Charlie kelly likes and dislikes in a relationship

The Demented Courtship of Charlie and the Waitress on 'Always Sunny'

charlie kelly likes and dislikes in a relationship

Charles "Charlie" Kelly is the janitor of Paddy's Pub. "Dennis' Double Life" when he finds out what's it's like being in a relationship with her. level he is miserably aware and ashamed of his failings, and hates to be reminded of it. . It is the only access to Charlie's "bad room", in which Charlie likes to go to "be alone and. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: "The Waitress is Getting Married" who apparently are in an open, sexual relationship based around a food His hobby is “magnets,” his likes include “ghouls” and what's his pet peeve?. Charlie Kelly may be one of the most brilliantly written characters ever for the small his likes are ghouls, and most curiously his dislikes are people's knees. In the episode “Mac Fights Gay Marriage” Charlie and Frank get.

Was this a sign that she was warming to Charlie all along? At the conclusion of a deeply erotic and upsetting musical, Charlie literally flies down from the ceiling and proposes to the Waitress in an original song. The two have a magical night together, collecting shells, cuddling puppies, and jumping through the ocean waves.

Later that season, Charlie almost gets to bang the Waitress after the gang totally embarrasses themselves at their high school reunion, but misses out last minute when Schmitty Jason Sudekis swoops in and introduces himself first.

charlie kelly likes and dislikes in a relationship

However, the entire relationship was just a ruse to get to the Waitress. And, in an interesting twist, it works. Due to some weird and unrelated scheming by Frank and Dennis, the Waitress pleads with Charlie to come back into her life and make all the insanity stop.

And for good reason. Instead of begging, he tries negging, and it works. Considering the fact that this woman has crazy low self esteem, the whole endeavor actually makes sense.

Charlie would probably welcome the attention, so probably not. Despite this, he seems to have had luck with other women, such as in the pilot episode "The Gang Gets Racist", where he begins dating a girl he meets at a community center, only to be dumped when trying to use her to get a date with The Waitress.

Another instance of Charlie having a stable girlfriend is in the season eight episode "Charlie and Dee Find Love", where he begins dating an attractive and wealthy young woman, played by Alexandra Daddariowho appreciates him for who he is. Unfortunately, Charlie ruins this relationship by revealing he only was using this kind young woman to get closer to The Waitress. In the season ten episode "The Gang Misses the Boat", Charlie and Sweet Dee share an intimate night after an intense slam poetry session together, but by the following day refuse to even comment on the previous night's incident.

charlie kelly likes and dislikes in a relationship

In the season 12 episode The Gang Tends Bar, Dee makes Charlie a valentine and gets angry with him when he doesn't give one back. After threatening him with a bag of Anthrax actually just powdered sugar he writes a song for her, which she calls pathetic. Other instances throughout the series suggest that there may be unadmitted feelings between the two.

Charlie's genuine affection for The Waitress, twisted and sociopathic as it often is, has been cited by co-creator Glenn Howerton as an element that grounds The Gang's misadventures somewhat.

charlie kelly likes and dislikes in a relationship

He did however manage to win over the waitress in season 12 "Dennis' Double Life" where they both expressed their feelings together and ended up having sex, only for Charlie to realize she is not what he pictured her to be.

Morality[ edit ] Charlie consistently shows more empathy than any other member of The Gang and seems to have slightly higher ethical standards. For example, he turned in the McPoyle Brothers when they attempted to profit from accusing a former teacher of molestation. In the episode "The Gang Finds a Dead Guy", he and Mac burn a box of authentic Nazi memorabilia once belonging to Dennis and Dee's grandfather, although they destroyed it only after trying to sell it to a museum for a profit, and Charlie keeps a Nazi officer's cap.

Despite his often firm sense of right-and-wrong, Charlie has few friends, depending largely on the selfish, unstable bonds formed within The Gang. It is revealed that Charlie never had a high social standing from childhood and, in high schoolonly gained any attention by engaging in disgusting acts like eating worms or eraserswhich earned him the nickname "dirt-grub". He has repeatedly claimed to have hated high school. He and Dee seem to be true friends, partaking in platonic activities and frequently teaming up in The Gang's misadventures, often against Mac and Dennis.

Charlie has even once or twice shown a small romantic interest in Dee but usually agrees with the rest of the gang that she is unattractive. However, their friendship is frequently marred when The Gang gets caught up in controversial issues, or whenever one of the two switches sides in their many battles against Mac and Dennis.

Charlie's deeper understanding of right and wrong likely stems from a lifetime of mistreatment by other people. Charlie, unlike the rest of The Gang, also appears to have had a loving, if emotionally fragile, mother and a stable childhood although it's revealed in "The Great Recession" that Charlie may have been molested by his uncle Jack.


Despite his morals, however, Charlie is not above selfishly manipulating, deceiving, and harming others for personal gain or vengeance. He enjoys seeing the other members of The Gang embarrassed or degraded, much like they often degrade him.

For example, in "Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead", he is eager to have someone read to him from Dee's middle school diary, only so he can laugh at her difficulties as a disabled adolescent.

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Family[ edit ] The possibility that Frank Reynolds is his real father has been heavily hinted at throughout the series. Charlie finds out that Frank had a one-night stand with his mother, Bonnie, thirty years earlier, roughly at the same time as Charlie's conception.

Charlie tries to persuade Frank to take a paternity testbut Frank adamantly refuses. The promiscuity of Charlie's mother is suggested more visibly in the episode "A Very Sunny Christmas", where Charlie reminisces about numerous men dressed in Santa suits visiting his mother's bedroom on Christmas morning each year. Though not explicitly stated, Charlie has teenage twin sisters who only appear in the intervention scene of "Charlie Got Molested".

Later in the episode, Charlie mentions one of his sisters while in the car with the McPoyle brothers, however, no further references are made to them in any following episodes.

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Relationship with Frank[ edit ] Despite their unknown genetic bond, Frank and Charlie are very close, sharing an apartment and even the same bed.

They partner in many schemes and were even briefly domestic partners in Season Six. Frank's attachment to Charlie is shown to reach bizarre lengths in the episode "Mac and Charlie Die", where Frank seems to be the most affected by Charlie's death and carries around a mannequin that resembles Charlie. Frank is later witnessed "banging" the mannequin. However, Frank has readily betrayed Charlie on several occasions, manipulating him to gain access to women, including Charlie's beloved Waitress, and using Charlie's name and identity while engaged in illegal financial situations.

When Charlie knew the hidden location of Frank's will from which Charlie was to be the main beneficiaryFrank tried to have Charlie killed. Despite these many offenses against him, Charlie has remained largely devoted to Frank.

In another episode, when Frank abandons Charlie and moves in with Bonnie, Charlie cooks an inedible dinner for The Gang and their parents and causes a string of violent arguments and hurt feelings just to get Frank to leave Bonnie and return to the apartment with him. Charlie and Frank's bizarre relationship is often mocked by the rest of The Gang, particularly the pair's shared embrace of filthy living conditions.

Their apartment appears to be a single room in which they sleep on an old couch bed, cook meals on the radiator or a hot plate and urinate in coffee cans. The alley outside the apartment is crowded with dozens of meowing stray cats after dark, likely the result of Frank and Charlie's nightly consumption of canned cat food followed by a can of beer and a huff of glue fumes to get to sleep.

charlie kelly likes and dislikes in a relationship

They claim this ritual allows them to sleep through the noise of so many stray cats, while everyone else blames the noise on the piles of empty cat-food cans and an open window. The apartment is littered with garbage, dirty dishes and a layer of filth.

In one episode, Frank is seen using a steak knife to cut his toenails. He cuts himself almost immediately and Charlie attempts to cover the wound with garbage off the floor. Frank stayed with Charlie originally as a temporary means to hide both himself and his assets from his gold-digging wife.

However, he quickly came to love Charlie's life of squalid misery and the two now share virtually everything - from a rusty coffee can used as a toilet to cardboard boxes full of pennies, which millionaire Frank keeps for unspecified purposes.

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