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There are a lot of articles in the web that Lord Krishna and Draupadi were People might call it a sakhi-sakha relationship or a brother-sister. Q5. Who was the second wife of Pandu? A. Gandhari B. Madri C. Draupadi D. Sumitra Q6. What was relation between Arjun and Krishna?. Waiting For Krishna: The 'Cheerharan' Of India And Lessons From The Mahabharata Kauravas and the Pandavas -- the attempted disrobing ( cheerharan) of Draupadi. The State, its subjects and the relationship that both these entities share . Which US State Should You Really Live In? Take Our Quiz!.

I never eat or lie down before my husbands eat or lie down. I am up before they get up. I am never lazy in their work. If they return from a long journey, I keep seat, water, food, resting place ready for them. Despite servants being available, I keep watch on household chores. I cook their favorite food myself and serve it with my own hands.

I do not burden them with my own worried and anxieties. Rather, participating in their concerns, I offer my views. I do not spend too much time on toilet, bath and dressing. If my husbands are far away, I refrain from decorating myself. I do not make interest in mattes which they dislike.

It is you who defines me the most: Karna’s love letter to Draupadi

Without their having to tell me I am able to sense their likes and dislikes. I am never interested in arguing fruitlessly or in rolling about in meaningless mirth.

The most important thing is that I never doubt them, nor do i ever shower them with unnecessary compliments. Similarly I never keep anything secret from them… I anticipate their wishes, even their commands to servants.

I never describe the wealth, prosperity, luxury of my father's house before my husbands… I do not mention any woman as more fortunate than myself. I do not feel it necessary to display my innumerable desires before my husbands. I do not spend time in private with another man. I avoid women who are of a cunning nature. In front of my husbands I try to appear fresh, beautiful, ever youthful. Draupadi is clasping Arjuna's feet, thankful that he is alive, because he is who she is most truly in love with of all the Pandava brothers: Arjun quickly removed his feet, "As a wife, all [the Pandava brothers] are your husbands.

Waiting For Krishna: The 'Cheerharan' Of India And Lessons From The Mahabharata

You ought to behave in the same manner with all… If we countenance injustice then the defeat of the Pandavas is inevitable. Draupadi, remove this mountainous burden of unjust love from me. That is all' I thought my grief would provide Arjun with some encouragement. But lecturing me regarding justice, law, rules, he again turned me into an untouchable.

My tears keep flowing, washing away the guilt and sin of loving my husband. With that in mind, look at a fellow Goodreads user's review of the book: I have found in her a strength that is lacking in most other mythological heroines. Sita, I have always visualised as a doormat, but masculine culture will portray her as the womans softer side, while Draupadi is unabashedly and prominently a queen, with a womans pride, a sharp intellect and a strong will.

Very few women in Indian mythology were strong enough to speak their own minds. Imagine then, my delight in coming across a novel in which Draupadi finally comes into her own. Clearly, this is a system of morality which is alive and well.

He is kind to those who treat him well, and spiteful to those who denigrate or abuse him for no reason. There are numerous interpretations of the epic and the events that led to the Great War of Kurukshetra, but there is one particular incident that it is agreed proved to be the final blow in the rivalry between the Kauravas and the Pandavas -- the attempted disrobing cheerharan of Draupadi in the court of Hastinapur.

It was after this incident that the Pandavas decided to avenge their honour, inheritance and the kingdom which, according to law, was rightfully theirs. The Kauravas, given their proclivity for wreaking havoc on the Pandavas, invited Yudhisthira to play a game of dice, fully aware that gambling was his weakness.

Shakuni, the maternal uncle of the Kauravas, had a boon that made him the inevitable victor in any game of dice. In the spree of matches that followed, the Pandavas lost everything they owned due to the unfair means employed by the Kauravas. The last thing that the Pandavas "owned" was their wife, Draupadi, who was menstruating during the match. Nonetheless, the Kaurava prince Dushasana forcefully fetched her out and presented her before the court.

Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas, ordered Dushasana to strip Draupadi naked in front of the people. Elders like Dhritrashtra, father to the Kauravas, sat and watched the events unfold without any protest. Draupadi would have been disrobed in front of the court that day had it not been for Krishna's intervention.

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Compare this to the cheerharan done to the people by modern-day governments, which justify that their actions are not illegal since they fall in the confines of the Constitution. Dharma or the right way of living was the equivalent of the Constitution prevalent during the times of the Mahabharata. It was the guiding principle that provided the basic framework for kings to follow while making any law or passing any command.

Since the code of Dharma could not be violated and any law in contravention with Dharma was against the society, it can also be compared with the modern-day principle laid down by the Supreme Court of India called the "basic structure doctrine. He further told her that the ancient laws allowed a woman to go to only with four men with her husband's permission.

It is you who defines me the most: Karna’s love letter to Draupadi

Since Draupadi had been with five men, he said, she was a whore and public property, according to law. Hence, her disrobing was justified as it fell well within the bounds of law.

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To me, Krishna represents the "will of the people". This is the will that eventually takes the shape of a revolution against the atrocities committed by the State.