Buffy and xander relationship

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buffy and xander relationship

Xander & Buffy The Relationship: The show opens with Xander falling for Buffy, literally. He runs into the stairrail while gawking at her. This is the beginning of a. People rarely just break up on Buffy, their relationships usually end in . Her only fling with any of the main characters had been Xander, and it. Buffy and Angel may be the most iconic couple of either series, but they .. Anya may have had to drag Xander into their relationship kicking.

So when she and Xander profess their love for one another — it feels a little strange, to say the least.

buffy and xander relationship

When the end of magic causes Dawn to forget their love, they have to start over. Nowadays season 11they are making a real go at it, whether we like it or not.

buffy and xander relationship

In order to save the world, Buffy again has to make a tough decision — end magic, forever. Though she tries to avoid doing this, knowing it will ruin the lives of so many, including Willow, in the end she is left with no choice. By smashing the Seed, Buffy effectively resets much of the world-building Season 8 had done, which had created a much more supernatural Buffy-verse.


When the gang finds themselves in another apocalypse, they must figure out how to close and seal a dangerous portal.

Refusing to let her face it alone, Xander follows Dawn into the Hell dimension, where they will be stuck unless the others find a way to get them back. Most fans recall Riley as the commando-boyfriend in seasons 4 and 5 who had an inexplicable hold on Buffy, but then constantly pouted in the corner about her not loving him enough.

At first, Riley seems to be in league with Twilight, but is then revealed to have been recruited by Buffy to act as a double agent. Luckily, his role in the comics is relatively insignificant and he isn't around much.

Well, an old character — Anya. Ghost Anya haunts Xander, who is struggling to make things work with Dawn since some wacky magic caused her to forget their romance. Throughout the season, Xander falls deeper into a rut, even resorting to psychology in an attempt to rid himself of Anya.

To kick off the Twilight story arc, penned by Brad Meltzer, Buffy finds herself with some unusual new abilities — she is suddenly super-fast, and can fly. Willow speculates that the powers are being manifested by the dead Slayers, while Buffy and Xander have some fun testing her new limits.

For example, the Budapest reference between Hawkeye and Black Widow originated in a season one exchange between Angel and Darla from the episode "Angel. Oddly enough, this line is a call back to when Joss Whedon first met Nicholas Brendon during his audition for Xander. After the audition, a fluttered Brendon asks Whedon and the casting agents, "Anybody feel like shawarma?

buffy and xander relationship

I feel like some shawarma. The word "shawarma" changed Brendon's life forever, so he used the same line after Tony's near death experience. After co-starring alongside Melissa Joan Hart in the tv movie Sabrina the Teenage Witch which also served as a pilot for the show of the same nameReynolds was offered the role of Xander Harris for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was quick to pass on it because, as he once explained in an interview, he "didn't want to play a guy in high school.

buffy and xander relationship

And Nicholas Brendon turned out to be the perfect Xander. The name was chosen for the character because the name Xander is similar to "zander", which is a fish that is similar to pike fish.

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Therefore, this is an extremely subtle callback to the original movie that started it all. In fact, Whedon has expressed on numerous occasion that he deeply relates to the character and that Xander is actually based on Whedon himself. During the audio commentary for the episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth," Whedon had this to say: And he does make an idiot of himself a lot.

buffy and xander relationship

Of course, he's a lot prettier and more muscular than anybody who acts like that should should be, but this is television. So get over it. There was once a time when Dawn had a crush on Xander when she was a child, but Xander did not in any way whatsoever reciprocate these feelings because he saw her as a little sister. Well, little sister's all grown up now, so they start boinking after randomly deciding to confess their feelings to each other.