Hanna and mona relationship

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hanna and mona relationship

There are so many strong and interesting friendships on Pretty Little Liars, but the relationship that Hanna and Mona share is one of the most. Hanna Olivia Rivers (née Marin) is a fictional character created by Sara Shepard for the Pretty Hanna and Mona Vanderwaal, a girl that Hanna and her friends used to make fun of for being dorky, decided to Hanna's relationship with Sean started before the first episode because she thought he was the love of her life. Hanna and Caleb's relationship got deeper and deeper and the issue He was dedicated to Hanna, hated Mona and Alison for what they did.

Hanna and Caleb had been one of the most central couples of the whole show, and fans were shocked when they broke up during the timeskip. Compounding the drama was Caleb's new relationship with Spencer-- the only time in the series two of the Liars went for the same person. This couple may not have lasted, but it gave the last season just the kick it needed.

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Ella Montgomery fell into this trap when she went out with Zack, and later became engaged. Zack is soon written out of the show after that, which makes it seem like the whole point of his character was to complicate Aria's mom's dating life by being a creep. Aside from just being gross, this also felt useless to the show overall.

Played by Tammin Sursok, Jenna radiated an aggressively selfish, vindictive energy that most normal characters on the show just tried to avoid. One who didn't succeed was Toby Cavanaugh. Toby was Jenna's stepbrother, and thus forced to spend time with her. This ended up being severely unpleasant, as Jenna coerced him into a relationship with her by saying she'd claim he forced himself on her if he didn't cooperate.

hanna and mona relationship

Caleb and Hanna had been one of the primary relationships throughout the entire series, beloved by fans of the characters. While their romance may have hit some bumps in the road ill-planned spinoffs, certain friends named Spencerfans always expected Hanna and Caleb to figure it out in the end. It just wouldn't have made sense for the two to end up with anyone else, and having to work through some problems along the way only added to the final triumph.

Why, finding out that he also had a thing with her friend of the same age.

Where Hanna and Caleb’s Relationship Failed Me

Let us know in the comments! Mona tries asking Hanna what is wrong and why she is taking Sean's car, but Hanna never even responds, instead driving off with the car.

hanna and mona relationship

In There's No Place Like HomecomingMona sits down to talk with the four girls, while insulting Spencer's date, which is the opposite of what Spencer wants people to think of Alex. At Homecoming, Mona and Hanna talk as they insult what other girls look like. Mona and Hanna get into a heated argument when Mona makes nasty comments to Lucas, who has come to photograph the dance for the yearbook.

Hanna greets him warmly, but Mona shoos him away. After he leaves, the two argue over whether popularity is more important than befriending nerds, in which Mona warns Hanna that she will not go back to being a loser and will lose her friendship with Hanna if it comes to it.

Mona continues to make fun of Lucas until Hanna tells her she knows Mona's new handbag was purchased on eBay. Mona pretends she bought it as "a goof. Lucas later thanks Hanna for talking to Mona, as she no longer taunted him after Hanna said something. In the episode " Keep Your Friends Close ," Mona is throwing a birthday party for herself, which she calls "Camp Mona" and gives select invites to her friends, including Hanna and the rest of the Liars, as they are her BFF's friends.

The rest of the Liars aren't interested, though Hanna tries to persuade them to come and that Mona has redeeming qualities, but they do not change their minds. This changes, though, when " A " tells the Liars that information will be revealed at Mona's birthday party. Mona breaks off their friendship due to anger, going as far as Mona publicly disses Hanna to dis-invite Hanna from her birthday party.

She also dis-invites her because Hanna refused to ditch school with Mona, despite Hanna's mother giving Hanna plenty of cash to spend on Mona. Camp Mona turns out to be an over-the-top bash, complete with massage deck, food tents, makeshift hair parlor, and matching T-shirts for all attendees. Her gift table is piled high with presents. In " Moments Later ," when Hanna is hospitalized due to her run in with "A" at the end of the party, Mona visits her in the hospital and apologized, realizing that she was mad at Hanna for a stupid reason.

Hanna gladly accepts her apology and they become BFFs once again. While visiting Hanna, Mona told Hanna the reason she chose her to be her best friend. At a party, chubby Hanna vomited while on the trampoline.

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When she realized everyone was laughing at her she bowed, no longer affected by peoples remarks. Alison thinking she was pregnant during her summer in Cape May. Ashley running over Wilden. Spencer joining the A-Team. Wilden being one of the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween Train. Melissa being another one. Wilden setting fire to the Thornhill Lodge. Spencer getting rejected from UPenn. Mona confessing to murdering Wilden. Malcolm NOT being Ezra's son.

hanna and mona relationship

Mike and Mona's relationship. Ezra and Alison's relationship. Ezra's novel about Alison. Ezra knowing who Aria was all along. Jessica thinking that Spencer had something to do with Alison's death.

Grunwald's rescuing of Alison. Alison drugging the girls the night she disappeared. Alison having the N. Jessica DiLaurentis being the one who buried Alison.

Shana wanting to kill Alison as revenge for what she did to Jenna. The dead girl being Bethany Young. Bethany and Jessica's connection. Alison paying Cyrus to pretend he had kidnapped her. Zack making a move on Hanna. Melissa thinking that Spencer had killed Alison. Melissa burying Bethany thinking she was Alison in order to protect Spencer.

Peter knowing what Melissa did. Jessica's affair with Bethany's father. Jessica's affair with Peter. Spencer and Caleb hiding evidence of Mona's "death". Jason and Ashley's relationship.

Spencer visiting Alison in jail.