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It's a simple matter of adding an apostrophe and the letter “s.” Kate has a kitten. It is Kate's kitten. of the coalmines). Possessives can show a family relationship, too. add an apostrophe + “s.” My father-in-law's hamburger recipe is the best. Second, its without an apostrophe is the possessive form. .. Assuming there is only one son, it should be “Mr. and Mrs. Greenberger's son's bris will be on Tuesday.” . My best friend, who was a journalist, had pointed out to me many years ago . The preposition of in your sentence indicates a possessive relationship with. Apostrophes 2 - possession/belonging to/ownership/relationship. Irregular plurals - women, men, children - put the apostrophe after the word: The children's toys were all over the He says he likes his brothers picture best. e. All my friends.

These all look a little old-fashioned and you don't need to bother, although I have kept fo'c'sle forecastle in the Guardian style guide for nostalgic reasons as it is a survivor from the very first "Style-book of the Manchester Guardian" in To indicate a possessive His dad's quirky grammar book was top of Oliver's Christmas list. But note that the possessive its, like other possessive pronouns such as hers, ours, yours and theirs, does not have an apostrophe: The term "possessive" is misleading; "association" or "relationship" would be more helpful: David might be said to possess "David's book", but hardly "David's favourite football team", although David needs an apostrophe in both cases.

If a word ends in S, an apostrophe and second S are added to make it possessive if that is how it is pronounced: James's book, but waiters' tips. Phrases such as butcher's hook, collector's item, cow's milk, goat's cheese and writer's cramp are best treated as singular.

We either don't know or don't care whether one cow, or many, are involved. To indicate time or quantity This book represents a year's thought, squeezed into a month's actual work. Apostrophes are used in phrases such as two days' time and 12 years' jail, where the time period two days modifies a noun timebut not in three weeks old or nine months pregnant, where the time period three weeks modifies an adjective old. You can test this by trying the singular: Some people say apostrophes don't make any difference.

Peter Buck of REM said: There's never been a good rock album that had an apostrophe in the title.

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But consider these four sentences, where the apostrophes enable you to express different concepts with great precision: The guitarist's friend's CD refers to one guitarist and one friend. The guitarist's friends' CD one guitarist with more than one friend. The guitarists' friend's CD more than one guitarist; one friend. Sean, a student who recently graduated from Montcalm School and is looking forward to his first summer job, says that when he came to the program, he and his father had a very tense relationship that was, in some ways, at the heart of his troubles.

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Sean's parents were divorced and his father, a recovering alcoholic, was changing his lifestyle and becoming a different person. That wasn't easy for Sean. I had a lot of resentment because of my dad's trouble with alcohol when I was young, but when he changed his life and became sober, I wasn't ready for that either. We didn't really spend any quality time together.

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Our relationship was pretty much going down the tubes. I stopped going to his house and I think I now know he didn't treat me as bad as I did him. They laid the cards out on the table, and Sean and his father realized, that they both wanted the same things from their relationship. He apologized for the mistakes he'd made in the past, as did I, and we built a relationship based on trust.

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Today we're open and honest with each other and issues don't get swept under the rug. Your son may have irrational beliefs that he will try to bring into a conflict. What makes them interpret what you say in the way that they do?

What is the real problem? Is it really the messy bedroom?