morning, they decided to keep things professional, as not to ruin their partnership and not hinder the task force.

He became her accomplice, though, and lies were no longer part of their relationship. That was broken when he discovered she was keeping Tom prisoner on a rusty ship. He was keeping too many of her dirty secrets to be okay with that, and as things got worse and worse, she thought that their relationship was over. As he revealed the birthday surprise, though, she knew that she would always have him.

They had a pleasant night, but he was nothing but respectful. Their deal of keeping things cool was in place throughout the dinner, and all that happened was a warm hug on their way to their cars. As she stepped out of her car, having arrived at the motel she was staying, she noticed her scarf had caught his perfume, and was now smelling of him. Reddington said, "You need to imagine a life without Tom", and she knew she didn't have to. She already had one.

Minutes after Red left, after rescuing her from Jacob's invasion and telling her a little bit about their next case, she took a leap and went running to her car.

She arrived at his place just like the first night, but this time, she knew exactly what she was doing. He opened the door and she jumped at him, grabbing his face and kissing him passionately. As she felt his body react by holding her close and tight, and pulling her into the apartment, she knew she hadn't made a mistake.

They had a magical night that ended in a magical morning, and they were both a little late for work. She told him about Jacob and the need for the passports, and later that day he surprised her with the passports in hands. Except that her life was a mess, and finding out that Tom had been inserted in her life by Reddington just confused her even more.

After Red being shot and Tom helping them to protect him, she was torn between her past and her future. She needed to know what Tom had to say about Red, so she couldn't let him go.

She wanted to, but she just couldn't. Meeting Ressler as she tried to escape was both a blessing and a curse. She felt ashamed and scared to face him, but there was nothing she wanted more than to see him. She saw his disapproval and knew that, if she chose to run, she would lose him. As he stepped away to let her go, she risked her last few seconds before the cameras went back on to kiss him, a last kiss of a love that should have never been, but was, so strong. After that, she knew there was nothing she could do to atone for what happened.

They were in opposite sides of the table, and she could never ask him to go against his morals for her. He had done enough by working with Red at her trial. She wouldn't ask that of him again. Usually, she didn't feel remorse in using people to do what she felt right, but not Ressler, never again. Now, walking down the aisle with Tom at the end of it, trying to fight the memories of a life without him, and the protests of a child she didn't know who the father was, she felt as if she could crumble at any minute.

As she slowly reached the altar, a loud boom announced that something had started outside. IT was dark except for the faint light of the sun coming from a small window near the ceiling. He felt the burning sensation where the stun gun had hit him and slowly remembered what happened. Katarina Rostova, teamed up with Solomon, was going to raid the wedding. As he tried to get rid of the ropes, he wondered if Tom knew about the attack, and if he would protect Liz and the baby.

He felt silly wishing that the man was truly redeemed, enough to go against his employer to protect the woman he loved, but it was all he could do right now. He noticed his chair was made of wood, so he thought that maybe, if he fell on the chair, it would break.

As he swung back and forth, he knew that would hurt. The chair fell backwards, and as his back crushed his hands and his head knocked the floor, he felt a bit dizzy. It was enough to crack the back of the chair, though, and he was able to take the ropes out of it. They slid easily from his hands after that, and he was free to untie his legs.

As soon as he was free, he went around the place to see if he could find a way out. There was a door at the top of a set of stairs, but it was locked. He didn't seem to find a window or an opening large enough for him to pass, so all he could do was try to open the door. His already hurt arms weren't strong enough to drop the door, and neither was his kick.

The more he kicked it, the more desperate he got. He felt powerless, knowing that, at the same time that he was there, his family was under attack. Xoxoxoxoox The gunshots and bombs shook the weak structure of the wooden church, causing the FBI agents in there to take position. Liz hid behind a bench, and Tom ran to her to shield her with his body.

With a glance he was able to see Reddington and his men holding heavy guns, shooting at what looked like a strong attack group. Another glance, and he saw the one leading that group. She remembered Reddington's words, and felt in her heart that it was not the Cabal. Liz looked at everyone present at the church, and felt that she could suspect anyone in there. But it was what she heard from outside that clarified things. We're guests of the groom. By hearing this, Liz pushed Tom and ran towards Aram.

You have to tell Reddington to stop! This is not supposed to happen. What do you know? Did you tell them we're going to be here? Aram and Cooper were also looking at Tom, waiting for an explanation. This is good news! It's the beginning of something good for our family! Her hands over the baby that she knew was not his, wondering if it was worth giving him a chance to explain himself.

Slightly, she wanted something like this to happen, it was the side of her that knew she could never stop loving Donald. Suddenly, she stands up and, in between shots and explosions, she walks towards the church door. Reddington immediately runs to stay in front of her. She looks over his shoulder to see a number of men looking at her with heavy guns, and Solomon, looking smug. Aram runs to her side, begging her to calm down, for the sake of the baby. She shakes her friend away.

He takes a deep breath, and then looks straight into her eyes. Your mother gives us her blessing. She can take us away from all this and…" he is interrupted by her hand on his face.

The slap echoes around the church, and then silence ensues. She looks at him, feeling stupid and betrayed again. I couldn't tell you until it was time…" "Again. You lied to me. I did it to protect you. To protect our baby! Reddington walked into the church and went to her, trying to calm her down, when her water broke. She felt the water running down her legs and freaked out. You need to go!

Now," Reddington held her arms firmly, trying to push her towards the car. Tom ran after them and held on to Liz, who was too weak and in pain to push him away. As they reached the car Reddington had ready to take her, solomon's men opened fire again, and killed the driver.

They all ran, trying to find protection, and Tom indicated the old car that he had arranged to take the newlyweds away. You're not taking her! You need to stay here, Red. To keep her away. In between, Liz was screaming with the pain of the contractions that were beginning to happen. Red helped her in, and fastened her seatbelt as Tom climbed on the other seat.

Nowhere else, do you hear me? Or else I'll kill you" he gave Tom a piece of paper and the man started the car as a bullet shattered the back window. They were about to take off when Liz held on to Red through the window. I fear your mother got to him" Liz widened her eyes, scared. Red tried to calm her down. Xoxoxoxoxoxo The car ride was a mess. Liz was in pain and was so scared she felt as if she could collapse at any minute.

Tom was trying to calm her down, but he was the last person she wanted with him right now. I'm sick and tired of you lying to me! I want to take care of you, of the baby, you are not going to do this alone!

Liz was shaking so much that she couldn't say much, let alone explain the whole situation. The car jerked as it turned on a narrow street, trying to lose the tails. Liz screamed as she felt another contraction coming. At this moment, all her choices and actions from the last few months seem wrong and, if she could turn back in time, she would change it all. Her mind went to the father of her baby. All she wanted was for him to be okay.

Xoxoxox Inside the basement, locked away without knowing what was going on, Donald couldn't do much more than think. He thought of Audrey and what life would be like, had she survived. Had she married that other guy, the 'tassels', and stayed away from him. In a way, he was glad Liz had chosen to stay away. He had lost all perspective of what life was all about. He was a robot, a lost man with an addiction, not at all the right man for her.

He thought about that first night she went to his house, and about all the things they talked about, and how, as they shared secrets and promises, he could clearly see a better life, with a clear purpose, away from all that.

Now, having resigned from the FBI, he didn't have much left. He wondered how his mother was, and if she would ever accept him back. They had a big fight after his father died, as he never accepted the circumstances, whist his mother was okay to forgive Tommy Markin. He hadn't seen her for almost 10 years. Maybe now it was time to make amends.

Now that he had a child of his own.