Gossip girl lily and rufus relationship

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gossip girl lily and rufus relationship

If Gossip Girl were a guy instead of a TV show, he'd be the really sexy guy you Could a normal relationship withstand an attempt to sell the girlfriend for Not to mention my aforementioned rooting for Lily and Rufus, and my. Gossip Girl ended in December and we still feel as though we were robbed. However new rumours have suggested that Rufus Humphrey and Lily Van der. Here's a juicy rumor for all you "Gossip Girl" fans out there: Lily and There's even an Instagram fan account documenting their relationship.

At the wedding, Rufus shows up while Lily is getting ready and asks her if marrying Bart is what she really wants to do. She affirms that it is, and they admit that they love each other but can't be together. He wishes her luck and she marries Bart. Edit Over the summer and into the fall, Rufus begins dating women; most notably one named Claire.

Meanwhile, Lily is unhappy in her marriage to Bart and tries to seek a friendship with Rufus to fill her loneliness void. However, Rufus doesn't want to get into the middle of her marriage and tells her to stay away from him The Ex-Files. Shocked at this, she leaves the apartment on Thanksgiving and spends the evening with Rufus, Dan, Jenny, and Vanessa Abrams.

Soon after, Lily decides she wants to leave Bart to pursue a relationship with Rufus. However, she gives Bart one chance to redeem himself by escorting her to The Snowflake Ball when he returns from a business trip to Miami. He promises to be there, and also assures her that he fired his PI. Before the ball, Lily learns that he lied about firing Andrew and goes to the ball without him. Once there, she sees Rufus and they begin hanging out; a sight that enrages Chuck BassBart's son. He calls Bart to inform him about what's going on and advises him to come as soon as possible.

However, Bart gets into a fatal car accident on the way there and dies at the hospital he's taken to It's a Wonderful Lie. She warns Lily to stay away from Rufus, but learns that Andrew is planning to sell Lily's biggest secret to the highest bidder.

Lily asks her to pay him off, and CeCe lies that she did. However, Andrew ends up selling the information to Chuck and CeCe takes it upon herself to reveal the secret to Rufus: Angry that Lily never told him, Rufus goes on search for the child himself.

gossip girl lily and rufus relationship

However, he is unsuccessful and goes to confront Lily about it. She admits that the baby was a boy and the two eventually decide to go to Boston together to find him. Meanwhile, Dan learns about the child from Chuck and struggles with not telling Serena. Rufus tells him not to say anything, as the secret isn't his to share In the Realm of the Basses.

gossip girl lily and rufus relationship

In Gone with the WillRufus and Lily sleep together and reminisce on their past. Afterwards, their son's adoptive father agrees to meet with them. At the meeting, he reveals that their son, Andrew, died in a boating accident. He promises that Andrew was a happy kid who loved life; but it's later revealed by the adoptive mother that Andrew wasn't their son and they would never share their real son with them due to being scared of losing him.

He confides this fact to Lily, who offers to help him financially. He turns her down and decides to sell his art gallery, as he no longer enjoys selling art Seder Anything. When Serena learns what happened, she tells Dan and attempts to fix it herself. Worried for his future, he tells Lily, who orders Serena to stay out of it.


She plans to pay everyone back herself except for Rufus; who she plans to give money to monthly secretly. While planning to propose in the apartment, Rufus stumbles upon her list of people to pay back and realizes what she was going to do. Embarrassed, he cancels the proposal and goes home, especially after he sees her have Serena arrested The Wrath of Con. When the three return to Manhattan and meet up with Serena, she asks them to hide her antics from the summer; including when she steals a horse from the annual van der Bilt polo match.

Rufus pays off the photographers so that Lily won't see the photos. While he doesn't reveal his identity at first, he does to her eventually.

gossip girl lily and rufus relationship

She encourages him to tell Rufus and he almost does, until his adoptive mother comes to New York. Upon seeing her, he instead introduces himself as Rufus and Lily's son's brother. He then leaves town and refuses to promise Vanessa that he'll reveal his true identity one day The Lost Boy. This causes a rift between the two of them and they plan to postpone their wedding. When Serena learns that they're fighting, she enlists Dan, Jenny, and Eric to help parent trap them into talking.

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After an argument, they realize how much they love each other and plan to get married the next day. While preparing for the wedding, Lily finds herself unable to write her own vows. Before the ceremony, she takes Rufus aside and confesses that she couldn't write her vows. She also admits that she's scared of their future together and Rufus tries to coax her into going through with the wedding. Now, if this had been for another literary magazine or if he'd been published somewhere else first, it might have been slightly more plausible.

After everything Gossip Girl revealed and did, it would have been completely understandable if no one wanted anything to do with the person responsible ever again. However, that's not what happened after the big reveal. Many would think it's the logical way to see things, but the show did not highlight that. The only one who had a normal reaction was Blair, when she pointed out, "Why do you all think that this is funny? Gossip Girl ruined out lives.

No, Nate did not "earn" the position of editor-in-chief, like his grandfather told him he did in season 5's "All the Pretty Sources.

First, with Bart deceased, Nate's name was the only one on the loan. Second, Dan gave him the story he needed — the identity of Gossip Girl — and The Spectator had obviously become a huge success, considering the private plane, in the five years of the time jump.

Furthermore, Nate was likely going to be running for mayor. Not only was there the whole fake cancer storyline, but it's not like Lily and William had some epic romance where you just had to root for them to get back together. Yet, that was what happened.

To everyone's surprise, after the five-year time jump in the series finale, it was revealed that Lily and William were together.

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When CeCe's will is read in The Princess Dowryit's revealed that she left everything to Ivy; including Lily's apartment that she originally purchased.

Angry that Lily and everyone else kicked her to the curb, Ivy orders Lily and Rufus to leave the apartment. They do, and go to stay at the loft.

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In Con-HeirLily works with William to steal her apartment back from Ivy but their plan fails when Serena accidentally ruins it. But with the will under investigation, she is able to keep Ivy from accessing CeCe's money. Soon after, Rufus works out a deal with Ivy for her to leave if Lily unlocks the money.

Lily pretends to, but really doesn't and gets Ivy out of the apartment. Mad at what she did, Rufus decides to stay in Brooklyn while Lily returns to the penthouse Salon of the Dead. In Despicable BSerena is shocked to learn that the real Charlie, Lola Rhodesis really her three-quarter sister she was fathered by her father, William, when he was having an affair with Lily's sister, Carol, while married to Lily. Meanwhile, the judge invalidated the will, leaving Ivy with nothing. Serena tells Lily about what she learned, and Lily agrees to pay Ivy one million dollars if she told the police about Carol.

As a result, Lily is able to have Carol arrested. They talk, and he apologizes for not being a good enough husband to her and expresses interest in salvaging their relationship. Meanwhile, Rufus learns that Lily is still legally married to Bart and can't be married to both of them.

He brings Bart divorce papers on behalf of Lily, who is beyond angry when she finds out what Rufus did. She later decides to annul her marriage with Rufus to be with Bart. In Portrait of a Lady AlexanderLily is happy to learn that Chuck is planning to invest in real estate outside Manhattan. She escorts him and Blair to a horse show and unbeknownst to them, is followed by Bart.

While at the horse show, she meets Serena's new boyfriend, Steven Spenceand reveals that they slept together a long time ago. Lily is completely supportive until Blair says that she doesn't think Serena is ready for marriage.

Lily begins to think this as well and expresses this to Steven when he asks for permission to propose. In Where the Vile Things AreBart admits to Lily that his big secret is he was involved with illegally trading oil with Sudan before his fake death and he has the records in the apartment behind a painting.

Meanwhile, she learns that Rufus and Ivy are planning to open their new art gallery and she decides to throw her own gala the same night to steal their guests. Ivy uses her money to buy out Lily's gala, and to compete, Lily offers to auction off a Richard Phillips' painting in the apartment. Rufus buys it, ruining Lily's revenge. Right after it's sold, Lily learns from Bart that the records for his deal were hidden behind that painting.

At the same time, Chuck as also figured out where they are and attempts to get them from Ivy. He fails and she ends up with the evidence. He takes the records from her and gives them to Lily, who burns them in a fire, destroying Chuck's chance at taking down Bart.

In It's Really ComplicatedLily and Bart decide at the last minute to stay in New York for Thanksgiving when their flight is delayed due to a tropical storm.

While they eat, Blair reveals to Lily that the Bass business manager, Bruce Caplan, died in a mysterious drowning.

gossip girl lily and rufus relationship

Later that night, Lily realizes that Chuck was right in saying Bart is dangerous and leaves town to escape him for awhile.

The next day, she tells Chuck that before she burnt Bart's records, she went through them with CeCe's diamond loop and gives him everything she remembered from them. Later that day, she returns from the spa to find William waiting to comfort her. Ivy is also there and she gleefully tells Lily that she and William were working together to ruin her life.

William denies everything, and secretly explains to Ivy that he was using her to win Lily back and has no use for her anymore.

In the time jump, it's shown that Lily is still friendly with Rufus and has gotten back together with William. Appearance and Style Lily is often shown to be very stylish and well put together.

Unlike Blair and Serena, Lily's outfits are often tied together with statement jewelry: She's usually seen in dresses or skirts but will sometimes wear nice jeans or pants. During the second season, Kelly Rutherford was pregnant so Lily's style was altered slightly to hide her baby bump. Personality Lily is a very proud and refined woman.

Being an extremely rich New Yorker since birth, she is a socialite and lives off the money from the settlements of her many divorces and her own family inheritance. Lily cares a lot about maintaining her social status and her family image. Several times throughout the series it's mentioned that she wasn't a very good mother, often times abandoning her children in favor of whatever men were in her life.

However, Lily sometimes has maternal moments; such as accepting her son, Eric, after he came out, and being proud of Serena when she does the right thing.