Gale and randy relationship advice

gale and randy relationship advice

Gale Harold and Randy Harrison public appearance Queer As Folk - Gale/ Randy Appreciation ~ Still beautiful together after all these years - Fan Forum. No, they never dated but they're good friends. Randy is the only one living on the east coast, but if he's ever in LA he and Gale do get together to. Explore Svetlana An's board "QaF / Gale & Randy" on Pinterest. Lindsey is ranting about Mel; Brian is looking sexy whilst doling out advice! Find this Pin and .

I understand no one is easy to survive in the world but please don't tease fans this way. Fans' money is money accumulated from their salaries, fans' time is time which is precious too. We are all human beings who have emotion, wish to be respected and treasured, and not be teased that much. Gale Harold, since you experienced difficult life in early years before, why can't think a little bit for fans?

And Scott, Randy and Sharon, I do appreciate what you did for a friend - I admire your friendship and I think each of you took some risk.

But please treasure fans too. Fans are weak ones too.

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Next time you wanna make some money, think some other idea but not like this convention. Next time when you main cast have some reunion, please kindly make it private eg Scott's house again, we don't have interest to dig out each detail.

We know there won't be anything real happen between Gale and Randy as some gossip girls imagined, everything past is past. Do not tease fans again. It's not easy for fans to make money. So strange, it seems he is trying best to express 'I didn't forget and will never forget which series brought me fame.

I am not trying to get rid of QAF, really. If he didn't write so many words, who could even think of such aspect? Not even one single word to apologize to German organizers. He is almost 43 years old, has social experience so he knows. Probably in fact organizers owe him a lot.

gale and randy relationship advice

He was just trying to help selling tickets. I just don't know that when and how much his QAF colleagues and organizers discuss the whole plot. I wonder how long he would have left it to announce his absence had that rumor not started on a fan thread a short while ago. He was always an asshole to his fans, and although he appears to have embraced them in the last couple of years, I don't think he ever really did.

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Just took care not to show his distaste as he needs to cultivate a positive public image if he wants to carry on working. The looks are starting to go, and he's not going to get by on his acting I'm afraid. What is with all these conspiracy theories? He got a job offer, an acting job and of course he cancelled the fan convention. That happens all the time.

gale and randy relationship advice

But the problem is that fans have too high expectations and it doesn't take much to disappoint them. The convention and probably QAF as it was years ago doesn't mean to him what it means to the fans. And he doesn't owe his fans anything. If you want to watch his shows, go to his plays, spend money on DVDs of his films, or fan conventions, then do it.

Who is Randy Harrison’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Randy Harrioson

If you don't want to support him anymore, than don't. Randy started to act as a child. When he was only 8, he got his first role in play Oliver.

Known for his good and very younger looking, talented actor had until now many on the film,theatre and television. Boyfriend Dec 23, at 2: For now, all his plans are based on his career further movement, he is expecting more and more succeed in this field, and works very hard to achieve that.

Recently, he was speaking only about his work and tend to find a perfect new location for the next holiday to take some rest out of the glamour, paparazzi and media.

They were together for a six years, from until Simon is columnist known for Advertising Age. Randy met Simon when Simon was interviewing him for a New York magazine cover story. After six years of relationship which was followed and supported from gay audience, they broke up. Gale Harold todoroch Inthere was a rumor in the press that Randy Harrison is in the relationship with his partner Gale Harold from Queer as Folk.