Ireland and india relationship

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ireland and india relationship

Tagore and Yeats: India-Ireland relationship goes beyond the political. 26 October – Professor Sirshendu Majumdar joins the Trinity Long Room Hub as a. Brief of India-Ireland Bilateral Relations. India-Ireland interactions go back to the nineteenth century, when a significant number of Irishmen. The foreign relations of Ireland are substantially influenced by its membership of the European Ireland is represented in Nepal through its embassy in New Delhi (India) and an honorary consulate in Kathmandu. Nepal is represented in.

Formal diplomatic links between India and Ireland were established in India opened an Embassy in Dublin in New Honorary Consulates have been established in Chennai and Kolkata in In Irish Government announced opening of a regular Consulate in Mumbai and permission has been accorded for the same.

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The people to people relations between the two countries were further strengthened after the crash of an Air India aircraft — Kanishka — off the southwestern coast of Ireland on June 23, in a terrorist bombing. A commemorative stone plaque was installed at the village of Ahakista which lies near the site of the crash and annual commemoration ceremony is organized by locals there.

Minister of State for External Affairs, Dr. Sincean Irish Minister has visited India on St. Pat Breen led a Trade delegation to India on 20 November Brendan Howlin in March The balance of trade is in favor of India.

Main Items imported from India were Machinery and mechanical appliances, telecommunications equipment, computer accessories, precision equipment and pharmaceuticals. Of late, Ireland is becoming a significant destination for Indian students seeking higher education, particularly post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students in the areas of engineering, technology, medicine, and management.

ireland and india relationship

The Liffey River and the metal bridge in Dublin, circa ] Photos of international conferences with delegates from different countries identified by the national flags in front of them can be confusing. Those are the Irish delegates. Flag colours and alphabetical placement are just some of the coincidental connections between Ireland and India.

There is Pallonji Mistry who, as an Irish citizen, is one of the richest men in both countries. The tragic Savita Halappanavar case which exposed the failures of Irish abortion policy is another.

And now the candidacy of Leo Varadkarwho is half-Indian, for Taoiseach prime ministercould give another link between Ireland and India.

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Dig deeper and more meaningful connections can be made. They come through Britain which exploited both to build its empire. Ireland was not a colony like India, but its legislature was subordinate to the British Parliament and its Catholic majority was denied many rights.

ireland and india relationship

A key figure was Lord Cornwallis, governor-general in Indiawhose Permanent Settlement disempowered Indian tenants in favour of zamindars, just as Ireland saw disempowerment of Catholic Irish tenants in favour of Protestant landowners.

Cornwallis later became lord-lieutenant of Ireland where he oversaw the union of Ireland and Britain inwhich merged their parliaments and ended even the nominal independence Ireland had enjoyed. Khan noted that Indians did not have to spend on heating and had cheaper food.

ireland and india relationship

Yet British administrators like Charles Trevelyan insisted on continuing grain export and limited attempts to provide famine relief. India would also witness similar famines, similarly driven by British obduracy.

India–Ireland relations

Trevelyan had served in India before Ireland, and after the Irish Famine he returned, first as governor of Madras and then Indian finance member minister. His policies towards Indians were more benevolent than to the Irish, showing perhaps he had learned from the Famine.

Another consequence might be that the British never promoted potatoes in India as they had in Ireland. Our per capita consumption is still relatively low and we eat them as a vegetable, not a starchy staple, as the Irish had.

ireland and india relationship

During the Famine, the first public funds for relief came from Irish soldiers and clerks employed by the East India Company in Calcutta. The fact that so many Irish were working in India indicates how Ireland had become a source of labour to run the Empire.

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It also channelled away rebellious energies. Survey of Two Countries In a fascinating essay, Barry Crosbie notes how Irish educational institutions started preparing students for this purpose: Crosbie notes how Irish influence was particularly strong in the Great Trignometrical Survey, the massive project undertaken by the British in to map the subcontinent.

ireland and india relationship

Around the same time, the Ordnance Survey of Ireland was taking place, instituted after the Union ofto make land tax collection and military control more efficient. The skills developed by the Irish survey were used by the Indian one, with Sir George Everest, the head of the Indian survey the mountain is named after himvisiting Ireland and soliciting their up-to-date instruments.

The Survey had huge importance, giving Indians and the British a sense of the scale, shape and contours of the country. Donkey carts used to be common in Ireland in early 20th century It appeared in literature when Rudyard Kipling made Kim, in his famous novel, an employee of the Survey, perfect cover for his activities as a British spy.