Greys anatomy season 11 episode 6 meredith and derek relationship

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greys anatomy season 11 episode 6 meredith and derek relationship

April 30, am PT by Lesley Goldberg Season 11 of ABC's Grey's Anatomy may go down as the Shonda Rhimes medical The season opened on a downer, with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and company getting used Ahead of Derek's funeral on this Thursday's episode, here are 11 ways Grey's. The number in the "No. overall" column refers to the episode's number within Jo becomes jealous after Meredith and Alex's relationship becomes After fighting over Meredith's decision, Derek tells Meredith that he chooses and Dr. Herman wants to teach her a year of medicine in six months. Derek desperately tries to organize a dinner binding together Meredith's complicated family but is fought Grey's Anatomy (–) Season 11 | Episode 6.

Yeah, I kind of didn't want to hear that. I don't know who I am anymore. Not anybody I ever thought I'd be. I try and make the right choices for Meredith, the kids, you.

greys anatomy season 11 episode 6 meredith and derek relationship

I'm angry all the time. I'm miserable, and I don't know what to do with it. All I do is hurt people. The last people I want to hurt, and I just I just can't get control of it.

I don't know what to do anymore. I know how you feel. We call it rock bottom. It's even harder to ask for them. A chance to do it again, knowing what you know now, what you've learned. A chance to do it completely differently. A chance to right our wrongs, to try and correct our mistakes.

A chance to try and start over, from scratch. We're in one place, then another, and it all feels like one long, inescapable moment. Look, I told you it's your house, too. Yeah, apparently, you say that to all the girls. Listen, that house was always open. Even when Mer hated me, I could be there.

People went through their crap, they needed a place to be, they came there. You should understand that more than anybody. And as long as I'm the It stays open, all right? You in my bed and Meredith in my bed are two really different things. Why don't you trust me? For God's sake, Meredith, of course I trust you. Why did you call Richard today, for a second opinion? If that had been any other surgeon, Dr.

Bailey, would you have done it? It was a surgical consult. It doesn't matter whether it's a surgical consult or a code. You don't trust me and all you wanna do is fight me. I don't wanna fight with you but I'm not gonna compromise myself, Meredith, just because you think that Well, you've already done that, you've already compromised yourself and diminished yourself for me.

I feel that, your pissiness, and your resentment, Derek. You know why I resent you? Because you've never had my back on this! Not since the day I told you I would stay. I told you that you and the kids were more important. You have been determined to prove me wrong, that this is the wrong choice. I have proven it, because you can't be happy here.

You diminish everyone around you! I did this for you! I gave up everything! You gave up "everything". That was everything to you? I'm not gonna do this anymore, this constant battling. I'm not battling, but I'm just not gonna let you just You think I'm some sort of tyrant determined to keep you down.

You keep you down, and now I'm paying for it! And I don't know how to fix it. You should've just gone to D. Is that what you want? Because that door is wide open! It's what you want! Meredith, they offered me the job again.

I can take this job right now. Glad I could catch you. It was great that you came by today. Please tell the President that I would be thrilled to accept the post. Yes, absolutely, we can talk more then. I look forward to it. I will see you soon. He hangs up the phone. No, I mean it.

We are in one place So, what does it mean? What do we take away? Which pieces will haunt us? It's just like my mother used to say, the carousel never stops turning. You can't get off. From the first second the brain receives the signal that a catastrophe has happened, the blood rushes to the organs that need help the most.

greys anatomy season 11 episode 6 meredith and derek relationship

Blood floods into the muscles, the lungs, the heart, the brain. The brain makes a decision for the rest of the body.

Either face the danger or run away. It's a mechanism designed to protect the body from harm. From knowing that what has happened might be irreparable, we call it 'shock'.

Have you talked to Cristina? I presume you guys talk all the time, especially now. Yeah, we usually get on the phone Friday nights for me, Saturday mornings for her, pour drinks, settle in. You gonna call her today? Yeah, I've missed the Well, before she left, she said something about Derek and I, and And I don't want her to be right. Robbins, you don't ever walk out of an OR In the middle of a procedure, ever. You have a shot! You have a chance! And it may be small and it may be risky, but it's a chance.

A chance that my friends would give anything to have, and you're ignoring it. The shock response had protected us, and it just might have saved us. The hermit felt more lonely when he was out in the world than he ever felt in the woods by himself. Surrounded by people but drowning in solitude. Yeah, I saw that.

Well, Cristina would've responded. That's not how it works. Not if she was doing what I was doing. If the text is urgent, Cristina would say to Owen, "pause," and I would say to Derek, "pause," then we'd text each other back.

In the middle of sex? If the the text is urgent.

greys anatomy season 11 episode 6 meredith and derek relationship

The fact you are checking a text while you're doing it is already sad. We had a special ringtone. Hey, you want a special ringtone? Wait, this pause thing Like, your legs are in the air and you're screaming and No, I don't pause.

She fast-forwards and she rewinds, but she doesn't pause. I am standing here, listening to you tell me that God only gives me one choice, and you telling me that I should forgo God's choice. And the truth is, I don't know anything expect that I am scared and sad and I'm alone. You're both just standing there, yelling at each other and talking at me, but I am alone, and it is terrifying!

And the louder you get, the more terrified I become, so I just need you both to just shut up! Can you do that? Can you please both just shut up?!

He's gone, and I know he's gone. And the bed feels lonely.

It's like I don't know how to sleep alone. I mean, before three months ago, any time I called your house or came over or skyped or whatever, Cristina was there. There's no way you ever slept alone. I mean, you had Derek. And if you didn't have Derek, you had Cristina. I'm guessing if it came down to it, you were, like, the middle spoon in the middle of a very weird spooning situation. I've never met a less alone person than you u I have to learn to sleep alone.

And he sometimes talks in his sleep. Like flames shootin' out of him. He's lucky I love him. And he's a resident and hardly home at night. Or he'd be dead. I miss sleeping with a man in my bed. You know, facing away from each other, barely touching expect for just the arm thrown over your waist. When I'd wake up at night, terrified of I cannot sleep with someone lying next to me.

My one serious guy? Dean just loved to spoon and snuggle, and I would just lie there, staring up silently, counting the seconds until he would fall asleep and I could sneak off to sleep on the sofa. And then I'd sneak back into bed before he woke up in the morning.

Yeah, people think that's a cute story. It's not a cute story. That sofa was hard as a rock. Dean is a really sweet guy. He's tall and kind. So when he proposed, I explained to him about the sleeping. I said, "you know, maybe you could sleep in a room down the hall.

Well, he is now married to someone who loves to spoon and snuggle. And I sleep like a baby every night. I might be too good at being alone. Maybe I could print a Derek.

She was really pretty. With the nice transducers. You gotta start sometime. Owen, the last woman that I kissed in that bar, I ended up marrying.

Well, maybe just take the next one home then. Hey, you're not ready either. You know, I can't even imagine it. Sure, you know, I've gone out and had one-night stands before. I pulled that icicle out of her chest. Hell, I bathed her when she couldn't bathe herself. I can't imagine belonging to anyone like that again. Have we used up all our happy? You ever afraid of that, that this is all there is now? It's like I had a certain amount of happy that was supposed to last my whole life, and I've used it all up.

Do you think that's true? God, I hope not. Most might find his existence sad but the hermit knew something we didn't. The one you can count on and lean on and depend on. It has to be you and once you figure that out, being alone becomes a choice. We say it to the patients's family. We say, 'I'm sorry for your loss. It doesn't begin to cover what's actually happening to them. It lets us empathize without forcing us to feel their devastation ourselves. It protects us from feeling that pain, that dark, sinking, relentless pain.

The kind that can eat you alive. And every day, I thank God for that. I wished horrible things for them, Jo. Jackson left me for her, and I wished them misery and fights and breakups. I mean, I'd see them sitting together in the cafeteria, and I'd wish them food poisoning. Then I found this. You would never have wished them this. If you hadn't have found it, somebody else would have. It wouldn't have changed anything.

It's not on you. If anything, it just means that you're a good doctor. I'm gonna go make a blind man see. Hey, uh, did Yang ever watch Meredith's kids? Mer's full of crap. I don't have to babysit for her. No, no, she did. Cristina would take Zola. She'd take her home. And then when the diaper blew out, she'd hold her up to me like a bag of medical waste.

She'd eat all of Zola's snacks. And I would be the one down on the floor playing with blocks, so yes and no. What are you doing this weekend? I'd do it for Cristina, I'm not doing it for you.

If we felt even little of the joy and the hopes that our patients are saying goodbye to, we'd never be able to function. So we say, 'We're sorry for your loss. Some little bit of support. Some bit of peace. Some bit of closure. Some little piece of beauty in the midst of some place dark. An unexpected gift, just when it's needed most. The Great Pretender [ We can't just expose all our secrets to the world. That's how we get hurt. That's how we risk hurting other people. We have to decide how much we let out and keep the truth to ourselves.

Wilson just barged in and stole my shower. Edwards, does she always walk around naked? Not around the hospital, generally. It's like "residents gone wild"! Is this the attendings' lounge couch?

Herman, please stop making me be this guy. You can't just steal hospital furniture. I need this couch. This is the best couch in the building. It's firm, but soft. Would you like to try it out? I think that's, um I'm messing with you. Fear makes us hold ourselves back.

Is that so wrong? It helps to be a little sneaky, a little protective. It's not safe to just blurt out all of your secrets. We can't just lay all the truth out there. Expose ourselves to God and everybody.

Staring at the End [ Like, where do we go when we die? I mean, I know what happens physiologically speaking, but beyond that, what really happens? That's what you start asking yourself when you live on a clock. All these questions without any answers.

They drive you nuts. That's why I like what I do. No questions, just answers. Clear, precise, obvious answers. And life, beautiful, new life. Hope for the future. God, I miss that. You can talk to me. You're wound pretty tight. I just want you to know you can talk to me.

My whole career, I have been the other Dr. He's the real one. I'm the other one. Right now, this plan of mine is theoretical. But at some point, I am going to slice into Dr. Herman's brain, and I have this sick feeling that when I face that tumor, I will discover that I am not just the other Dr.

I'm the wrong Dr. Have you called your brother? What did I say about my brother? You don't need him. I was just thinking you could, just to have someone to bounce these ideas off of who understands this kind of thing the way that you do, a peer. He might have a suggestion. I do not need my brother! I am not stuck! I am figuring it out!

I am right on the edge of figuring it out, of making the breakthrough of a lifetime! I am this close! My genius is flying around this room right now, trying to find a clear path to land on me, but I can't clear the runway for landing because I can't find any quiet because some idiot resident keeps talking to me!

I didn't mean it. I'm tired, and I'm frustrated. I am so sorry. This tumor is making me crazy, Edwards. As bad as you want to get that tumor, that's as bad as I want to watch you get that tumor. You're tired and frustrated and terrified, but guess what. I don't give a damn. You're supposed to be my mentor.

You are my mentor. I believe in you, I look up to you, I want to be you. That's an enormous responsibility, so don't call me names. And stop pouting because you don't understand what to do. Be worthy of being believed in, of being looked up to. Or if you can't actually be worthy, if I am actually wasting my time, if there is nothing about you that is special or wise, for God's sake, at least have the decency to pretend that there is. Get it together, Dr. My concern was always this life. What would I do with it?

How would I make my mark? I wanted to break new ground. I wanted to leave a legacy. I wanted my life, my brain, my existence to mean something. The thing I never really thought about though, the thing I never really wrapped my brain around until now was, in order to be remembered, in order to leave something significant behind, you have to leave. You can look it up. What's harder to find, however, are stories of all the times old Double Billy K tried to pull a tumor out of a brain and lost.

The losses must have happened. A surgeon must always be prepared to lose. And in neurosurgery, with the big tumors.

meredith and derek grey's anatomy their story seasons 1-11

We lose those battles as often as we succeed. The key, though, win or lose, is to never fail. And the only way to fail is not to fight. So you fight until you can't fight anymore. Hold up your head and enter the arena and face the enemy. Fight until you can't fight anymore. Fight the good fight. Even when it seems inevitable that you're about to go down swinging. Stop it right now! I am not Dr. Robbins and I am the fetal surgeon here. And I have chosen to do this procedure and there was a point at which you could no longer be on board, but that point is long gone.

I'm in the middle of a woman's uterus and any slip I might make could result in catastrophic blood loss. And if I slip, it will be because you were screaming in my ear and not because I don't know what I'm doing.

You either need to get on board and shut up or you need to get the hell out. What do you need? I thought I could help, maybe be a sounding board. We could work through whatever it is you're stuck on. Kill the intercom, please. Webber, step over here, please. Edwards, would you mind taking a step back? I need you to call my brother, tell him he needs to get on a plane.

He's in DC, so if he goes now, he can be here in what, six hours, seven? I'm not sure that's the best idea. I am in over my head. I made a mistake. I took on an impossible task and my hubris is going to kill her. Get him on the phone. Get him on a plane.

You have it in your head that he's better than you, but it isn't true. I've seen him standing exactly where you are now, staring at an impossible spinal tumor, terrified, unsure where to go next. I know that tumor. They've got it hanging on their bedroom wall. Not the actual tumor. He found a way. Which is why I need him here. Shepherd, I can tell you right now what would happen if I called your brother. He would hop on a plane and seven or eight hours from now, if she hadn't already herniated, Derek would come in here and he would take this surgery, your surgery, away from you and then he would kill her because this is your plan.

Why don't we just pack it in and go home? It'd be so, so much easier. It's because in the end there's no glory in easy. No one remembers easy. They remember the blood, and the bones, and the long agonizing fight to the top. And that is how you become legendary. I Feel the Earth Move [ Your family photo album. It's the list you repeat in your head before you fall asleep. It's the short list of things you'd grab in case of disaster. The list makes you feel in control.

When the fire starts, when the tsunami hits, when the earth literally quakes, do you remember your list? Or do you just duck and cover? Oh, you had to dive on top of me? I was being your human shield. I was protecting you.

Oh, do I strike you as a woman who needs protecting? Next time, I'm gonna use you as my human shield. I have an entire world to manage, all on my own. My world does not and should not revolve around Derek Shepherd.

Don't Let's Start

I wanted to go to D. So right now, we're just going to have to accept that this is the way our lives work. But that doesn't mean we're not happy.

You have a happy marriage. With no husband in it. I don't need Derek. I don't need him in my house. I obviously don't need him to prove I can have 89 good outcomes in a row. My kids are happy. My career is soaring. Derek going to D. But that doesn't mean that I don't want to share it with him.

I want to tell him that I'm We're on a streak. Is he in the lab? I know this is Derek Shepherd's phone. That list goes out the window when the disaster starts with you wondering if this must be the woman who's been screwing your husband.

That's a whole other earthquake. Don't Dream It's Over [ It means that the most obvious answer is usually right. It keeps doctors from heading down the wrong path. It helps us stick to the truth. It helps us save lives. It's part of what makes me a good surgeon. When I hear hoofbeats, horses.

I always think horses. Even when I shouldn't. A woman answered his phone. There are two empty beds. A woman answered his phone? What kind of woman? She was perky, and she sounded happy and tall, with a lot of great hair.

How did you see her? I heard her voice, her perky, happy, tall voice. I hate voices like that. You can tell by the voice? What did Derek say? I didn't talk to him. Now I keep going to voice-mail.

My short, twisty, mad voice keeps going to voice-mail.

greys anatomy season 11 episode 6 meredith and derek relationship

He left Addison when the marriage got hard, moved to Seattle, met me in a bar. What if he's doing the same thing now? Look, I've watched you two suck face for years. You've disgusted me for a long, long time. And if a guy's still into you, it still means he wants to do you.

And if he still wants to do you, you're solid. I don't know you as well as everyone else here, but I really need to tell you to stop talking now. Didn't want to say anything in the first place. Mer, I lived down the hall from you guys. I've heard the sex noises. I've seen the drama and the tears. And there's no way that Derek's Look, you and Derek are living proof that love exists, that it works, that there is hope.

You guys are a freaking romance novel. And I, for one, am rooting for you two. I'm not saying that. Come on, don't you remember what it was like to be a resident and have all of this death around you be new, terrifying?

Why do you think they care so much about this stupid streak? They just want to believe that there's somebody out there who can defy it. They are often an indicator of something bigger going on. Symptoms, Red Flags, Warning signs, things we should pay attention to. Things we shouldn't ever ignore. Things that are bad.

Things that could really hurt us. Things that it might just be too late to fix. With or Without You [ I'd take it apart, piece by piece, then put it back together again. But inevitably, there was always a piece or two left over, something I didn't quite know what to do with. So what do you do with that piece? Do you try to fit it back in? Do you try to make it work? Or do you decide you can live without that missing piece?

You think bribery is an appropriate standard of practice in this hospital, bribing for surgeries? I don't know what you're talking about. You tried to bribe your way onto that surgery down there. Sleeping with the enemy. You demean yourself, and you demean medicine.

And it doesn't matter, anyway. Do you know how much a full ear replantation would have gone for in my day? I'm mad at you. No, you're mad at Derek.

You want to take it out on me, go on. You want to yell and hit and scream 'cause things are hard at home, okay. You want to be a mess, be a mess. I can take it. I am calling post-it. Zola and Bailey and tumors on the walls and ferry boat scrub caps. And I was wrong. I love you, and I'm not gonna stop loving you.

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Meredith, I can't live without you. I don't want to live without you. And I'm gonna do everything in my power to prove it. I can live without you. But I don't want to. I don't ever want to. We forget what we had once. We forget what it's like to live with a thing, not that we need, but that we want. That's why it's so important for us to remind ourselves, for us to remember, just because we can live without something, it doesn't mean we have to.

When I Grow Up [ The person you pictured being with. Picture the job you dreamed you'd have. Are you living the life you envisioned for yourself? Are you who you wanted to be when you grew up? You know those very happy, cheerful people who have everything and when the fact that they have everything comes up, they act very humble and they say, "I'm just so blessed.

I do know those people. Yeah, I'm one of those people now. This morning, I was standing on my porch of my perfect house looking in the window at my amazing, perfect children and my amazing, gorgeous husband, on the way to my amazing job. And I thought to myself, "I have everything I've ever wanted. I am just so blessed. I really wanna pummel your face in right now. Right, I would beat myself up. Except I'm too tired from Were you about to say that you're exhausted from all the great sex you're having?

I'm gonna walk away from you now. She said I was tired and miserable, which I was. Told me to get it together. Amy, I've been missing out on everything in my life. I mean, I'm watching my kids grow up on a computer. I don't want to miss my family. I don't want to miss another second.

I want to coach soccer, go to ballet recitals. I don't need to change the world. Clipping aneurysms, stopping bleeds That's changing the world with our hands. When did that stop being enough? That's more than enough. I'm glad you're back. I think I'm falling in love with Owen Hunt. And I'm really afraid that it's gonna destroy me.

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It wouldn't be love if it didn't. Ever since you've been back, you guys have been reconnecting. You should have built thicker walls. What do you mean?

I didn't want to ask you, and I'm not supposed to big-brother you. And you don't need me to. There was a robbery, two shootings, and you declared two men dead. I kept thinking about Dad. I wanted to know if you're okay. I'm happy for you. That you're making it work. That you're not running. What do you mean, "running"?

Hey, I am not judging. I ran from my engagement. You ran from Addison. I think, after Dad, if something scares us, we sprint fast as we can. But you turned around this time. Take a good look around you. Do you like what you see? Think back again to when you were little. Are you living the life you pictured for yourself? Or are you still dreaming of something even bigger? Neuroscience tells us it activates the same parts of the brain as habit-forming addiction. It makes us feel like we can do anything, be anything, achieve anything.

And once we taste it, we want more. I'll be back soon. After Meredith tells them to work out their problems, they agree to each have one candidate for Chief of Surgery which the board will ultimately choose. Richard and Catherine get married and have their reception at Meredith and Derek's house. April tells Jackson about wanting to go to Jordan again, but he gives her an ultimatum about their marriage. Maggie consults Meredith about her parents' divorce, and Meredith suggests that they "dance-it-out".

Broadcasting[ edit ] Grey's Anatomy 's eleventh season opened up to This is much lower than Season 10, which was ranked 15th. In the 18—49 key demographic, Grey's Anatomy ranked 13th the lowest ranking in the series' history. The highest ranking for the 18—49 key demographic was 3rd for Seasons 3, 4, and 5. Last season, Grey's Anatomy was ranked 5th. For the primetime TV schedule, Grey's Anatomy was the 5 drama in the 18—49 key demographic. And at the end, I have to say-while the lack of Yang was definitely noticeable, I think the show will be just fine with out her.

After his last episode, How to Save a Life premiered, many fans were outraged with Shonda Rhimes for how the episode was written and vowed to never watch the show again. Samantha Highfill of Entertainment Weekly wrote: And quite frankly, it felt a little rude to the man himself. He was called McDreamy for a reason, and he deserved better than this. Despite all that, the season garnered positive reviews.