Jane grey and guilford dudley relationship help

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jane grey and guilford dudley relationship help

Read the story of Lady Jane Grey who was the titular queen of Grey arranged for the marriage of two of his daughters to scions of two other prominent families. In a triple wedding in , Jane married Lord Guildford Dudley, the son It didn 't help her cause when Jane condemned Mary's reintroduction. There is nothing in the MIA portrait to support a conclusion that she is “obviously No, there is no evidence of the negotiations for Jane's marriage to Guildford. that the movie very incorrectly portrays Jane and Guilford Dudley's relationship. Jane Grey and Guildford Dudley Married Jane's fall from grace also put pressure on her sister Katherine's marriage to Henry Herbert. Henry's.

Afterwards I commanded to be called the Earl of Arundel, and the Earl of Pembroke, and I told them, that, when the crown came to me, it was resolved by me not to wish to make my husband King, nor ever to consent to it: The which being related to his mother, she angered herself with me in every way, and persuaded her son, that he should not sleep with me anymore: Thus I knowing, that the following morning by order of the mother he had to go to Syon, I was forced, as lady, and loving of my husband, to send to the Earl of Arundel, and the Earl of Pembroke, that they should work [it] so that he should come to me, which they did.

jane grey and guilford dudley relationship help

And so I was deceived by the Duke, and by the Council, and ill treated by my husband, and by his mother. For Jane, the married status was a serious matter and no row could change this. That it was more than mere decorum became clear on 19 July, the last day of her reign, when she stood godmother to the six-day-old son of one of the Tower guards: Jane wished that the baby be christened Guildford.

It seems unlikely that they would have been allowed visits to each other, but during the final months of their captivity they could have met while taking the air in the Tower gardens, and in any case there would have been some eyecontact.

To-day three sons of the Duke of Northumberland, Jane of Suffolk and the Bishop of Canterbury were taken to the hall at Cheapside, and were there condemned to death.

Lady Jane Grey and Guildford Dudley

When execution is to take place is uncertain, for though the Queen is truly irritated against the Duke of Suffolk, it is believed that Jane will not die. His efforts at raising an army having failed miserably, Henry Grey arrived in the Tower as a prisoner on 10 Februarytwo days before Jane and Guildford were scheduled to die. Both wrote short messages to the duke in a prayerbook, in the hope that it would ultimately reach him: Came the day of her death, and that of the husband, he, that was the first that should die, desiring to give her the last kisses, and the last embrace, asked her, that she might be contented, that he might go to see her.

The first mention of a potential marriage between the pair had been in late Apriland it seems likely that it had been decided upon only slightly before this. Edward however, was gravely ill, and it was clear that his days were numbered.

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The Duchess, however, was not so easily convinced. Jane was to marry Guildford Dudley. By 28th April the young couple were betrothed, and it was expected that the marriage ceremony would speedily follow. She was utterly appalled, and it is not difficult to understand why.

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Jane had always been acutely conscious of her own royal status, and would doubtless have been primed to expect a marriage of the utmost prestige as her parents had expected to make for her.

The fact that such a groom had been substituted with the younger son of a duke — and one whose bloodline was tainted by executed traitors — cannot have been an appealing prospect. It is unlikely that Jane and Guildford knew one another well prior to their marriage, and there was certainly not any time for this to change: Despite her personal feelings of distaste for the marriage, Jane had no choice. She was forced to accept what she could not change, and preparations for the marriage took place with speed.

Though King Edward was by this time too ill to attend, he did give the marriage his blessing.

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The wedding was a splendid occasion, and Northumberland had given orders to the Master of the Revels to prepare several impressive entertainments. The day was only ruined by the fact that several of the guests, including Guildford, were affected by food poisoning caused by a chef selecting the wrong leaves for a hot salad dish.

jane grey and guilford dudley relationship help

It may have been a security measure, so that if the events planned in the future did not go to plan the marriage could be easily annulled on the grounds of non-consummation.

Before long Jane had been installed with her husband at Durham Place, the venue for their wedding.

jane grey and guilford dudley relationship help

It was at this time that her relationship with Guildford as man and wife began, and the marriage was finally consummated. During these first days of their marriage, there is no indication as to how harmoniously the couple lived together. No reference is made in contemporary accounts, but it seems unlikely that they formed a close relationship. What is certain is that following the death of Edward VI on 6th July, Guildford was with his wife when Northumberland informed her that Edward had named her as his heir in his final will.

She had not asked for it, and she was alarmed to receive it, but she was more concerned by the words of the Lord Treasurer; he assured her that another would be made to crown her husband. Though she said nothing at that time, that evening her feelings came spilling out.

Alone with Guildford, Jane made it perfectly clear that she had no intention of allowing him to become king. In this his ambitious father may have primed him, but whatever the reasoning, he was to be sorely disappointed. It was a crushing blow to Guildford, and he listened as his wife informed him that she would concede to make him a duke, but nothing more unless she was petitioned by Parliament.

Jane, however, put her foot down, and sent orders to prevent Guildford from leaving. Much to his annoyance, Guildford was forced to obey.

jane grey and guilford dudley relationship help

Jane, however, had a mind of her own, and she was nothing if not stubborn. She was determined to assert her authority, and it is clear that she was not prepared to bow down to the demands of others — even those of her husband. Prisoners in the Tower As the struggle for the throne ensued over the course of the following days, no mention is made of what passed between Jane and Guildford. It was undoubtedly a fraught time, and under such circumstances it seems unlikely that their relationship improved.

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Nevertheless, on the morning of 19th July Jane gave permission for the son of Edward Underhill, a Tower warder, to be christened Guildford in honour of her husband. This may have been no more than a polite gesture, and should certainly not be taken as a sign of affection towards Guildford. As those around her fled the scene, Jane and Guildford were left almost alone.