Gaddafi and saddam relationship questions

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gaddafi and saddam relationship questions

The Guardian put a number of questions to Blair, asking whether he had that arose from the relationship, including Gaddafi's decision in to . And then Saddam was a dictatorial murdering b*stard but at least he was. The world would be a better place if dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still in power, the Republican US. How can you adequately describe someone like Muammar Gaddafi? warming of relations between Tripoli and western powers in the 21st century. The argument went that Gaddafi had watched the fate of fellow miscreant Saddam Hussein, hanged by Iraqis . Trump's Syria pullout poses big questions.

The UN eventually lifted these sanctions with Resolution in when Libya "accepted responsibility for the actions of its officials, renounced terrorism and arranged for payment of appropriate compensation for the families of the victims.

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Gaddafi fueled a number of Islamist and communist terrorist groups in the Philippines[24] [25] [26] as well as paramilitaries in Oceania. In MayAustralia deported diplomats and broke off relations with Libya because of its activities in Oceania.

In late French authorities stopped a merchant vessel, the MV Eksund, which was delivering a ton Libyan arms shipment to European terrorist groups. Libya's use—and heavy loss—of Soviet-supplied weaponry in its war with Chad was a notable breach of an apparent Soviet-Libyan understanding not to use the weapons for activities inconsistent with Soviet objectives.

The bizarre story of how Gaddafi almost bought a big chunk of Bank of Ireland

As a result, Soviet-Libyan relations reached a nadir in mid In Januarythere was another encounter over the Gulf of Sidra between U. The UN Security Council demanded that Libya surrender the suspects, cooperate with the Pan Am and UTA investigations, pay compensation to the victims' families, and cease all support for terrorism. Libya's refusal to comply led to the approval of Security Council Resolution on 31 Marchimposing international sanctions on the state designed to bring about Libyan compliance.

Following the imposition of U.

The Muammar Gaddafi story

Following a Arab League meeting in which fellow Arab states decided not to challenge U. Instead, Libya pursued closer bilateral ties, particularly with Egypt and Northwest African nations Tunisia and Morocco.

Libya also has sought to expand its influence in Africa through financial assistance, ranging from aid donations to impoverished neighbors such as Niger to oil subsidies to Zimbabwe.

gaddafi and saddam relationship questions

Gaddafi has proposed a borderless " United States of Africa " to transform the continent into a single nation-state ruled by a single government. This plan has been moderately well received, although more powerful would-be participants such as Nigeria and South Africa are skeptical.

Gaddafi also trained and supported Charles Taylorwho was indicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the conflict in Sierra Leone. Informer Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nadezhda Mihaylova Neynsky revealed in a TV documentary that the Bulgarian government had turned over to Germany an unverified report compiled by its military agency which "made clear" the existence of the plan, even though the military intelligence warned that the information could not be verified.

Gaddafi continued the denunciation of the illegal NATO bombing of the former yugoslavia. Intimating that the allegations against the state were deliberate efforts by the imperialist axis to falsely image armed ARBiH death squads in Srebrenica and elsewhere into civillians to justify a NATO casus Beli against a sovereign state and UN peacekeeper occupation and de facto facilitation of ARBiH.

Inless than a decade after the UN sanctions were put in place, Libya began to make dramatic policy changes in regard to the Western world, including turning over the Lockerbie suspects for trial. Eventually UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook persuaded the Americans to accept a trial of the suspects in the Netherlands under Scottish law, with the UN Security Council agreeing to suspend sanctions as soon as the suspects arrived in the Netherlands for trial.

gaddafi and saddam relationship questions

Citing Libya's support for terrorism and its past regional aggressions the United States voiced concern over this development. In cooperation with like-minded countries, the United States has since sought to bring a halt to the foreign technical assistance deemed essential to the completion of this facility. See Chemical weapon proliferation Libya. By George W. Bush had lifted the economic sanctions and official relations resumed with the United States. Libya opened a liaison office in Washingtonand the United States opened an office in Tripoli.

The United States removed Gaddafi's regime, after 27 years, from its list of states sponsoring terrorism. In response, Gaddafi removed all his money held in Swiss banks and asked the United Nations to vote to abolish Switzerland as a sovereign nation. Many Western countries, including the United Kingdom, [54] the United States, [55] and eventually Italy [56] condemned Libya for the brutal crackdown on the dissidents.

Peru became the first of several countries to sever diplomatic relations with Tripoli on 22 February[57] followed closely by African Union member state Botswana the following day.

gaddafi and saddam relationship questions

There is no such thing as the Arab League. On 19 Marcha coalition of United Nations member states led by France, the United Kingdom, and the United States began military operations in Libyan airspace and territorial waters after the United Nations Security Council approved UNSCRostensibly to prevent further attacks on civilians as loyalist forces closed in on Benghazi, the rebel headquarters.

In exchange, Libya will take measures to combat illegal immigration coming from its shores and boost investments in Italian companies. US state department spokesman, Sean McCormack called the move a "laudable milestone George Bush also signed an executive order restoring Libya's immunity from terror-related lawsuits and dismissing pending compensation cases. In addition, we are signing today a Double Taxation Convention which will bring benefits to British business in Libya and Libyan investors in the UK — benefits in terms of certainty, clarity and transparency and reducing tax compliance burdens.

We are also in the final stages of negotiating an agreement to protect and promote investment. Today we are partners in the UN Security Council. We also wish to assist Libya to establish closer relations with the European Union to continue and strengthen the reintegration of Libya within the international community.

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We therefore support the commencement of negotiations between Libya and the EU on a framework agreement which should cover a range of issues including political, social, economic, commercial and cultural relations between the EU and Libya. The Democratic Party and Italy of Values opposed the visit, [73] [74] and many protests were staged throughout Italy by human rights organizations and the Radical Party. Italian exports cover one third of total EU arms exports towards Libya, and include mainly military aircraft but also missiles and electronic equipment.

The Italian government has urged the international community to follow suit. The UK also expelled the Libyan ambassador in London from the country. The court also established a connection to the Libyan government. Libya refused to extradite the two accused to the U. As a result, United Nations Security Council Resolution was approved on 31 Marchrequiring Libya to surrender the suspects, cooperate with the Pan Am Flight and UTA Flight investigations, pay compensation to the victims' families, and cease all support for terrorism.

The UN imposed further sanctions with Resolutiona limited assets freeze and an embargo on selected oil equipment, in November They were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. On 31 Januaryat the end of the Pan Am Flight bombing trialMegrahi was convicted of murder and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Fhimah was found not guilty and was freed to return to Libya.

gaddafi and saddam relationship questions

Megrahi appealed against his conviction but this was rejected in February InLibya wrote to the UN Security Council admitting "responsibility for the actions of its officials" in relation to the Lockerbie bombing, renouncing terrorism and agreeing to pay compensation to the relatives of the victims. The previously suspended UN sanctions were then cancelled. Those criticisms are completely groundless. I studied law and I felt duty bound to defend anyone who feels he is wrongly accused.

The reason I felt so commited was because there was so much of a campaign to discredit him in the media - pictures of him wearing underwear, having his teeth checked and so on. It was all designed to make him look inhumane. I also felt a drive to defend the Iraqi people.

Let me put it this way. If you want to talk about the crimes that they claim Saddam committed, let's talk about what is taking place in Iraq. More than 1 million Iraqis have been killed, and the whole civilisation of Iraq has been wiped out. Did you actually go to Baghdad for the trial? It was supposed to be very dangerous. My family was too concerned about safety. My role was to contact the hundreds of lawyers involved and give them advice. What was he like? Yes, it was on my own initiative through my charity work and campaigning against the sanctions, about a year before the war.

It was a cordial family meeting with a friendly atmosphere in Baghdad. For me it was quite normal, he was the president and elected by his own people. Plus we should not forget that he was always a great supporter of the Middle East, and it was for this that he was charged. There were many Iraqis who were delighted when he was hung. It is only normal that some people are against you and some are with you.

You are bound to meet people who may be against your policies. You also supported the anti-American resistance in Iraq. When you have an occupying army coming from abroad, raping your women and killing your own people, it is only legitimate that you fight them. Your father is known for taking a tough stand against Islamic extremism in Libya.

The bizarre story of how Gaddafi almost bought a big chunk of Bank of Ireland

Are you concerned about these movements? Islam is a faith, a religion, free from all this extremism and based on clemency and compassion and morals. You will never hear about Muslim sheikhs burning Bibles, or desecrating drawings of Jesus. Extremists do not represent the true words of Islam.