Breadth and depth relationship

breadth and depth relationship

It intends to determine whether breadth and depth of vocabulary knowledge are It also attempts to investigate whether there is a relationship between these. The impact of breadth and depth of information disclosure on attributional confidence More specifically with respect to the relationship between breadth of. the frequency, breadth, and depth of their communication with their siblings. The sibling relationship is the longest relationship in which most Americans will.

Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Decision making processes in humans is both incredibly special and flawed. One may be able to travel to 55 cities and have a breadth of experiences, but rarely has much depth within each city.


One may have dozens of sexual partners, but rarely does this equate to much depth within a relationship. While there are plenty of reasons you might feel unhappy or unfulfilled, it could be that you are searching for depth and breadth at the same time.

Here are a few ways you can find out. He's learned so much about coffee, he created the ultimate coffee guide to help anyone find great coffee beans, make cappuccino, butter coffee, cold brew, and the list goes on and on. Interestingly, if he tried whiskey and other alcoholic drinks, he wouldn't have the same depth of knowledge.

He has chosen depth of knowledge within the realm of coffee and tea rather than a breadth of knowledge enjoying all beverages. Every time he makes a choice to drink coffee instead of an alcoholic drink is a choice for depth over breadth. Here are some areas of your life where it would benefit you to take a closer look. This will enable you to better understand where you fall on the spectrum of breadth versus depth: Intimate Relationships - As Manson mentioned in his book, your intimate relationships can be a choice of either breadth or depth.

Breadth VS. Depth

To some degree you may have both, but the two are correlated. This is largely due to the openness of the participation structure—defined in terms of the size of the group and directedness of communication—of SNSs Herring, Research on the impact of disclosure depth on interpersonal attraction on SNSs parallels findings from studies on face-to-face interactions. In a similar vein, a study by Bazarova suggests that in SNS sites, viewers consider disclosure of intimate information as appropriate only when it is shared privately rather than with all the network.

Hence, we predict that: Respective impacts of breadth and depth of disclosure. To our knowledge, there is a dearth of studies that investigate the relative influence of these two dimensions breadth and depth of disclosure on interpersonal attraction and how they interact with each other within the context of SNSs.

The Realistic Accuracy Model Funder, ; Funder, provides a framework within which we can consider the respective roles that breadth and depth of disclosed information may play in evaluation of an SNS profile.

According to this model, accuracy of the judgment about a person depends on: As discussed in detail below, our last question in this study concerns this interaction between breadth and depth of information. On the one hand, whereas increasing the quantity of information provides more data points for making judgments, concurrently increasing intimacy of information may further enhance attributional confidence by revealing relevant information about source characteristics.

On the other hand, sheer increase in amount of information does not necessarily lead to better judgments about others.

breadth and depth relationship

According to RAM, certain types of information e. Considered from this perspective, it is possible that concurrently increasing breadth and depth of may result in crowding-out of intimate information with higher potential diagnostic value.

breadth and depth relationship

In literature on consumer-decision making, for example, studies have repeatedly found evidence indicating that increased amounts of information leads to lower decision quality e. There is growing evidence suggesting that information overload may have important consequences for utilization of SNSs.

For example, earlier research indicate that information overload may result in users feeling overwhelmed, stressed and dissatisfied with an SNS platform, and may even lead to withdrawal from a platform e.

Given these considerations, we further investigate the following research question: How do breadth and depth of information shared in a profile interact in predicting attributional confidence about the profile owner?

breadth and depth relationship

To investigate the hypotheses and research question described above, we present results from two online experiments. Hence, the first study focuses solely on breadth of information H1, H2. Study 1 Method Participants and procedure. ClearVoice Research has close to 1 million panelists from countries. Online panel members are recruited and regularly verified via SMS or phone. Once they are recruited, they go through a double opt-in process to become a member of online panel. Participation in studies is voluntary, in exchange for cash or gift cards.

Social Penetration Theory: Breadth and Depth

The sample for the current study was drawn from panel members residing in the U. Mean age of the participants was Majority of the participants either had some college education Participants were randomly assigned to see an SNS profile with either low or high breadth of information.

As such, our decision to create a fake SNS platform aimed to minimize the potential confounding effects of user differences in familiarity with an existing SNS platform Figure 1. While creating such a fake SNS profile, we also eliminated any components, such as photos, comments from friends, that may have confounded the effects of breadth and depth of information.

The SNS profile at the top displays an example to an SNS profile of a user containing low breadth and high depth of information. The SNS profile at the bottom displays an example to an SNS profile of a user containing high breadth and low depth of information. To create the profiles, first a library of 78 information categories e.

Second, for each information category, a fictional profile information item was created. Third, 20 items were randomly selected out of this library to create the low information breadth condition. The high information breadth condition was created by adding 10 additional randomly selected information items to the low information profile. First, we aimed to create an SNS profile that is consistent with real SNS profiles in terms of information disclosure.