Draupadi and arjuna relationship quiz

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draupadi and arjuna relationship quiz

Explore Mahabharata in the voices & through the eyes of Arjun & Draupadi. . 2 States by Chetan Bhagat I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh The 3. Draupadi's relationship with the Pandavas is complex and at the heart of the Mahabharat. 1. Draupadi and Arjuna: Let's jump right in with the most important. Arjun and Draupadi Story - Though it seems that the epic agreed upon a number of protocols governing their relations with Draupadi. One of.

This especially holds true for all the nations that are governed by a Constitution and where the people, directly or indirectly, elect the executive. Now, the Mahabharata, the Indian epic set during the Vedic age, is considered to be an authority in matters of State, government, polity and philosophy.

draupadi and arjuna relationship quiz

Draupadi represents the modern day nation-state and the subjects who are stripped of their rights There are numerous interpretations of the epic and the events that led to the Great War of Kurukshetra, but there is one particular incident that it is agreed proved to be the final blow in the rivalry between the Kauravas and the Pandavas -- the attempted disrobing cheerharan of Draupadi in the court of Hastinapur. It was after this incident that the Pandavas decided to avenge their honour, inheritance and the kingdom which, according to law, was rightfully theirs.

The Kauravas, given their proclivity for wreaking havoc on the Pandavas, invited Yudhisthira to play a game of dice, fully aware that gambling was his weakness. Shakuni, the maternal uncle of the Kauravas, had a boon that made him the inevitable victor in any game of dice.

draupadi and arjuna relationship quiz

In the spree of matches that followed, the Pandavas lost everything they owned due to the unfair means employed by the Kauravas.

The last thing that the Pandavas "owned" was their wife, Draupadi, who was menstruating during the match. Nonetheless, the Kaurava prince Dushasana forcefully fetched her out and presented her before the court. Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas, ordered Dushasana to strip Draupadi naked in front of the people.

MahaBharat 17 E Subhadra, Arjuna, Draupadi

Elders like Dhritrashtra, father to the Kauravas, sat and watched the events unfold without any protest. Draupadi would have been disrobed in front of the court that day had it not been for Krishna's intervention.

Arjun: Without a Doubt

Compare this to the cheerharan done to the people by modern-day governments, which justify that their actions are not illegal since they fall in the confines of the Constitution. Dharma or the right way of living was the equivalent of the Constitution prevalent during the times of the Mahabharata.

It was the guiding principle that provided the basic framework for kings to follow while making any law or passing any command. Since the code of Dharma could not be violated and any law in contravention with Dharma was against the society, it can also be compared with the modern-day principle laid down by the Supreme Court of India called the "basic structure doctrine. He further told her that the ancient laws allowed a woman to go to only with four men with her husband's permission.

Sometimes we arrive at our life's purpose through marriage; like Subhadra for instance

Since Draupadi had been with five men, he said, she was a whore and public property, according to law. One, a book on Arjuna can be written. Two, Arjuna is definitely not the non-exciting character that I made him out to be with all the various interpretations of Mahabharata that I have read so far. My love for Mahabharata is very well-evident from the number of interpretations of Mahabharata I have in my book collection.

Uttarā (Mahabharata)

So when the author sent me this review copy of this book, I was more than happy to read it and add it to my collection. A lot of the happenings in the book is something that is known to everyone who has read one form of Mahabharata or the other.

The main distinguishing factor of this book from the other books is that, yes, it does have Arjun as the title character, but it also has a novel way of moving the narrative with two narrators. Arjun along with Draupadi are the two narrators and this choice of narrators is something that I would definitely like to commend Sweety for. With a lot of focus thrown on just the two of them, who seem centric to the epic, Sweety manages to retell the happenings of Mahabharata with great ease.

draupadi and arjuna relationship quiz

There is not much focus on any of the characters apart from Krishna and Kunti, in the very end and each of the characters are uses as plot elements very effectively.

He sure is the wonderful warrior and Casanova, but Sweety manages to portray him in much better light that what he is usually shown.

draupadi and arjuna relationship quiz