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One of which is that Cloud and Tifa were already friends at that point. .. In regards to Aerith, I also feel the relationship is far more ambiguous than fans .. I' d also advice you to read Case of Tifa as it explains when Cloud left. Because Cloud/Aerith's relationship is different than Squall/Rinoa's. . Are you keeping the FF VIII coloring or changing them to be closer to. Aerith Gainsborough mistranslated as Aeris Gainsborough in the English releases of Final The character and the events surrounding her death in Final Fantasy VII As Aerith looks up to smile at Cloud, Sephiroth appears and kills her by Aerith and Zack develop a romantic relationship, but Zack is killed at the end of.

Finding a wheelchair-bound Cloud was the last straw for Tifa, and it was quite lucky that the subsequent earthquake threw both of them into the Lifestream. This allowed Tifa to explore Cloud's psyche and understand what exactly happened to his memories. However, in Advent Children, Cloud is as distant as ever. So, it's obvious that Tifa would take this in the wrong sense. Being ignored and kept in the dark by the person closest to her was quite an alienating experience for Tifa.

While the realization of his true past definitely took a toll on his mind, ostracizing Tifa from his true feelings was not necessary. This self-apathy was so severe that Tifa had to step in and give a stern talk to Cloud about his crummy behavior. Apparently, there was another scene right after this blowup that showed Tifa regretting the blunt nature of her outburst, but this scene was removed from the final cut for time constraints.

Similarly, Tifa's last name is also meant to indicate something along the same lines. The obvious meaning of "Lockhart" is quite apparent, which we've discussed in detail.

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This took a fair bit of effort from Tifa. However, the same can be said for Tifa. While not overtly rude, Tifa had the problem of being too shy to let Cloud know about what she really felt about him.

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This perceived romance ended up on a slow burn, which culminated in one iconic scene in the game. The fact that both of them could open up to each other to such an extent showcased something else. It simply states that Tifa took care of Cloud and the kids. Second of all, so what if Cloud is like a big kid? I'm like a big kid myself. I still watch cartoons, I love action figures and plushies and I love video games and things like that.

Feeling motherly toward someone at times doesn't mean you can't love them romantically. As for the other argument, there are absolutely 0 claims to support Barret is part of the family.

I'd like to also point out that the family is in fact Cloud's. Here are a few more quotes to support my claim: She was given custody of Marlene from Barret, who had left on a journey to find a new energy source. Together with Cloud, the 3 of them began living together as a family. Notice the part I bolded. It specifically states the three of them are a family. Just the three of them. Also from the 10th Anniversary Ultimania: Right there it states that the family is Cloud's.

Not my family, not my friends, nobody. This guide also specifically states who's in the family: When he awakes, there was his friends. There were the children, freed from their fatal illness.

Tifa and Marlene, and Denzel asking for Cloud to heal his Geostigma— his family were waiting. Engulfed in celebration, he realises where he is meant to live.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship counseling

He realises that he was able to forgive himself. In order we have 1. Tifa, Marlene and Denzel No mention of Barret or anyone else being in the family.

Tifa, Marlene and Denzel are separated from the rest. Now I know some people say that Marlene had to put Cloud in the family herself, but that doesn't mean the family isn't his. If I suggested you and your SO get married and you guys start a family, is the family not yours then?

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship counseling

Also yes Barret is still Marlene's adoptive father and she still calls him Daddy. He will always be her adoptive family, but part of Cloud's family he is not. So we have, Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel as a family unit. This isn't something you do with a good friend. Cloud and his companions give chase, eventually finding her praying at an altar. As Aerith looks up to smile at Cloud, Sephiroth appears and kills her by impaling her through the torso.

Cloud carries Aerith's body out into a lake in the Forgotten City, and releases her back to the Planet. The party later learns the reason for Aerith being in the Forgotten City; through her White Materia, Aerith was able to summon Holy, the only force capable of repelling the ultimate destructive magic, Meteor, which has been summoned by Sephiroth. When Sephiroth is finally defeated and Holy is released, it appears that it is too late to function as effectively as it should, as Meteor has already come too near to the Planet's surface.

While Holy clashes with Meteor, attempting to prevent its impact, the gravity of both Meteor and the Planet pulling on Holy in opposite directions weakens it. Aerith is seen praying with both hands interlocked whilst urging the lifestream to ultimately defend the planet.

Advent Childrenas Cloud's spiritual guide, urging him to move on with his life and to forgive himself for the tragedies that were beyond his control, telling him that she never blamed him for her death. During their spiritual reunion, Aerith speaks to Cloud in an open meadow laden with flowers, cheerfully and kindheartedly poking fun at how he needlessly burdens himself with the past. However, she acknowledges his suffering and offers kind words of support.

She appears again in the final scene of the movie, along with Zack Fairwhere she gives Cloud more words of encouragement before she and Zack walk into the light.