Carnage and venom relationship quiz

5 Characters Venom Is Close To (And 15 He Can’t Stand)

carnage and venom relationship quiz

This quiz will relate your personality to that of actual symbiotes. It zac also tell Venom; Scream; Carnage; Payback. Which name[s] do you like better? Mman or . Being host to an alien like Venom sounds awesome, but the price Over time it formed a special bond with Peter Parker, after which it formed a twisted relationship with Eddie Brock built on the symbiote birthed something even more horrifying: Carnage. .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. Find out which Marvel Universe symbiote you would be perfect for! Tags Just For Fun Symbiote Venom Carnage Anti Venom Toxin. Popular.

carnage and venom relationship quiz

Carnage had taken over Jameson while he was Security Chief at Ravencroft. There was some confusion from Ben Reilly then the current Spider-Man as to how Carnage could be running around while Kasady was locked away.

Ultimately the symbiote left Jameson and bonded with Ben to create Spider-Carnage. Even Norrin Radd wasn't safe from being taken over by the Carnage symbiote after it had been separated from Cletus Kasady.

The resulting combination referred to itself as the "Carnage Cosmic. The Surfer is able to maintain some control and tries to destroy the symbiote in space, but eventually takes it back to Kasady and traps both of them in an energy shell.

However, the symbiote seemingly overpowers Norman's mind until they reach an agreement. However, Spider-Man is able to make Norman and the Symbiote separate when he convinces Norman that it would not be him getting revenge, but Carnage.

However, there is a real reason for Carnage's bright red color, and it's actually a bit grosser than you may think. The Carnage symbiote is bonded not just to Kasady's body, but to his bloodstream. It is Kasady's blood that gives Carnage his distinct color.

This is thematically important for a character who is as obsessed with violence as Carnage is. It is also distinct from the Venom symbiote which is bonded to Eddie Brock's nervous system. In the "Axis" storyline, the moralities of several heroes and villains are flipped due to a spell cast by Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. One of those villains happens to be Carnage. Carnage is suddenly overcome with the urge to do good. Eventually, Carnage seemingly sacrifices himself by wrapping his body around a bomb and absorbing the explosion.

At one point, Venom got so tired of dealing with Carnage again and again that he decided to take preemptive action and rid the world of Cletus Kasady's symbiotic alter ego once and for all. While Kasady was being held in a special prison designed to hold Carnage at bay, Venom broke in and got the drop on him.

Due to his sneak attack, Venom was able to separate the Carnage symbiote from Kasady, and he reabsorbed it by eating it. However, that was not the end of Carnage, as there were still traces of the symbiote left in Kasady's blood.

Deadpool tracks the symbiote to Tulsa, where they do battle. Unfortunately, this resulted in Deadpool being ripped apart by Carnage.

Deadpool then rebuilt himself using the symbiotes Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony. Using some of his old tricks, Deadpool convinced Shriek to disguise herself and fight against Carnage.

Once Carnage realized he had injured Shriek, he turned himself in. He also vowed revenge against Deadpool. He even has the ability to regrow parts of himself that have been lost. This has been demonstrated numerous times when Carnage has been almost mortally wounded in battle. While they gave the superfan an opportunity to write scripts for the story, this never panned out and Marvel took control.

Randy Schueller should get more compensation for his idea. Without it, we wouldn't have Venom. The story was altered to have the costume be a living alien being and the team subsequently developed Venom from there. Schueller later admitted that he was not a fan of the costume turned villain idea, but was grateful to have planted the seed for such an iconic Spidey moment. The question still remains however, why did he sell the idea for such a low price?? After all, he receives nothing for the idea.

No royalties, no merchandising, not even a co-creator credit! If he would have argued for some sort of ownership over the idea, he could be swimming in dough right now.

Or, he could have at least had a little bit more money back in the day. Know your worth man! Spider-Man first found the creature that would become Venom, while he was on Battleworld during the Secret Wars.

It became his new costume, supplying him with camouflage and unlimited webbing. He brought it home, but eventually separated with it upon learning that it wanted to permanently bond with him. The symbiote then found Eddie Brock and the rest, as they say, is history.

carnage and venom relationship quiz

Hailing from the Planet of the Symbiotes, the Venom symbiote was exiled from the planet for wanting to form a symbiotic bond with a host, rather than take them over like a parasite. So it should come off as less surprising that when Spider-Man tries to escape from the villain by jumping in a river, the symbiote goes in after him, breathing in all that disgusting water. Maybe symbiotes learn how to swim on their home planet?

During the story, the true origins of the symbiotes are finally revealed to the reader, as well as what happened with the Venom symbiote. Their history is conveyed as a race of creatures with an intent to take over host bodies.

The Venom symbiote was deemed abominable for wanting to bond with a host, instead of conquering them and was subsequently exiled to Battleworld.

Once Spider-Man receives the symbiote, it is discovered that the symbiote is in fact trying to take over, a story element which clashes greatly with the origin of the creature. Unless something happened between the time that it was stranded and when Spider-Man found it, the Venom symbiote was no different from the others.

It could have just been an outsider among its race. While many comic book stories had portrayed the creature as bad, it was unveiled that the Venom symbiote actually had a good nature, resulting in it being exiled from its home planet. Once the symbiote was living with Peter Parker, it certainly enjoyed it. Parker would wake up inexplicably exhausted, discovering that the symbiote was quite fond of him. It also caused Parker to be much more aggressive.

Venom vs Carnage: Which Symbiote Is Stronger?

He realizes this and dumps the suit, making it hungry to get revenge. Of course, Spidey is one of the best hosts that a symbiote could have. His powers are a buffet for any creature looking to feast.

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Parker is also incredibly self-aware though. The symbiote has had many hosts throughout the years, but none more constant than Eddie Brock. However, it makes no sense how Brock had managed to survive it all.

Spidey is stacked with powers, yet the symbiote disposes of him rather quickly in these stories. Yet, Eddie Brock is a normal guy with no special powers and has actually bonded to the symbiote for years without dying. The alien has given him a growing list of mental problems, but he has still managed to survive. This could be because Brock has no powers. Brock has also never been bonded to the symbiote for long, but he has found ways to appease the creature so that he can keep control.

Maybe the symbiote just likes him. Behind Eddie Brock and Spidey, his time with the creature is one of the more popular iterations. The character who used to be such a tormentor of Peter Parker underwent drastic changes.

He had grown up, and he was going to use the symbiote to help. The symbiote reconnects with its species hive mind, and naturally Thompson makes his way to many different planets to help out.

Flash may have brought the Venom symbiote to the good side, but its pesky relatives brought him be back to the dark side. Before making these trips, the symbiote had its mind reset back to its former nature.

carnage and venom relationship quiz

It was later discovered that the symbiote was not fully reset, forcing Thompson to return to Earth and get help. Issues had been spent trying to build him as a character who was moving beyond his juvenile past and taking control of his own destiny.