Gab valenciano and coleen garcia relationship

Gab Valenciano Wants To Get Divorce And Have A 'New Beginning’

gab valenciano and coleen garcia relationship

Is she and husband Gab Valenciano calling it quits after a year of marriage Gab's ex-girlfriend Coleen Garcia, apparently supports Tricia, and. Gab Valenciano weirded out by Billy Crawford's and Coleen Garcia's relationship , but he said he's happy for them. He'll get married next year. MANILA, Philippines - 'It's Showtime' host Coleen Garcia maintained she is still in a relationship with dancer Gab Valenciano.

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  • Gab Valenciano Gets Weirded Out By Billy Crawford-Coleen Garcia Relationship

But they broke up in February because of circumstances related to Gab's decision to study abroad. Seen in the photo below, dated January 21,were some of It's Showtime's hosts enjoying lunch courtesy of birthday boy Jugs Jugueta. Citing how he has been feeling "lost" and "confused," he explained that it was his own fault that their relationship did not work out. Billy, however, immediately quashed rumors dragging Coleen into the issue.

His Instagram post partly read: There is nothing about me and Coleen! You guys are just so wrong man. Wang Nyong idamay mga taong walang kinalaman sa hiwalay namin ni Nikki. In an interview with PEP. They were spotted at a party right after their hosting stint for It's Showtime in Bacolod. But Coleen remained firm about her and Billy being just "workmates.

Gab Valenciano Happy For Ex-Gf Coleen Garcia & Billy Crawford

Coleen and Billy may have been evasive about the real score between them, but their growing closeness soon became apparent when they flew to U. On December 29,Billy posted a photo of his reunion with his friends who are based in New York. Then, on January 1,Coleen posted via Instagram a picture of an ice cream from Serendipity 3, a restaurant in New York popularized in the movie Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

Although they did not post a picture of them together, Billy and Coleen were spotted in Brooklyn's Barclay Arena watching a basketball game between Brooklyn Nets versus Milwaukee Bucks. Billy also admitted that he's courting her, "She is not my girlfriend, yet… and I would love for her to be. Billy proved to be a persistent suitor towards Coleen. On It's Showtime's February 25, episode, Coleen felt she was "put on the spot" when Billy asked when she'd say yes to being his girlfriend.

Amid ribbing from their co-hosts, Billy exclaimed, "Sasagutin na kaya ako? By this time, Billy and Coleen have been going out openly but are still evasive about putting a label to their relationship. On his Instagram post dated May 3,Billy called Coleen "my best friend" whose company he always enjoys.

He added that their travels together are the "best of times.

Gab Valenciano Wants To Get Divorce And Have A 'New Beginning’

They officially became a couple on July 23, The following day, on It's Showtime's July 24 episode, Billy went public about his relationship with Coleen. Billy proudly proclaimed, "Oo, sinagot na niya ako.

gab valenciano and coleen garcia relationship

She didn't think so. I have never gotten along with anyone as well as I get along with Billy. Their trip to Maldives in December went viral because of Coleen's bikini photos flaunting her sexy abs. Billy, for his part, was proud that Coleen takes good care of her body that has become fitspiration for many of her Instagram followers.

The couple's sweet photos together also caught the attention of netizens. In fact, she told him that Gab is allowed to do what he needs to do and then, she will be there to support him still.

The best man in his future wedding is his brother Paolo Valenciano while Jericho Rosales will be one of the groomsmen. They are still completing the entourage.

gab valenciano and coleen garcia relationship

Next month, Gab will be going to Los Angeles with Tricia. They originally plan for Gab to go alone, but Tricia also wanted to work there.

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Gab wants to assure Tricia that he's serious about her and wants to get to know her more, and that was why he asked her to get married.

He changed a lot in the States. He had no driver and no nanny. He had to take care of himself. He cannot shop because he has expenses too.

His house there is just a studio type and has no kitchen. It is too small that once you enter, you'll see the bed already. Gab was able to provide for himself because he did songs for "ASAP. That's enough for him to pay his bills, but not to buy new shoes or other luxury items. Isabel was there to present an award while Gab had a dance number. He didn't have the chance to greet Isabel though, but he said he's happy for her and John Prats.

In fact, John came up to him and told him he's serious about Isabel. If he bumps into them one of these days, Gab said he's going to greet them and wish them luck.

He's super okay already with his life. All the cards are on the table.