Heero and duo relationship tips

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heero and duo relationship tips

Heero had warned him that Duo would probably be pretty negative from the get- go. That connection would stop Duo from kicking Wufei out the door perfunctorily. . a soldier to the tip of his deadly fingers, but he was crap at undercover work. The tip of the penis, scientifically known as the glans. a yaoi fanfic or artwork containing a relationship between the Gundam Wing characters Heero and Duo. Heero let out a low chuckle and closed his eyes as Duo planted a soft kiss on .. Duo was also on the verge of climax, Heero brushed his thumb over the tip of.

However it didn't take a genius to know that Duo's hand had gone to cup Heero's butt. The blonde blushed as he realized the black flying object just before was Heero's spandex. Having an ex-pickpocket as a lover had some advantages, especially in activities that needed stealth and hand flexibility.

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Quatre doubted Trowa could get rid of his khaki pants as fast as Duo did to Heero's spandex. The Japanese boy suddenly jerked up and broke the kiss. Blushing, Quatre guessed it had something to do with what Duo's hand was doing below, probably a finger had crept inside Heero Quatre bet his Trowa-plushie that it was Duo's second finger making its way into the Japanese boy.

Heero and Duo: Disarming

The Japanese boy was writhing in pleasure right now and Quatre noticed Duo's hand that had been on Heero's waist before was now sneaking beneath Heero's tank top. From the indentation the cloth made against the hand, Quatre could guess that the hand was teasing Heero's nipple. The blonde glanced upward to study Heero's expression and saw his Prussian blue eyes were clouded with passion.

heero and duo relationship tips

It looked like Heero had forgotten that Quatre was in the same room as him. Suddenly the blonde saw Heero's eyes widen and his mouth opened, eliciting loud gasp.

Quatre swallowed at the erotic scene before him. His wide eyes almost missed Duo's hand leaving Heero's nipples which were now hard, judging from twin little nubs that stuck up from the green tank top.

The straying hand went lower and Quatre caught himself a second from rising up to see what the hell was going on beneath the table. He didn't need to do that though, because a few seconds later, both of Duo's hands came up and grabbed Heero's waist.

Heero's blue eyes opened wide and his mouth elicited a loud yell which Quatre translated as the pure pleasure of being penetrated to the hilt by Duo.

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It looked like Duo was quite big that Heero lost his breath at the impalement. However Trowa must have been bigger, Quatre quipped inwardly. The blonde thought Duo would keep on like a train once he had Heero sheathed around him. To his surprise, the braided boy sat still, hands firmly on Heero's waist.

He tried to lift himself up but Duo's hands on his waist held him still. Heero glared down at his American lover. Quatre was amused but not surprised when Duo didn't seem to be affected with them. Sneaky Shinigami was glare-proof, especially when it came from the so called Perfect Soldier. It even might work as a turn on for Duo.

Not just say 'move'. What if I move you like this. Heero gasped loudly as he was empty suddenly. I still remembered that you asked me to lift you up. He swallowed as if organizing his words then spoke out. When you feel your tip is about to come out, push me back down with the same speed I requested.

Repeat this when you have gone till the hilt inside me. Hearing the activity on the other side of the door, Heero poised himself just inside the entrance, swallowing nervously as he watched the knob turning in a counterclockwise motion He could see Duo's hand on the rounded metal knob and watched with a smile as he bent to pick up his bag, unaware of Heero's eyes upon him.

Entering and closing the door behind him, Duo turned to find the object of desire standing in the center of the room. Arms filled with his smiling lover, Heero squeezed him tightly and nestled his head in the crook of Duo's neck, breathing deeply to inhale his long absent scent.

It was perhaps the most intense kiss they had shared, both young men equally aggressive as their tongues sparred and explored each others mouths. Four hands revealed their longing as they roamed over each other bodies, touching everything within their grasp. Pressed firmly together with hardness against hardness, they rocked their hips against one another, further igniting the fires within.

Duo stepped back breathless several minutes later.

Heero blushed slightly and moved across the room to gather Duo's overnight bag. Taking the bag from Heero's hand and dropping on the floor, Duo assaulted his open mouth as his hands reached behind Heero to grasp at his bottom, grinding himself into him.

Closing his eyes as he let out a low moan, Heero reached between them and unfastened Duo's jeans with one hand while the other delved inside to wrap a fist around his arousal, squeezing it gently. Tugging at the waistband, he slid the fabric down over his lovers legs, holding them still as he stepped out of them.

Returning just seconds later with a white tube in hand, Heero took Duo by the hand, seating him on the edge of the sofa. Reaching his hand up to brush his entrance, Heero watched as Duo spread his legs further apart for him and shifted to the edge of the sofa to allow him complete access.

Rising to his knees, Heero pressed his chest against Duo's and looked into his eyes as he slid one finger into his opening. Recapturing his mouth in a deep kiss as he pushed a second finger inside, Heero began working them in and out as Duo shifted his hips to take them further inside.

Sliding the digits out, Heero stood and removed his jeans and stepped out of them before seating himself on the couch. Duo watched as Heero covered his straining arousal with the slick gel, spreading his legs wide as he looked over at him.

Climbing up onto Heero's lap, Duo positioned himself over Heero's cock, holding onto the base firmly as he slowly lowered himself down onto it. His entrance stretched taut as the wide ridge of its head slipped past the tight barrier, gasping as inch by inch of Heero's thick length filled him. Cobalt eyes stared in awe as his violet-eyed lover took him in, the pleasure of the act sweeping across each of his features.

heero and duo relationship tips

Heero's hands reached around him, each one opening wide to cup his lovers tight bottom. Holding each globe firmly, he slid himself to the edge of the couch and spread Duo's cheeks apart, thrusting up at the same time. Two loud gasps accompanied the movement and Heero repeated it, Duo thrusting himself downward simultaneously. Heero hissed and firmly grasped Duo's waist, rocking his hips up. The added leverage gave Duo more power to his downward lunge, sending Heero's cock deep within him. Duo, you feel so good.

Sensing Duo was also on the verge of climax, Heero brushed his thumb over the tip of Duo's cock and wrapped his fist around the thick shaft, squeezing in tightly. Moaning in response to the words and touch, Duo looked down at Heero with eyelids heavy in pleasure.

Heero's cock began to throb and twitch within the sublime warmth and he let loose a loud cry as he climaxed, filling Duo with his essence. His hand continued coaxing the milky slickness from him, drawing more moans and whimpers of surrender from both of them. Letting his fingertips move lightly up and down the length of Duo's spine, Heero moaned and lifted Duo up to look at him. I'm going to work for while. While it was only 6: Focusing his attention back on the screen in front of him, Heero sighed and began compiling his latest script.

He watched Duo sleep on and off over the next few hours as several of the tasks he was currently working on required little input from him. The time passed quickly as he threw himself into the job, only the low rumbling in his stomach causing him to take note of the late hour. Making his way into the kitchen, he pulled the menu for the local Chinese Restaurant out of the drawer and dialed. Uncertain as to Duo's likes and dislikes as far as this particular cuisine was concerned, Heero ordered 6 different dishes; figuring the two would finish the leftovers sometime during the weekend.

Duo nodded and stepped into the stall. Heero shook his head and took Duo's hand, guiding him under the spray with him.

Pulling him closer, Duo shifted his hips to rub his erection against Heero's as his hand moved downward to tease his entrance. Answering with only a nod, he watched Duo step out of the shower, moaning out loud at the view as he bent over to reach inside the cabinet. Pushing back on the single intruder, Heero moaned and pulled back from the kiss, "More Heero's body offered little resistance as Duo stretched him, easily welcoming the third probing digit as he squirmed in Duo's arms.

Duo moaned as he covered his arousal with lube, shivering under his own touch. Scooting back until his calves were next to Duo's, Heero rose and continued moving backward until he was pressed tight against Duo's chest, leaving his straining cock poised just inches from his eager entrance.

Reaching between them, Duo teased Heero's opening with blunt tip of his arousal, nudging it with a slight upward thrust of his hips. I don't want to hurt you. Biting down on his lower lip as his opening stretched wide to accept Duo's thickness, Heero groaned aloud, thrusting himself down to take the rest of his length inside. Reclining back onto Duo's chest, Heero laid his head on the shoulder behind him, breathing heavy as fingers found their way up to his chest to tease and pinch his nipples.

Laying one hand on each of his thighs, Heero bent forward and lifted himself up, letting Duo nearly slip from within him before slowly lowering himself back down. Heero moaned as Duo grasped his hips tightly to guide his movements, increasing the pace and power of his motions. I want to see you come. With one hand gripping each side of the porcelain tub, Heero commenced his movements, Duo snapping his hips upward with each of his downward thrusts.

He could feel his muscles clenching around Duo's cock as he ejaculated, crying out in sheer ecstasy with the first stream of his release. Heero's wordless scream was the final straw and Duo let out his own cry, thrusting upward to seal himself against his lover's trembling form.

His cock twitched inside the incredibly tight passage as he attained climax and he released his passion deep inside of Heero with a feral scream. Duo nodded and entered the kitchen to set the table for dinner. Duo volunteered to clear the table and put the leftover food away, allowing Heero more time to work. Seating himself on the couch with a book after he had finished the tasks, he turned to see Heero working diligently over his laptop.