If there be thorns book chris and cathy relationship

If There Be Thorns (Dollanganger, #3) by V.C. Andrews

if there be thorns book chris and cathy relationship

Christopher and Cathy have made a loving home for their handsome and talented This item:If There Be Thorns (Dollanganger) by V.C. Andrews Mass Market .. their "sinful relationship" in every other chapter, 3 out of 5 books it's that way!. Controversial couple Chris and Cathy survived Flowers in the Attic and Petals If There Be Thorns follows the book it's based on pretty closely. fact that Chris and Cathy are in an incestuous marriage that they've kept secret. Lifetime's "If There Be Thorns" made some changes from V.C. Andrews' In the book, Cathy and Christopher tried to hide their relationship.

There is one big difference though when she removes the veil.

if there be thorns book chris and cathy relationship

Instead, she got Bart the dog. He loved the dog until he was hospitalized after getting an infection. When he got out of the hospital, he fully expected to find the dog dead. Instead he discovered that someone had been feeding it. Bart punished the dog and took away its food, water and bed of hay. When Jory went to check on Apple, he found the dog had been impaled with a pitchfork.

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The dog was beloved by Jory, and ended up dead after almost biting Bart. In the book, Cathy and Christopher tried to hide their relationship. In the book, Bart pulls a knife on Cathy and Cindy. He attacks his mom and adopted sister, but Cathy manages to knock the knife out of his hand.

She locks him in his bedroom, and Bart threatens to burn the house down.

if there be thorns book chris and cathy relationship

Fortunately someone stole the lighter and matches that he had hidden in his room. Cathy becomes pregnant with Bart's child and crashes her mother's Christmas party at Foxworth Hall, revealing her identity. At first, Bart doesn't believe her but Cathy pressures her mother to confess.

Chris comes to fetch Cathy and Corrine, in the middle of a breakdown, thinks Chris her late husband, and that Cathy is twelve years old, and has snuck out of the attic, and Corrine sets the mansion on fire. Bart and Olivia die in the fire. However, Paul dies three years later and Cathy decides to return to Chris' side and live with him as his wife, realizing how much she truly loved him. They move to California to start a new life together with the boys.

However, Cathy secretly wonders what will happen to her sons if their secret relationship is discovered. Chris is the younger brother of Paul and not Cathy's older brother. Cathy and Chris have a passionate and very sexual relationship, described by Jory who has witnessed encounters accidentally, even though they fight and make up with affection. Cathy is a loving mother to her sons, but shows favoritism in Jory for his brilliant talent in dancing and looks at Bart with shadowy eyes.

Cathy is still haunted by her times in the attic and of her grandmother coming up to punish her.

if there be thorns book chris and cathy relationship

Nevertheless, she adopts Cindy, the daughter of a student of hers who died in a car accident, and shows deep affection for her because of her resemblance to Carrie. It is Cathy's affection for Cindy and favoritism for Jory that makes Bart feel neglected, and he turns to the old woman who lives next door. The old woman is Corrine, who is desperate for the forgiveness of her children. Corrine keeps her identity secret from Chris and Cathy, but reveals her identity to Bart, who revels in her affection.

Corrine also reveals her identity to Jory, but unlike Bart, he doesn't believe her, and avoids her all costs. Cathy loses her ability to dance after an accident and begins a career as a writer.


Along with Chris and Jory, Cathy notices that Bart is becoming a violent and emotionally disturbed young boy and finds out that her mother is living next door to her. She attacks her mother, blaming her for Bart's change and all the bad things that have happened.

if there be thorns book chris and cathy relationship

She is locked in the cellar with her mother by John Amos and is saved by her mother when her house catches on fire, and Corrine dies saving Cathy. Cathy forgives her mother but she continues to be haunted by her memories in the attic.

However, life in the mansion is again rocky. She still has a difficult relationship with Bart, who is bitter and jealous. Jory suffers an injury that leaves him paralyzed and unable to dance; Bart seduces Jory's wife and she divorces Jory after they have twins named Darren and Deidre.

If There Be Thorns

Joel, Cathy's long-lost uncle who was thought to be dead, is always lurking around Bart and feeding him false beliefs of God and punishment, which disturbs Cathy to her core. She uses Bart as her pawn, he the insecure one in the family. But it's the actions of a bystander who wants to continue with the fire and brimstone beliefs of Corrine's now deceased mother, the religiously fanatical Olivia Foxworth, that may not only bring the house of cards down but kill many under its weight with Bart's help.

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Following "Petals in the wind" Cathy and Christopher have been left with Cathy's 2 sons from different fathers. Their life as a family is perfectly happy, until Cathy and Christopher's mother, Corrine, moves in next door in attempt to patch up their relationship.

But, when Cathy's youngest son, Bart, encounters Corrine, the familys secrets come out. Bart learns that his parents are siblings and he learns about his great grandfather Malcolm. This leads bart on a trail of psycopathic outbursts and he is never the same again.