Fringe olivia and peter relationship season 4

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fringe olivia and peter relationship season 4

Olivia Dunham is a special agent of Fringe Division in the Alternate Universe, a sector of the she replaced Olivia and developed a relationship with Peter Bishop, who They are forced to work together in Season 4 to make amends for the. TV Shows · Fringe. - Season 4, Episode 15 - "A Short Story About Love" Will Peter and Olivia's relationship be without challenges? I doubt it. Peter Bishop is a character and main protagonist on Fringe, the son of Walternate . Olivia will not begin a relationship with him though, because she can't stand that Fauxlivia was . Question about Peter in the Amber Timeline (Season 4).

He provided her with an icon symbol and a hand-written name to remember. Walter and Peter helped revive Olivia who immediately demanded to see Nina. Ninainitially doubtful that Olivia met Bellrecognized the "great storm" phrase, and attempted to help Olivia in any way possible. As Olivia recounted the name of another cryogenics facility from Bell's note, she received a text message from " Charlie " warning her that Nina is the shapeshifter. She left and regrouped with him, but in a side alley, was alerted by her phone that Massive Dynamic's analysis of the first device was completed, and revealed Charlie as the shapeshifter.

Too late, Olivia realized she had told " Charlie " the location of the cryogenics facility, and he relayed this to another agent. After a brief fight for her life, Olivia shot and killed the shapeshifter. Broyles helped to comfort Olivia that she had to kill the man she thought was Charlie. Sam helped her work through it by giving her a "project" that required her to collect business cards from people wearing the color red.

She was told to grab random letters from the names, that once unscrambled read "you're gonna be fine". Olivia chose to save Walter's life, and Newton replied "Now I know how weak you are". Broyles eased Olivia's concerns that she made an emotional choice by assuring her that her decision to save Walter was a logical one as Walter was highly valuable to the team. Walter implored Olivia to recall her childhood Cortexiphan -induced ability to see objects from the alternate universe, believing she would be able to foresee which building will be affected and warn everyone in time.

fringe olivia and peter relationship season 4

Walter first put Olivia under heavy sedation, and she experienced meeting her younger, frightened self, but was still unable to trigger her ability. Olivia began to remember the gruesome trials she experienced, including footage from one test where she exhibited pyrokinesis.

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As Walter 's deadline neared, he realized that Olivia was no longer frightened and thus she could not engage her abilities, which were triggered by fear. Olivia became frightened when she believed she could not evacuate people from the buildings without causing mass panic.

fringe olivia and peter relationship season 4

She soon recognized she was frightened again, and raced to a rooftop, seeing a building "shimmer" in the distance. The building, a hotel, is quickly identified from the list of candidates, and it is evacuated in time, moments before it is pulled into the parallel universe. Olivia later met Peter at his house prior to them going out on a date, but when she arrived, she saw the same shimmer on Peter.

fringe olivia and peter relationship season 4

Walter quietly asked Olivia not to tell Peter that he is from the other universe. Fauxlivia's Fringe Team request help for several cases as their world heals, including a highly intelligent serial killer, who is a professor of forensic psychology in the prime universe. Fauxlivia once again poses as Olivia to bring the illusion that the psychologist, John, who has agreed to stop a serial killer unaware of it being his counterpartis still in the prime universe.

However, he quickly learns the truth and both the Olivia's track him down, where they find Alt-John preparing to kill Prime-John, which ends in Alt-John's death. Later, as Lincoln Lee of the Prime Universe crosses over in order to help Peter Bishop find a way to get back to his timeline, Fauxlivia and Alt-Lincoln are confrontational but agree to help them. Lincoln and Fauxlivia form a close bond along the way. They lock Lincoln away as Peter escapes, but Olivia and Lincoln later find themselves dealing with a new Fringe case of shapeshifters run by David Robert Jones of the Prime Universe, who is then taken to Fringe headquarters after they are wary of his ruthless threats.

Olivia kills the sniper. Broyles gives away the location for where Fauxlivia and Lee plan to move one of Jones' shapeshifters who they hope will co-operate, which results in the team being ambushed.

fringe olivia and peter relationship season 4

Fauxlivia's expert marksmanship to target the ambusher proves to be successful, but Lincoln is shot by the sniper in the process. The Alternate Fringe Team say goodbye. Fauxlivia is heartbroken by her loss but is comforted by the Prime Lincoln Lee. She begins drinking as a result in her grief but is oddly comforted by Walter, despite his previous hostilities towards her.

Also, she tells Walter that her relationship with Frank has ended.

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Jones' ongoing threats prove to be too dangerous for the universes to keep working together, so they decide to close the portal in order to stop his plan for combining the universes. Fauxlivia says goodbye to Olivia, as the two have formed a mutual respect for one another in their time working together. She admits that there's a lot of qualities that she admires about her, much to Olivia's amusement that she was going to say the same thing.

fringe olivia and peter relationship season 4

Olivia and Lincoln Lee. Season 5 She comes into contact with her older counterpart and Lincoln Lee, now married with one son, Trevor. Trivia Edit The writers originally referred to the character as Bolivia, as she is Olivia in the B meaning secondary universe. The name did not catch on, and fans simply referred to her as Fauxlivia, and later Altliv when she did not disguise herself as the prime Olivia.