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The possessor of a strong, clear voice, she secured a clutch of Top Twenty hits in the s before marrying her fellow singer Carl Smith in. Associated acts, Justin Tubb, Kitty Wells, Carl Smith. Goldie Hill (January 11, – February 24, ), born Argolda Voncile Hill, was an Further reading[ edit]. Country Music:The Rough Guide, Author: Kurt Wolff. Carl Smith and Goldie Hill photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

She had even cut eight poorly promoted sides for RCA in and Paul said yes, that he'd heard this song and that he'd like for us to listen to it to see if we liked it.

Oermann, of Finding Her Voice: Born Muriel Ellen Deason on Aug. Her brothers helped out on her grandfather's farm. And Wells herself dropped out of high school she attended Lipscomb and Howard schools to go to work ironing and folding shirts at Washington Manufacturing Company, at that time located downtown near Fourth Avenue and Deaderick Street. My brother, he joined what they called the CC camps. That's what President Roosevelt started so the boys could go out and work The two men sang very much in the style of the Delmore Brothers, perhaps the most popular brother act of the s.

Nobody had ever seen the Delmore Brothers, but they loved 'em. This guy who worked with me at Davis Cabinet Company would take us around to restaurants and places, asking people if they'd ever heard of the Delmore Brothers. People loved our singing. It's not just Kitty, or just some songwriter or producer, but rather the collective creative genius of country music at its best. The venture was not successful for Tommy and Kenny, however, so they returned to Texas the following year and resumed their musical endeavors.

Upon their return, year-old Goldie began to attend their shows, occasionally joining them on vocals. Kenny and Tommy began to make connections with more established musicians who toured through the San Antonio area and byTommy Hill had obtained a position as the fiddle player in Louisiana Hayride star Webb Pierce's regular band.

In a interview with Terry Pitcox, Hill recounted the experience. Kitty Wells had come out with her records and had something pretty good, and Webb decided he needed a girl singer in the band. It was not a successful single, but she tried again shortly afterward. Willet, Ray Price, and Skeets McDonald had all recorded versions of the song, and all versions charted on Billboard in later in the year, Perry Como's pop version would prove an even bigger hit.

On the heels of its success, Slim Willet and Tommy Hill decided to collaborate, writing an answer song intended for Kitty Wells to sing. During the course of her career Hill had repeatedly encountered Carl Smith, a young country music singer and songwriter who would eventually become her husband. Hill's personal recollection of their courtship is coyly succinct: He was on the same package tour and we said hello.

It was really special that they did that for me. So then Howie and I got romantically involved; we just worked all the time. It was a working courtship, completely.

I knew I had to set myself apart from everything else that was happening, so I came up with my look, my hairdo.

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I worked really hard on that record and the one after that and I toured my butt off. But I honestly think video completely broke me. And a lot of them are still doing that.

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Country music and videos have really changed but I think that was right at the beginning of videos selling records to country audiences. Does country music nowadays speak to the lowest common denominator? Has it always been that way? I think a lot of it is promotions. They played my records when I went to see them, all over the country, visiting the stations 10 a day, they played my records.

In the Academy of Country Music nominated you for top new female vocalist despite the fact that you had been making records since Does this lack of acknowledgement by the industry bother you? It all goes in little spurts. Because I need to live to write. What you got a write about? It took me that long to write the album, and people were freaking out! I see myself doing that somewhere down the line, just writing songs. I know I can always write songs and I think that often I can write songs for others better than for myself.

I get too emotional. That was real heavy duty. I cried writing that song, wrote it in an afternoon while Joe was building something and he came home and I was. I wrote it about two years after she died. She was a big inspiration. She was wild as could be. People think I was wild, Lord! And then the chorus is about losing all of them. The verses are more particularly about Rosey, but the last verse is about all of them.

The last half of the last verse, anyway. February Howie died after being with him 16 years. Then in May my mama died.

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Big John in September, then Rosey in October. So I was reeling from John when Rosey passed away. So when they called and told me, I already had a plane ticket. For a long time, I just thought why why why why why? But you have to go on. I used to not even be able to talk about it. This album was a lot of healing.

Not even from drugs, the way he died. Howie had no boundaries with these people. I had to get out of there. So I had to go back and claim his body. His brothers took the body. I had a private memorial for him in California with his friends. I had a whole lot of creative control.