David and nabal relationship quizzes

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david and nabal relationship quizzes

Abigail Nabal David 1 Samuel 25 submission Bible biblia . [2] I wonder why Abigail's parents arranged such a marriage for their daughter. What was Eli's relationship to Samuel? Abigail prevented David from killing Nabal, which was her ______. What was Jezebel's relationship to Ahab?. David asked Nabal for food, but Nabal rebuffed him. He delivered her from an awful marriage, and gave her the opportunity to improve her.

Carmel should not to be confused with the Carmel area in northern Israel Mt.

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The Biblical Story of Bathsheba click to play it. Question by author bigwoo. Taking a bath 2 Samuel Bathsheba as was the custom was bathing at night in the water that was heated by the desert sun that day. Joab click to play it. Question by author Mustelidae. He was an obedient commander to David and did almost everything David wanted him to do.

The Biblical Story of Hannah click to play it. The son would be given to God and no razor would be used on his head I Samuel 1: Which invading people did Saul rally the troops to fight against? Ammonites The Ammonites were led by Nahash. The Ammonites were descendants of Lot, who was Abraham's nephew. The Israelites were descendants of Abraham through Isaac. The people of Jabesh attempted to sign a treaty to serve Nahash, but Nahash stated he would agree only if he could "gouge out all your right eyes" 1 Samuel Buying seven days from Nahash, the besieged city sent out messengers.

When Saul heard the news, he cut up the oxen he had been using and sent it as pieces throughout the land with the threat that those who failed to fight would lose their oxen in a similar manner. However, the people were also roused by the Spirit of God to come fight and successfully routed the Ammonites. Saul's leadership as king was reaffirmed at Gilgal after this campaign.

Yes, the issue had to be investigated and if it was a premeditated murder he was given up to the avenger of blood Cities of Refuge were set up to protect people who accidentally killed someone manslaughternot to protect willful murderers. If someone sought refuge their case was to be investigated and if the murder was premeditated and not an accident, the person was to be denied refuge.

Exodus 21, Numbers 35, Deuteronomy What name was given to the son born to Phinehas the same day after his death? What is the meaning of Ichabod? The glory has departed from Israel.

Which town did the Philistines send the ark of God after they captured it at Ebenezer? The Philistines sent the ark of God to the temple of their god called….

david and nabal relationship quizzes

What state did the people of Ashdod find Dagon the next morning after the ark of God was kept in its temple? Dagon has fallen on his face to the ground before the ark of the LORD. What did the people of Ashdod do when they found Dagon with its face to the ground? They took Dagon and put him back in his place. What happened to Dagon the second day after he was placed back on his feet? He has fallen on his face to the ground before the ark of the LORD with his head and hands broken off.

According to 1 Samuel 5: From Gath, where did the Philistines send the ark of the God of Israel? For how long was the ark of the Lord in the territory of the Philistines? For seven 7 months. Five 5 gold tumours and five 5 gold rats. According to 1 Samuel 6: They rejoiced at the sight of the ark of the LORD.

Why did God strike down some of the inhabitants of Beth Shemesh, putting seventy 70 of them to death? Kiriath Jearim 1 Samuel 7: The house of Abinadab 1 Samuel 7: Eleazar, the son of Abinadab 1 Samuel 7: According to 1 Samuel 7: What name did he give to the place? What is the meaning of Ebenezer? According to 1 Samuel 8: Mention the names of the sons of Samuel.

Describe the leadership conduct of the sons of Samuel as recorded in 1 Samuel 8: Why according to 1 Samuel 8: Because the sons of Samuel did not follow his ways, and they want to have a king like the other nations.

What was the reaction of Samuel to the demand of the Israelites for a king? He was displeased and so he prayed to the LORD. Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have….

Abigail: A Bible Woman with Beauty and Brains

Mention one of the things that the king who will reign over the Israelites will claim as his rights Each Assembly could mention one. Describe the physical features of Saul, as described in 1 Samuel 9: He is handsome and taller than anyone else in Israel at the time. State the genealogy of Saul, according to 1 Samuel 9: In which district did Saul meet Samuel for the first time?

In the district of Zuph. What kind of oil did Samuel used to anoint Saul according to 1 Samuel According to 1 Samuel What is this that has happened to the son of Kish? Is Saul also among the prophets?

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Which clan in the tribe of Benjamin does Saul come from? The clan of Matri 1 Samuel Which town in Israel does Saul come from? According to the records in 1 Samuel Three hundred and thirty thousandmen.

david and nabal relationship quizzes

Saul led Israel to war for the first time against which people? The Book of 1 Samuel centres around four main rulers of Israel. Eli, Samuel, Saul and David. How old was Saul when he became king over Israel? For how many years did Saul reign over Israel as king?

David and Abigail

Who said these words to Jonathan, according to 1 Samuel About twenty 20 men. They were striking each other with their swords. God did not answer him that day. Saul intended killing his son Jonathan for tasted a little honey contrary to the oath of fasting placed on the entire army. The men or the leaders of the army 1 Samuel How many children did Saul have? Five 1 Samuel Mention the names of the two 2 daughters of Saul. Merab and Michal 1 Samuel What is the name of the first son of Saul?

What is the name of the wife of Saul? He wants to punish them because they waylaid the Israelites when they came up from Egypt. What was the name of the king of the Amalekites when Saul went to attack them? Where can we find this statement? In which Scripture verse was Saul directly told that he was rejected by God as king?

According to the words of Saul in 1 Samuel He was afraid of the men army.

david and nabal relationship quizzes

What did Saul do to him? The messengers told Nabal about how they had been protecting his shepherds and they asked for provisions, but Nabal refused them.

david and nabal relationship quizzes

Her servants, both male and female, promptly helped Abigail in her decisive plan to placate David. Abigail was not just intelligent and beautiful, she was also brave.

She gave David and his men plenty of food. Click To Tweet Abigail was also brave considering that her actions would be found out by her husband, and then she would have to face his violent temper. The next day, Abigail told Nabal everything that she had done.

Nabal immediately has some kind of heart attack and died ten days later from heart failure. Because of his mean, stubborn and perverse character, Nabal had failed to have a true appreciation of who David was. But Abigail knew who David was. She knew that he was an outlaw on the run from King Saul, and she spoke eloquently and prophetically about David and his future reign as king of Israel.

Here is an excerpt: