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donkey kong and diddy relationship help

They're not as useful as me of course, but they might be able to help.” —Cranky Kong rumored girlfriend. Diddy Kong — Donkey Kong's sidekick and Dixie Kong's boyfriend. Swanky Kong — Relationship unknown. Baby Kong (Baby Kong. Donkey Kong – Cranky and Wrinkly Kong's grandson, Diddy Kong's uncle and best friend, Candy Kong's rumored boyfriend and the ruler of DK. Donkey Kong: DK is obviously the leader of the DK Crew so Lanky sees DK as a On the fortunate side, Chunky is eager to help Lanky in any of his pranks or Fortunately, it's less of Dixie that Lanky teases with Diddy's relationship with her.

He also sees Bluster as a prideful and stupid Yes. To Lanky Kong, Swanky Kong is nothing more than his rival for attention. Lanky competes with Swanky for more attention. He barely shows any friendliness to the kong. Lanky loves to test his patience and annoyance just for kicks. Sometimes Lanky gets away with it without having a single scratch. So Lanky Kong is willing to do whatever it takes to stand in his way and do whatever it takes to make him stop his destruction nonsense!

He likes to tease him about that and likes to tease him about Pauline. However, other than that, they can be on friendly terms. Lanky also knows that Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and he admits that he is almost jealous about his hero role. Like others that know Mario, Lanky is clueless about Luigi actually existing.

However, after straightening out the identity crisis, Lanky and Luigi got on more friendly terms. Unfortunately, Lanky still enjoys joking around with Luigi about being a Mario wanna-be and is a sissy pants.

He enjoys her polite personality.

Kong Family

Specter, Lord of the Monkeys: Lanky barely even knows who this guy is so he assumes he is a magician wanna be and an annoying midget jester. He also complains that his vocabulary is too complex and he actually needs to speak English. At first, Lanky thought of her as a snoop on DK Isle and a shy little gal.

When actually getting to know her, Lanky sees her more as a cute and kind little girl. Hurdy, the Moogle Bard: He also makes a funny joke that he knows Candy really well since he owns a lot of instruments. He often plays pranks on poor Hurdy too just to see his reactions.

Lanky likes to be an awful nice pal with the green dino. Lanky is already perfectly aware that Wario is greedy ol snob and not the nicest company. Even he says he is. Lanky often teases him because of that and makes ridiculous taunts about him having terrible garlic breath, needing to lose weight, and his ridiculous farting problems.

donkey kong and diddy relationship help

No offense, but you need some serious help! Word went through the island from DK after some racing Y'know. He enjoys her company but for some odd reason, he finds her to be a bit…confusing. She is one of the first eight playable characters. Her acceleration and handling are slightly below average, and she has a medium top speed. It is the first game on the Wii she appears in. It is also the second racing game for her character.

She is one of the unlockable characters in this game. He was freed by Lanky in the level Frantic Factory. Before he was freed, he indicates that he does not like heights.

Despite his brawny build, he acts somewhat cowardly and childish. He also seems slower on the ball than the other characters. During the attract mode to Donkey Kong 64, all the Kongs are displayed and their abilities shown in the manner of a hip hop video. Chunky Kong is dressed in a flare-legged disco outfit with an afro hairstyle, but immediately realizes this is out of style or out of place for rap and runs off, immediately returning wearing more appropriate clothes.

One example of Chunky's fears is when the player selects him in the barrel, he gets scared, shakes his head 'no' and tries to convince the player to choose Tiny Kong instead although when not highlighted in the "select spotlight," he is shown to be more enthusiastic about being selected.

His weapon is the Pineapple Launcher, his instrument is the Triangle Trample, and the potion enables him to do Hunky Chunky, turning gigantic, Primate Punch, unleashing a very powerful punch which can smash down some doors and walls, and Gorilla-Gone, turning temporarily invisible.

He can carry boulders and other heavy items that the other Kongs cannot carry. Rool in the last boxing match in Donkey Kong He appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. He also made a brief cameo appearance in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3 in the third challenge of Funky's Rentals, where he was one of the Kongs that he had to be rescued from the Kremlings' kidnapping threat, along with other characters such as Candy, Tiny and Cranky Kong.

In Donkey Kong Barrel Blasthis weapon called the Pineapple Launcher is an item that can be obtained in an item balloon and follows the player ahead of you until it hits them. Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Their mission was to solve a series of mysteries in the Northern Kremisphere and find their missing friends Donkey and Diddy.

He did not appear in Donkey Kong 64but was mentioned in the manual as being the baby brother of Chunky Kong. He was slated to appear in Donkey Kong Racing before it was cancelled and so far has yet to appear in any games since then. His abilities included water skipping, being able to roll farther to make longer than average jumps, and throwing Dixie high out of normal jump reach, with Dixie being able to throw him and guide his fall to break platforms and unveil hidden secrets.

Lanky's first appearance was in Donkey Kong 64 as one of the game's five playable Kongs. His weapon is the Grape Shooter, his instrument is the Trombone Tremor, and the Potion enables him to do OrangStand, walking on his hands to climb steep slopes.

Baboon Balloon allows him to inflate himself to reach higher areas, and OrangSprint allows him to run really fast on his hands. Lanky Kong is known for his lack of style or grace, as well as his humorous-looking face.

Diddy's Kong Quest in which Diddy and Dixie must answer questions about the game correctly to win extra lives. The questions would range from easy ones such as enemies you have seen and the world you're currently in to hard ones such as objects in the background. Even if you lost, Swanky would still give you some as a consolation prize. In Donkey Kong Country 2, he wears a blue oversized jacket and had an afro hair style.

In DKC3, he wears a white long-sleeved shirt, a gold vest, a bowler hat, black pants, black and white shoes, and had a diamond-topped cane. If you beat all of his quizzes, Swanky will reward you with a photo of himself to add to the scrapbook. Swanky Kong has yet to appear in other games and become playable along with Candy Kong. His relationship to the Kong Family is currently unknown.

Rool and antagonize the Kongs on a regular basis. They make their home on the Crocodile Isle, They come in many sizes, varieties and colors, and most of them are anthropomorphic.

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Many of their names begin with the letter "K", with the exception of Skidda from Donkey Kong Country 3. In the first Donkey Kong Country, the Kremlings wore military attire, but with the sequel, they switched their gear to pirate-themed ones which seemed to be custom in their home island.

In the third game, many of them were seen with no clothing of any sort. The Kremling Krew is the name used for K. Rool's entire army, which not only consist of the Kremlings, but also of many different animal species birds, mammals, insects, fish, other reptiles, etc. Several machines and ghosts undead seem to be included in the Kremling Krew as well. While almost all the Kremlings are enemies of the Kongs, one exception is K.

Lumsy, who opens up levels for the Kongs in Donkey Kong Rool[ edit ] Main article: Rool is a hot-tempered, temperamental, and baleful green Kremling who was the main antagonist of many Donkey Kong games and has been Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's archenemy ever since his creation during the era of Rare development. The despotic king of Kremlings and master of Kremling Krew, he constantly antagonizes the Kongs, referring to them as "filthy apes ," "monkey brains," and "ludicrous lemurs " as well as frequently robbing Donkey Kong's banana hoard.

His most distinguishing features are the tic in his left eyehis red cape, his gold crown and wrist bands, and his yellow belly originally a piece of golden armor [22] with an outie navelhis tail seems to change size or disappear completely between appearances.

Rool has huge muscles in his arms and he has proven to have enormous brute strength that matches perhaps surpasses both Donkey Kong and Chunky Kong in power.

Rool's crown-and-cape look has been his default appearance since Donkey Kong Countryhe takes on alternate disguises and personalities to battle the Kongs in other games. He is the pirate Kaptain K.

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He later takes the alias of the mad scientist Baron K. While doing so, he creates a distraction of a machine called KAOS to observe the Kongs' progress throughout the game. He becomes King "Krusha" K. Rool in Donkey Kong This game also features Gloomy Galleon, which features a sunken ship bearing pictures of his previous alias, Kaptain K.

It is unknown whether or not this is the ship in Donkey Kong Country 2.

donkey kong and diddy relationship help

Rool's henchmen are Klump and Krusha. He is portrayed as somewhat pompous with a stereotypical English dialect. His name is a pun on the word cruel.

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Rool also appeared in Mario Super Sluggers his first appearance in a Mario game as an unlockable character along with DonkeyDiddyand Funky Kong as well as one of his Kritters. He uses his magical staff as a bat. A Mii Fighter costume based on K. Rool's design appears in Super Smash Bros. Rool's right hand men in the Donkey Kong franchise.