Boromir and aragorn relationship problems

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boromir and aragorn relationship problems

But beyond this, Tolkien places the hobbits' relationship in a more .. Tolkien intended Faramir and Boromir to be two very different characters. "It is clear that Boromir embodied the Fallen Man; that is Man who is affected by the But back to the beginning of their relationship. Also several more times later: when Aragorn sang about his “head so proud” after his . Therefore, he was distrustful of the opinions and advice of all the fair, mighty people. It is very interesting that Boromir, and he alone, dies at the Battle of Amon Hen. How did Aragorn plan to remove Denethor from power? . Pippin describes both faramir and denethor as Lordly and thinks the must be related to Aragorn. Furthermore, if Boromir was seen as a problem, why not just kill him.

The Fellowshipespecially Aragorn, believed that there was more to the confrontation than Boromir was telling them, but Aragorn did not press the issue. Upon hearing of Frodo's predicament, the rest of the Fellowship, particularly the Hobbits, scattered in an ill-concieved attempt to find him.

Aragorn ordered Boromir to follow and look after Merry and Pippin while he took off after Sam. Boromir came to their aid and drove the orcs off, but more orcs came and Boromir was mortally wounded by many arrows. Aragorn found him dying under a tree, with Merry and Pippin gone. He stayed with Boromir until he died from his wounds. Afterwards, they sang the Lament for Boromir. Legacy Edit Boromir is seen in Denethor's vision Three days after Boromir's death, his brother Faramir saw his funeral boat passing down the Anduin.

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Men of Gondor found Boromir's horn, the Horn of Gondorbroken in twain, and brought it to his father. This drove Denethor to despair, and when compounded with Faramir's later seemingly-mortal wounding and his knowledge of Mordor's indomitable might, he lost his mind.

Many, including Faramir, often lamented Boromir's passing as Sauron readied his forces to attack, noting that his loss would be keenly felt by Gondor on the field of battle. Boromir won respect even from his enemies: Boromir was above all else exceedingly valiant and steadfast, and was held in great esteem by the fighting men of many nations.

boromir and aragorn relationship problems

He was noted as being somewhat dissimilar in manner and thought from both his father, Denethor, and his brother Faramir, but he loved them both greatly. He was selfless and bold, but he took little interest in the books and scrolls that his brother so often read, having little interest in lore. However, his desire to protect his people, and his inability to do so, left him vulnerable to the predations of the One Ring.

This eventually caused him to attempt to take it from Frodo, though he deeply regretted this almost immediately after it occurred. At one point, when envisioning he would have hoped to achieve if he took the One Ring and overthrew Sauron, his world after Sauron's defeat was one of peace and security, where he used the Ring to rule with wisdom and generosity.

Aragorn & Boromir, book vs. film

Powers and Abilities Edit Boromir was a powerful fighter, having survived many armed confrontations with Sauron's forces. During the one that claimed his life, he killed at least twenty Orcs before dying to their arrows.

This chain of events is impossible in Aragorn's case, because there is no one arguing against him, and his claim is unchallenged - he has no rival. If Gondor rejects Aragorn's claim, it is highly unlikely that it will ever be ruled by a king again.

boromir and aragorn relationship problems

Aragorn thus claimed the right to take the Orthanc-stone into his possession For a thorough study of Aragorn's ancestry, see Jason Baker's exemplary answer here: How much Elven ancestry does Aragorn have? Although Isildur, Elendil's elder son, was first joint King of Gondor, he was on his way to take up the throne of Arnor when ambushed and slain following the death of his father, Elendil.

Aragorn's claim to the throne of Gondor is less obvious. It rests upon his claim to be the rightful Heir of Isildur, and upon the right of Isildur's Line to claim the throne. The distinction is made clear by the argument over the throne of Gondor which arose after the marriage of the last Arnorian king, Arvedui of Arthedain, to Firiel, daughter of Ondoher the 31st king of Gondor. On the death of Ondoher and his sons, Arvedui believed this gave him sufficient reason to claim the throne of Gondor.

In the event, Arvedui could not pursue his case at the time.

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Neverthless, Aragorn is the sole direct male descendent of the Line of Elendil. Moreover, Isildur did not renounce the throne of Gondor, which he held jointly with his brother.

Jason Baker's brilliant answer here says: Considering Tolkien's statement that the Maiar aside from Sauron are essentially angels, Aragorn is part angel. Arvedui's claim was rejected for a couple of reasons: The claim was rejected. In this Pelendur, the Steward of King Ondoher, played the chief part. The Council of Gondor answered: In Gondor this heritage is reckoned through the sons only; and we have not heard that the law is otherwise in Arnor.

While Elendil still lived, the conjoint rule in the South was committed to his sons; but when Elendil fell, Isildur departed to take up the high kingship of his father, and committed the rule in the South in like manner to the son of his brother.

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He did not relinquish his royalty in Gondor, nor intend that the realm of Elendil should be divided for ever.