Charli baltimore and biggie relationship


charli baltimore and biggie relationship

In the '90s, Charli Baltimore was being groomed for greatness. group which was to include Jay Z, Diddy, Lil Cease and Biggie himself. I'm sure Biggie is looking down and shaking his head upon all the girls fighting over him now! you a lot in the book, but she never calls you Charli Baltimore. She definitely says that you and B.I.G. were in a relationship!. Charli Baltimore: Well anybody that knows Big, or D-Roc or Cease or any person that lived in But like I said, it was a while before I knew they had a personal relationship. Biggie must have had one hell of a penis. smh.

Tell us more about your daughters? When she was 18, she actually had offers to sign with labels, but she had really taken off with the modeling thing, and she wanted to stick with that [at that time]. I think this will be a great platform for them both.

charli baltimore and biggie relationship

Your daughters are beautiful and talented and they definitely have their own view of what success looks like for them. My goal is to see them succeed in whatever they do. Probably his sense of humor. We were friends before we started dating. His personality is what attracted me to him. I would have to say my fondest memory of him would be his sense of humor.

Charli Baltimore: ‘Anybody Who Knows Big Knows I Was His Girl’

I just had this conversation with somebody. I have no idea honestly. I think if Big and Pac both were still alive, it would be a totally different music scene. Do you have any regrets in life? I look at life like this: What was your most valuable lesson learned from back in those days?

I have no ill feelings toward Faith because they were going through a rough situation. Me and her would argue, but I always tried not to be disrespectful because at the end of the day, they were married. I mean, Faith never really disrespected me at all. Not that I can recall.

charli baltimore and biggie relationship

We definitely had words, but it was nothing like with Kim! You know that was one of my questions because in the book Faith describes in detail how she would stomp out these chicks and the physical altercations she had with Kim but when it comes to you… she gives you respect.

Like in a way, I was like well wait a minute if you acting like this with everybody else… Even though B. I never disrespected her to the level of saying anything out of pocket.

A lot of people profited off of B.

PT 3. Charli Baltimore Speaks on the Last Thing Biggie Said and Did for Her on Sway in the Morning

They wanted me to constantly discuss B. We were together for 2 years. I think that people who should discuss it should be his mother, his wife or maybe his best friends. My other question to you in regards to B.

The only thing that I can remember is having a really crazy argument over the phone. I know Sub 0 said some shit about somebody rolling on me or something and I was like nigga [laughs]. You better do a little more of a background check on me before you start saying somebody rolled on me!

My experience with Kim was an argument over the phone. » Charli Baltimore on Lil Kim, the Notorious film, and her man B.I.G.

But I did not know they were fucking for at least the first year we were together. I mean I was around that nigga everywhere! I was in that Get Money video!

charli baltimore and biggie relationship

She was there, I mean come on, and it was their video! I had no clue! So one day we got into an argument over the phone. It started because I answered B. She was like really screaming.

She had entirely too much information. It was a bracelet and a ring. She was mad as shit though! I guess when she saw my shit, she just flipped. I thought about the incident that night but I had no clue. I thought they were cool. He wound up eventually telling me, but he never elaborated that it was anything deeper than that.


After the confrontation over the phone, I remember her doing an interview on the radio and kind of like… they was asking B. I just did an interview and I told everybody you were my girl. You really need to get your shit together! You got too much shit going on! I thought that was really inappropriate because at the time of his death he was still married to Faith and she had just had a baby.

I know I was really hesitant about talking about B. I knew that, that baby was a newborn baby and regardless of whether or not they were together it had to be a crazy situation for Faith to deal with.

charli baltimore and biggie relationship

Especially with a baby. So I never wanted to discuss it any further than you know, the people that knew.

charli baltimore and biggie relationship