Kamui and kagura relationship problems

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kamui and kagura relationship problems

I really dislike Kamui/Kagura incest. I love the both of them and the relationship they share but please, they're siblings, not horny for each other. submitted. The first moment that changed Gintoki and Kagura's relationship in a big way can be found trying to make her happy and solve her problems. But before Umibouzu could kill Kamui Kagura stepped in. She pleaded her Dad And that broke the relationship they had. It's easy how simple.

She could almost see them, hear them spurring her on. With the anger burning inside of her, she had thrown to his face how much she hated him, how she detested seeing his face and felt nothing but repugnance at his touch.

She had compared him to them, to the two men she loved. Told him mockingly how he would never measure up to them. Kagura had never seen him and never saw him again so angry in her life. The destruction that followed their fights was too great to be contained inside a ship and his leaders had given him a warning. Shape her up, or get out. He took his revenge while they were on a mission. He didn't want any interruptions or have to worry about the damage.

He brought out the monster hiding inside of her. Knowing that while she lost herself to her blood lust, to the madness running through their veins, she was unable to control herself. What was even worst, was the fact that while in her trance, she would actually enjoy his touch. You think they can accept you like this? Your precious samurai," he spat the word as if it were a curse.

She couldn't move, she wouldn't answer and refused to look at him. Anger, shame, guilt, and many other feelings burning her small body.

I'm going to get so deep inside of you that there will be no space left for them. He wanted to be her tormentor and her savior.

kamui and kagura relationship problems

Pull her from both sides, stopping just before she could rip apart. The 'maids' for lack of a better wordcame in pulling in two carts filled with enough food that could feed a small family.

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The two women bowed after setting up the table but Kagura paid them no attention. She knew what the other women of the ship thought and said about her. Kagura was everything and had everything that they would kill to have.

And the fact that she had done everything in her power to resist him, that she had fought him, hated him and never hid her contempt for him, had brought on the hate of his little fan club. Unfortunately, he would never look at them.

kamui and kagura relationship problems

In his eyes they were nothing but worthless trash. They were just weak women not worthy of his time, and they hated her for it. X "Why don't you just learn to control it," Abuto pointed out to her after their return. It's so easy for him to take advantage of you, it's actually quite pathetic. The older man scratched his head and a resigned sigh left his lips. She stayed rooted to her spot, ideas already running crazily in her mind. Just think about it. Trying unsuccessfully to understand his cryptic words.

It didn't help that he had left for a mission, and the two voices in her mind were totally useless. She was at least sane enough to understand that they were not real, rather just her mind's last attempt to hold onto the past. Besides, real or imaginary, those two were nothing but idiots. Ironically, it had been thanks to her partner that she finally got it. If you think something is bad, you would obviously feel bad after doing it.

If you tell yourself, I'm having a good time, you really will enjoy yourself. When she had, in an act of feminine cruelty, stopped his amorous advances, leaving him painfully hard and frustrated because she really wasn't in the mood at the moment and if he wanted to keep five fingers in each hand, he should keep them to himselfthe anger she had expected never came. Completely obsessed with you, the sister that he abandoned and denied because he considered her worthless.

Because, it really was ridiculously ironic. X Her thoughts were interrupted again by the opening of the door. She watched as Kamui crossed the room to sit at the table were their food was waiting. When word got out that the leader of the seventh squadron had taken command of the Harusame space pirates, messages from all over the galaxy started to pour in.

People pledging their allegiance to the new leader, offers of support and request for their cooperation. Kamui was, surprisingly, a good leader and while he usually left Abuto with matters pertaining politics, he always demanded to meet personally with their clients.

He was never one to lose an opportunity to meet strong people. Kagura wasn't particularly interested, she may be second in command and have the new title of 'Night queen,' but she wasn't at all interested in the dealings of the pirates. You'll meet them soon, they'll be sticking around for a few days. Kamui was ridiculously possessive of her, and anything regarding earth and her life there was practically taboo in their relationship. Kamui looked at her, his smile gone.

They tried to kill us twice. First they tried to kill Zura and Gin-chan when they were trying to make some sort of sword or something," she said waving her arms casually. That I almost died? Now that he mention it, the Harusame had helped Takasugi and his cronies. All these years, she had been so close to him and she didn't even knew it.

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Their reunion had been inevitable, almost as if Kagura wasn't hungry anymore. To think that all this time, seeing Kamui again hadn't been a matter of 'if' but 'when. Wasn't that ridiculously ironic?

It was laughable really. Only, she didn't feel like laughing. Once again, her superstitions weren't unfounded. Kamui looked at the troubled woman sitting in front of him, a smile on his face. He didn't know these people, but he was going to support them with everything they needed. He may have promised her that he wouldn't hurt her friends, but a client was a client, and business was business. There was nothing he could do if said clients made a business of killing her precious samurai.

He looked at the time, and realized that their guest would be arriving soon. Now that he knew that this Takasugi guy was not only an enemy of the silver hair samurai, but of that bastard policeman that had actually managed to hurt him that day on earth, he was anxious to meet them.

He looked at the woman again, her face scrunching up prettily. He was never going to let her go. He could tell that she had finally accepted her position beside him. He knew that she would no longer try to escape.

The thought made him giddy with a strange emotion. Much to Abuto's annoyance, they were suspiciously late to meet their client. X The first few months she had held on to hope.

She had imagined her rescue many times, all type of scenarios running in her fertile mind. Gin-chan and Shinpachi would come, no negotiations there. That bastard Okita would be with them too - better be - along with the rest of the shinsengumi. She had rehearsed many times what she would tell Gin-chan and Shinpachi after her rescue. First she would beat them up for making her wait so long, and then she would hug them and kiss them silly.

She would even kissed that idiot Okita and then brake his knees in case he got any dumb ideas. The months went by and nobody showed up, not even her dad. Her own depression and Kamui's influence had diminished her hopes for rescue to a little speck of light hiding deep within the darkness of her mind.

Kagura had accepted the fact that she was on her own.

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And it was up to her to survive and make the best of her situation. This was her reality, she couldn't escape him anymore.

He had too much power, too much influence, too many connections out there. And even if they came, would she be able to face them? Kagura was no longer the spunky, confident girl that she used to be. She was broken, tainted. Kamui had burrowed deep inside of her body and soul, just like he had promise. Her burning hatred for him had diminished with every passing month.

She no longer fought him like she used to and while she never initiated anything, she rarely denied him. By the time she entered the room where her brother's personal secretary was, she uttered under her breath, "I can't wait for dinner. Add to that, him. Throughout the whole time they were together, even while she was watching Rapunzel, she felt his gaze on her, and it took everything in her not to turn around and ask, "Is there something fascinating on my shoulder?

Why the heck am I fantasizing about my best friend's brother doing things to me?! She should've felt ashamed, but instead, she found herself smiling at the thought of him from way back, back when they met one another at that club in Shinjuku, back when he introduced himself to her by his real name, and not the one that he went back now that he was in Japan, back when he just boldly grabbed her, placed her on his lap, and then began making out with her in one of the booths in the bar.

She was lost in her thoughts during the time Imai Nobume began fixing her long, straight hair and styling it by tying half of her hair behind her head and letting the rest loose behind her back. So lost was she in reminiscing that when her brother's personal secretary was done reapplying make-up to her face, she had to be called out to several times before she snapped back to reality. How they had managed to fit it in the car, she had no idea, but then again, her brother's employees were known to be quite efficient in whatever they did.

Gone was her red sundress and bolero, and was replaced by a boring, V-neck sleeveless pencil-skirt dress that reached just below her knees. Her periwinkle-colored shoulder bag was replaced by a coral clutch purse, and she honestly felt that she lacked something, as she was used to her bag slung either on her arm or being carried around on her hand. Immediately after, Kagura came in. I think the next time you need a baby-sitter, he… he would do an excellent job.

Soyo knew that tolerating Kamui was something that her best friend stressed over a lot, and the last thing she needed was getting screamed at by her best friend for daring to defend him. Thankfully, Kagura took it all in stride and muttered something along the lines of, 'I'll think about it…' and 'Sougo will not agree to this…', but not before hugging her to wish her good luck for tonight.

Back before Kagura had gotten married, on occasion, she would drag her best friend along to these boring events, only for her best friend to end up bickering with her own bodyguard for her own personal entertainment. Soyo herself barely blinked when the two told her that they were getting married, as she knew that it was only a matter of time before both of them gave in. After all, it only took them six years to confess their feelings for one another. Three knocks on the door told her that it was time for her to get moving, as they still needed to drive through Ginza… and Ginza on a Saturday night meant staying a long while in the car.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door, nodded at Sasaki Isaburou, and headed for the living room, her best friend trailing behind her. It was time to leave, as much as she didn't want to, it was her duty to stand by her brother's side tonight and play her part well. Soyo knew that at least when she gets bored later, the image of Ou Kamui playing with his nephew would be a good memory to play in her mind. That would help her look entertained, even if she was bored out of her wits from the dull conversation everyone was having.

As much as he wanted to play the apathetic person in this situation, he just couldn't. She emerged from his nephew's room two hours after she had been led in, and the transformation had surprised him. From a well-dressed young woman, she now looked classy, reminding him of the women he met during company events… and it only took a dress and a change of hairstyle to do so.

Though he kept his expression neutral, inside, he was yelling at himself for even feeling an ounce of attraction towards his sister's best friend. A sibling's best friend was off-limits, even if said sibling had been estranged for a long period of time. Add to that, he knew he was way beneath someone like her, a member of the Tokugawa clan who would, no doubt, expect her to marry someone who held the same status as she was, and not some… foreigner who had nothing except for the clothes on his back and a small piece of luggage when he first arrived in this country for his university education.

It was a doomed to fail, even before they met. That, he knew, and yet… "Soyo-sama. Shall I accompany—" He was thankful that he had been able to hear the conversation between Okita and the man called Sasaki, despite pretending to falling asleep on the couch. Kamui felt sorry that she was being pressured to attend an event that she didn't want to be in, and angry that she was going to be forced to an informal marriage meeting of sorts for appearance's sake. I have given you the whole day off, and I shall have to deal with this alone.

We've been having so many visitors lately to see the katana collection, so my uncle asked me to help out. Tokugawa Soyo, on the other hand, was from the main family.

We'll see you two weeks from now? I'll see you again soon! Hopefully, I can handle you by myself next time, so that we don't have to call your Uncle for help or something. He then took this time to focus his attention on the television, and not on her back. It was fun… even though Souichirou didn't like me. He enjoyed spending time with you, of course. It shocked everyone in the living room right now, for it took her husband several seconds to recover from her outburst before managing to speak up.

At least let us repay you. As if reading his mind, Okita Sougo chuckled. My wife has a big appetite, after all… it should follow that her brother would be the same, right? No worries, we've done our shopping. Soyo-sama gave us a heads up as well, so you should thank her as well for putting on a good word for you and for telling us to put your dinner portion for today's grocery list. She really should not have done that… but she did, and here he was, unable to come up with a coherent follow-up sentence.

He was still stunned with the fact that the Tokugawa heiress was bridging the gap between him and his sister's family, as he didn't really expect anything nice to happen today, save for the fact that he met her again.

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He made a mental note to give a nice present to his nephew the next time he would visit, whenever that would be. Kamui had resigned himself to never seeing her again… but maybe just this once, he would have to break his promise and thank her for somehow easing the tension between him and his sister's family. While he was not rich, he had been taught since childhood that debts should be repaid, and with haste, if it was humanly possible.

Just this once, he would thank her, then stay away from her. If he had to bury his feelings this time around, so be it. He had his chance years back in that bar in Shinjuku… and he knew better than to act upon those feelings again. Tokugawa Soyo was not for him, and she to him.

kamui and kagura relationship problems

It would never work out between them. This is an allusion to American Commodore Matthew C. Perry, who forced open the gates of an isolated Japan in The samurai lost, leading to the Amanto co-existing with the humans on Earth. Gintoki lost his metal sword due to the new ban on blades, being forced to take up a wooden one he bought on a field trip to Lake Toya instead.

On the other hand, Kagura is one of those Amanto that decided to come to Earth, finding the planet more prosperous than her own planet. At first, their relationship is nothing special. Kagura, who has no home, lives at the office with Gintoki though her bed is in the closet. Everything is fairly normal. Like any normal person, Gintoki wanted this monstrosity of nature out of his house, much to the despair of his roommate. It seemed like the perfect chance to get rid of the dog when the animal-loving alien Prince Hata tried to kidnap him to put him in his menagerie.

Let me just say this first: