Examining the relationship of work family conflict to job and life satisfaction

examining the relationship of work family conflict to job and life satisfaction

This study examines the role of social support in the relationship between work Impact of work family conflict/family work conflict on job satisfaction and life. Work and family are central components in people's lives; much time is spent Erdwins et al examined the relationship of social support, role satisfaction, and . Work-family conflict was associated with lower job satisfaction, fatigue. Keywords: Job satisfaction, Family satisfaction, Work- family conflict (W-FC), Individual's perception refers to extent of satisfaction with family life (Ahmad, ) . () examined the relationship between role stressors, interrole conflict, and.

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examining the relationship of work family conflict to job and life satisfaction

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examining the relationship of work family conflict to job and life satisfaction

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Previous research has linked self-efficacy to multiple-role management.

examining the relationship of work family conflict to job and life satisfaction

Matsui et al examined the level of self-efficacy as a moderator of the relationship between work-family conflict and occupational stress. The study question was: This study was carried out at Alzahra hospital in Isfahan from June to August The sample size estimated nurses 80 permanent nurses and 80 contract-based nurses in the study. These nurses, who were employed in different wards of hospital, were selected by convenience sampling method.

examining the relationship of work family conflict to job and life satisfaction

Data gathering was done by means of three questionnaires including individual demographic questionnaire, work-family conflict scale 10 items by Netmaier in and self-efficacy scale 24 items by Cinamon in In work-family conflict questionnaire, the total score could range from In self-efficacy questionnaire, the total score could range from The reliability of work-family conflict scale was evaluated using Cronbach which was 0.

To assess content validity, two questionnaires work-family conflict and self-efficacy were sent to lecturers of the Psychology and Educational school and were edited according to their comments.

Mean record of service was 14 7. The sample had a mean term of marriage of 17 4.