Kashibai and mastani relationship questions

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kashibai and mastani relationship questions

Bajirao reveals his marriage to Kashi Bai, who being a devoted wife, is not confronting her husband if he had really tied the knot with Mastani. 4 hours ago Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5. In her remarks to both Bajirao and Mastani, letting them know of her disappointment, her heartbreak- never once with classless insult-Kashibai's love for her.

Wish Bhansali had kept the film less protracted and gone a little easy on the excess, especially in the overwrought climax, because there is something in Bajirao Mastani that reaches out and keeps you intensely engaged even as it wears you down. The Hindu-Muslim love angle could have been done with more depth and layer than mere talk of politics of colour — kesariya saffron and hara green — but is timely and relevant in the way it takes on religion and orthodoxy.

The dialogue might be old-worldly ishq, ibadat … but the actors mouthing them are in great form.

kashibai and mastani relationship questions

They help the passion and poignancy reach out. Ranveer Singh is charismatic and charming complete with the Marathi inflection in his lingo and those electric moves in Malhari who cares whether Peshwas danced or not. Vulnerable yet macho, funny and flamboyant, his chemistry with Deepika holds well when they spar passionately. Deepika smoulders and looks radiant, as usual, but it is Priyanka, disappointingly absent from the first half, who is disarmingly warm and dignified in the second.

While Mastani starts all desire and defiance, she eventually turns docile in love. On the other hand, the docile and domesticated Kashibai accepts Mastani on her own terms even as she berates her husband.

Her pride and dignity intact, she comes into her own when she loses out on love. Mastani was a Krishna bhakta who would be so deep in worship that she would get up and dance and kept both vrats and roza, sang bhajans and offered namaaz. As a matter of fact, she was a princess trained in all the martial arts, politics and diplomacy, all the household and beauty aids and an intelligence agent par excellence, apart from being proficient in music and dance.

kashibai and mastani relationship questions

Chhatrasal offered Mastani to Bajirao as a wife along with a third of his revenue after Bajirao helped him and Mastani to defeat an invading Mughal chieftain from Allahabad around Mastani was married not to Bajirao, but to his sword, as was a Bundela custom at the time.

For all we know today, the two might as well have been madly in love and brought together by political expediency.

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So most of our sources of those times are socio-economic records, revenues, and accounts of political battles. That is why we know so little about Mastani.

Bajirao was a Chitpavan Brahmin, a clan with a reputation for orthodoxy. Bajirao married an outsider, and worse, someone with a Muslim mother. Have you seen this EPIC-saga? Have you felt that it was truly an Epic? What was the strongest point of the movie according to you? Love story of Bajirao. A Peshwa kinda Prime Minister of this agea son of widow mother, a father of a son and last but not the least husband too!

Coming back to the movie plot of- Bajirao Mastani, Bajirao loves his wife Kashibai as well as Mastani both.

kashibai and mastani relationship questions

Okay, what is wrong? The history says- Many Kings used to have multiple wives before years and still in many customs-men are allowed to merry multiple number of times.

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No issue, at all. So What is point of this post? Kashibai was a loving and dutiful wife, also loving mother and obedient daughter-in-law.

Bajirao used to travel across India for wars and politics. Almost months a year he used to stay away from home. Kashibai, in absence of her husband completed all her duties faithfully with love and care.

This is what movie says, Now let me add a different dimension which I perceived. Kashibai was fond of dancing, cooking, gardening and lot more forms of art. She loved taking interest in day-to-day cooking on her own, despite of being Peshwain wife of Peshwa.

kashibai and mastani relationship questions