Dino morea and bipasha basu relationship quizzes

Dino Morea Was Bipasha Basu's 'First Date' in Mumbai - NDTV Movies

dino morea and bipasha basu relationship quizzes

Bipasha Basu was born on 7 January to a Bengali family in Delhi. The film stars Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea as a couple who have moved to Ooty to . Bipasha, reportedly, broke up with Dino when she started seeing actor John Gulf Indian School retains IDF Health Quiz Trophy File photo of Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu Dino and Bipasha were in a relationship in the late s but called it quits a decade back.

I also have a cup of Indian chai, but without milk. The liquids which go into my system are coconut water, green tea, and two nimbu paanis. I have nothings from packets, even the masalas. Lunch is very basic, basically home khana comprising sabji, salads, dal and a bowl of sweet potato, which in love.

The carbs are red rice, black rice or quinoa. Amazon What is your fitness mantra? Spirituality for different people could mean different things- it could be praying or Tai Chi or something else. I personally have been doing yoga for 20 years. I started it off as a workout, but slowly you realize that it also calms you down and start dealing with issues in a better way.

People in Mumbai and other places too are obsessed with the gym and they end up with health issues because their goal is all about the body, just about being thin. They end up neglecting other issues and have high BP, depression, diabetes and lots of other stuff. Coconut water is a drink which Deanne has daily. What tips did you give them?

Along with making them fitter and more disciplined I used to pass on a lot of knowledge. But I also got to learn a lot from them, and realized being an actor means travelling a lot in different time zones, having sleepless nights and working 24 hours non-stop and yet be in front of the press and media and all of that.

So you really have to be very strong in the mind. They are all very strong individuals since if you have to be in the industry you have to very tough.

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I must admit, you have an awesome physique. I live in the US and always envy all models turned filmstars with such fantastic set of abs. Any tips you want to share? I would only say: Which part of India do you belong to? I was born and brought up in Bangalore. My name is an Italian name because my father is an Italian and my mother is Indian. Name the most joyous moment of your life? The moment when we came to know that Raaz is doing really well and Dino has been accepted in the film industry.

It was a dream come true. I had been wishing for that for a long time. How do you see competition from other models? There are so many movies and there's a space for many people. I will go on and do my job.

And I believe in the maxim: A healthy competition is always good. Do you want to move to Italy in the later part of your life? I haven't thought about it right now, but I would love to give Hollywood a shot. Do you also follow Series A? I do follow a lot of football! What is your opinion about my favourite actress Preity Zinta?

Are you doing any films with her? I know her personally. On the sets she's bubbly and totally a livewire. I hope we get to do a movie soon. Would love to work with her. How did you manage to have such a sweet smile and cute dimples? That I have to ask my parents. Were they smiling when they made me? Did you take any formal training in acting?

All I have learnt so far is through experiences in life and a willingness to act. When is your birthday? Didn't mean to be inquisitive Please wish me on my birthday!

Which movie of yours will be the next to hit the screen? What character do you play in it?

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Next will be Ishq Hai Tumse. I am playing a nice Hindu boy who's in love with a Muslim girl, played by Bipasha. It's a sweet, romantic film.

Did you feel awkward doing the steamy scenes with Malini Sharma in front of Bipasha Basu? That's what acting is all about. In acting, you have got to concentrate, keep your mind clean and do what your director wants you to do. It's all about dropping your inhibitions! If you are to choose an Indian heroine to marry whom will you choose?

That's a tough one. Madhuri Dixit is really beautiful. She's a complete woman. She's the one I would have chosen. What do you think one must have in himself to be a good actor? Willingness to act, no inhibitions at all and it should come from within. I feel that one has to experience life a lot. Experiences have to come from your memory bank. You have to be appealing and good looking too. You do not sound convincing as an actor, no offense meant, but how do you react to that comment? Honestly, everybody has an opinion about everyone.

I thinkRaaz was my first big movie with a good director. In Gunaah and Baaz, I have progressed as an actor. I come from a family with no background in movies. If you think I was not good in Raaz, I think that is your opinion and hope that your opinion changes when you see the rest of my movies. Why did you think Baaz - The Bird in Danger just flew off the box office? I think you did well in it.

Well, thank you Harish. I am happy you went and saw the movie. The screenplay, I think, didn't end the same way as expected, so that's why the audience didn't watch it. And please go and watch my other movies which are going to release. But you sound to be a better human being than actor. God bless in your future ventures.

dino morea and bipasha basu relationship quizzes

Thank you very much. I think I am human being and I shouldn't change for anyone or anything. What kind of movies would you like to act in the future?

I would like to do movies like Assassin and Scar-face. How do you remain focused when there are so many distractions? My friend, it's all about concentration and being focused on what you want to do.

There can be a lot of distractions. You just have to concentrate. Are you a snob? Obviously, I am going to say 'no'. In reality, I am not a snob. I am quite simple and I have no hang-ups.

dino morea and bipasha basu relationship quizzes

Who are your favorite actors and actresses in the Hindi film industry? I like Sanjay Dutt too as he has a lot of attitude. Why have you limited yourself to small films with happening heroines? LoC was offered to me but there were a lot more people involved in it. These days the banners don't always work. You just need to see what the movie is all about. It's a prime example. Don't you think that today your generation of models are doing very well in films?

Because we are being appreciated a lot more now.

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A model has to prove himself or herself and get a higher status. Post the glamour world what do you plan to do? I am opening a restaurant.