Daenerys and jorah relationship counseling

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daenerys and jorah relationship counseling

Dany seems moved by Jon's connection with her enormous, dreadful son. Dany openly and outrageously flirts with Jorah's new, smooth, . Gendry discarding all advice and breezily identifying himself to a potential rival for. Xaro offers to fund Daenerys's invasion of Westeros in exchange for her hand in marriage. Later, she seeks Jorah's advice about the proposal and he cautions. I'm extremely curious as to where Jorah and Dany's story is heading. I know we all joke about him being Ser Friendzone, but their kiss in the Dany is heeding Jorah's advice again. She trusts him, and for him to kiss her.

You can thank me after you have successfully completed the task. A thank you note will suffice, along with the new edition of Flash. If there is no fire between the two of you, there isn't any point in pursuing the relationship, although, only the fire is not enough to salvage a companionship. Sometimes, a person may love you, but it might not be enough.

daenerys and jorah relationship counseling

It will be extremely delightful if they can quote Shakespeare at the drop of a hat. I'm sure we relate to his plight at some level. If it is meant to happen, it will surely happen.

Carry on with all your heart, you never know; persistence may one day pay off. She is a passionate woman with a guarded heart which only a few have been able to penetrate, barring her dragons, of course. She is a lover in the truest sense and once she gives her heart to someone, she makes it a point to honor it until the very end.

Also, she is the queen of friend-zoning unsuitable candidates. If you are not willing to give yourself up for the other person, you are not really in love. Also, when the time comes, you must be ready to sacrifice more than just your heart. Guard your heart with a lock which only a worthy companion has the key to.

She had forgiven him, but she could not forget; the demon's mask on his face presented her with a reminder of his betrayal each time she looked at him, as surely as that of justice having been meted out and served. Of course, he was well aware that everyone else who looked at him saw him as a force not to be reckoned with; thus his relative certainty that between an unruly former slave and three Dothraki warriors armed with arakhs, few would present a threat to the queen in the road.

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Lady Arianne had said as much, sauntering up to where he'd stood guard over the Iron Throne and tracing a delicate fingertip over the bear rampant that clasped the ends of his white cloak at his throat.

Only are you certain so fearsome a knight would not better serve to safeguard the queen's Hand and her realm? A little game Lady Arianne is trying to get me to play along with. I'm sorry she drew you into it. He'd never been a handsome man, even before the slavers' brand further marred his face, yet being the butt of a fair, highborn lady's japes-not to mention the fact that his queen, apparently, bore the brunt of his shame-was one more cause for dismay with every hoofbeat they came nearer to Winterfell.

A howling gust swept a swirl of snowflakes before Jorah's eyes, and he glanced down at Daenerys, pale skin and fair hair, wrapped in white fur upon her little silver mare. Daenerys was restless in King's Landing, he'd had known that even before she told him. In fact he'd suspected this day would come since they left Meereen and she'd admitted what a relief it was to leave behind the wooden bench where she'd held court in her pyramid.

She'd grown too accustomed to the saddle as khaleesi to sit on her pretty little arse going nowhere and doing nothing toward her goal of reclaiming the Iron Throne. What had she thought she would do with the Iron Throne once she'd won it but sit on it? But the queen's nomadic existence went further back than her time with the Dothraki. She'd been born wandering, in search of her home. And now that search appeared to be leading her to his. His heart, pounding in time with the hoofbeats, leapt within him as they took a jump over a branch that had cracked under the burden of snow and fallen across the path, only to come crashing back to earth again with the landing.

The smile fell from his face, and his gloved fingers slackening on the reins, so that his horse began to lag behind Daenerys on her silver.

daenerys and jorah relationship counseling

Gripping them all the harder, he pushed ahead, keeping apace, though he could not match her mood again. How could he dare to hope that Daenerys would find what she sought when he had no way of knowing whether the long and wandering road he'd taken to Bear Island really would lead him home?

Maege still had the rule of the island. She knew he lived and was on the way, for he'd sent a raven to inform her of the Queen's intent to see the northlands, and her terse reply had been a typical one for any of his kin, expressing no wish that he not return.

Though how could she, when he wrote as her liege's own emissary? Nor did she pen one word of forgiveness. He may look on the familiar, beloved pines that stood where they had for a thousand years, before his kinfolk did, but their arms stretched ever upward, and could not bow to embrace. As for Daenerys…not for the first time did the sight of her remind him of Lynesse.

And while he knew the similarities between the two women went only skin deep, and his love for Daenerys had taken root much, much deeper… Daenerys was also not the first fair young lady who asked him to take her home, and it was most likely she, like the one who had come before, would find only bitter disappointment. He could not allow his mind to travel further down the road to hope; that way lay only madness.

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Ser Jorah had looked as though he thought her mad when she had proposed, more than a month ago now, that they visit his family's island. It did seem a bit mad to abandon the throne she had sat for barely a year, but Dany was confident her Hand would rule well in her stead, and truth be told, Kings' Landing was beginning to stifle her.

She had expected a hard fight for her kingdom, but the chaos she found among the ruins of Westeros still had shocked her. Winning the land was simpler than keeping it — even after their defeat, the high lords grumbled and bickered and, she suspected, whispered behind her back.

She had pardoned men for crimes she had not witnessed, witnessed crimes she could not fathom, and smiled brightly at those she would sooner see hanged, drawn, and quartered. After their War of Five Kings, it was left to her to sew back together the pieces of this broken country. She did not know how she would have done it without Lady Arianne. The Dornish princess had the Westerosi breeding Dany lacked, and was completely fearless besides.

She would have been a perfect choice for the Queen's Hand even had Dany not been bound to her family by an old promise and by her guilt at poor Quentyn's demise. Even with Arianne's help, keeping Westeros was more challenging even than navigating the political quagmire of Meereen.

Part of her had expected her countrymen to welcome her with open arms — as the Martells had — but most simply seemed to resent her and her foreign army.

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Ser Jorah had been right about that - and about so much else. At the crossroads inn he had made a jape of his fervent mistrust of her early allies, yet she could not deny that his paranoia had been painfully accurate. Lady Arianne has no reason to deceive me.

In some ways - though it pained her to think so - she doubted her faith in him would ever be what it once was. She had not been keen to welcome him back when he had appeared at her court in Meereen, but the voice that had whispered to her in the grass won out — and perhaps the child in her as well, who only wanted her bear at her side again.

The ruler in her kept him at a distance, allowing him a place in her Queensguard but not a return to his position as captain of her army and first of her knights.

  • Game of Thrones as Myth: Jorah Mormont as the Archetypal Dishonored Knight

It had taken weeks to bring herself to look at him again, longer to speak to him without choking back tears, and months of battle before she allowed herself to believe he was truly on her side. Her Commander, sweet old Ser Barristan who had been like a father to her, had fallen in the final battle and she had allowed Jorah to replace him only after she had sent his body to the Stormlands and finished his entry in the White Book with her own hand.

Hizdahr she had executed, Daario Naharis had turned cloak and taken his Stormcrows with him, and so it was as it had been in the beginning, but for the addition of her Unsullied — Queen Daenerys and her khalasar, swelled with the addition of the late Khal Jhaqo's riders, her bloodriders, and her Queensguard. The new Queen of Westeros had received no shortage of marriage proposals, but most of the men remaining in Westeros after the long war were either much too young or much too old, and Dany was already weary of political marriages.

Despite Lady Arianne's constant efforts at matchmaking, she preferred to rule on her own for the near future.

daenerys and jorah relationship counseling

Not that that decision had silenced her Hand. Surely I have misheard you, most loyal friend. She knew he had loved her, but everything had been different between them after Meereen.

She had not known what she felt for him even when she had believed in his loyalty completely, and now she was less certain than ever. And she had a kingdom to rule. She gave Arianne her customary response.

daenerys and jorah relationship counseling

I have a taste for white knights myself…in fact, if you let your Commander linger too long I may try at him. That demon tattoo is so…dangerous.