Battler and beatrice relationship problems

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If executed properly, it is a relationship that takes hours and hours of viewer To that end, Id like to introduce Ushiromiya Battler and Beatrice the Golden Witch. He has no problem knocking these "witches" down a peg. The entire situation mirrors the Kinzo/Beatrice II relationship, with Battler taking Later the “survivors”, following Erika's advice, hole up in the guest house. Beatrice and Battler's relationship takes place in the Meta where I'll say Sayo still have psychological issues, as she decided to remain split.

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As for a motive. Shannon, Yasu, Beatrice have already gave up themselves to the fate in which a tragedy always occur. As anyone can guess the plan and motives may change from person to person and from fragment to fragment.

  • Does Battler love Beatrice?

The bomb is there to erase all evidence and make it a cat box leading to why the games repeat over and over. Because no one is able to know the real truth behind the 1st tragedy. From this the following is drawn. Yasu is forced to carry out this plan as a requirement.

No, because it says that the epitaph is irrelevant to Beatrice. This is a pattern that she cannot escape from. Beatrice neither takes pleasure out of this nor gains anything out of it. Because the typhoon will go away. More importantly, because Battler will leave the island. The game was created to keep Battler in the cat box until he remembered. The cat box is factor in this equation that is mandatory.

To erase all evidence of what happened. To start with a clean game board for the next games.

Umineko WHEN THEY CRY (anime)

Ange and the readers are confused why Battler would act to forgiving towards someone who killed his whole family over and over. Normally a person would be angry but Battler goes as far as telling Beatrice that he should be the one apologizing to her.

This meant that Battler did something horrible to Beatrice that led her to become this way. The tragedy happens because of Battler and Battler coming back.

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Seeing that Battler is responsible he feels guilty for the events. Does that justify Beatrice killing the family members? The Case is the following — when the gold is found the siblings or any other character commits a crime.

When Beatrice gives up all hope in EP4 she purposely puts the game in hold so that nothing would be revealed. A theory is drawn from this is, that Yasu cannot stop the tragedy alone.

The reason why the game repeats over and over is because the ending is always a bad one. This is a reality that is infinitely difficult to alter. The result is the same — everyone dies. Everything resets once again which creates the feeling that this was an illusion or was in the first place impossible. Yasu became Beatrice because of Battler. She then tried to get him to remember his sin. And you're right, it doesn't simply happen. If executed properly, it is a relationship that takes hours and hours of viewer exposition to feel right.

Which is why VNs are perfect for this. Cause they're fuckin long. No, I didn't use the wrong picture. They legitimately despise each other for roughly the first 80 hours of the novel, or pages of manga and the entirety of the anime.

By despise, I mean they are literally trying to destroy each other's existence. Actively engaged in mental and emotional warfare. As a man who fully relies on what he sees and knows to be real, magic and witches never interested him. So when Beatrice appears before him, along with Bernkastel, Virgilia, and Lambdadelta, claiming to be a millennium-old witch and slaughters his family with "magic", he doesn't exactly take it well.

He has no problem knocking these "witches" down a peg. Clench those teeth, Bern! In swift retaliation, he is forced to his knees over and over by the witch Beatrice, forced into servitude before being given another chance to redeem his identity and deny the existence of magic.

What Battler doesn't realize is that his affinity for magic is infinitely higher than he could ever imagine, and that he would come to be known as the Golden Sorcerer.