Balthier and ashe relationship trust

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balthier and ashe relationship trust

“Look Ashe,” Penelo attempts soothingly while almost cowering in fear of a verbal whipping like the one she unleashed on “Don't trust a man like him, Penelo. Balthier and Fran are sky pirates, Ashe is a "dead" princess, and Basch is a .. Tidus has a much more complex relationship with Yuna than Vaan with .. his honor by regaining the trust of those around him, in particular ashe. Their relationship is even harder to explain; Ashe hates Basch at first, thinking that he's responsible for everything, then she begins to trust him.

Then again, Balthier and Fran are "partners". What exactly does this mean?

Best friends who also happen to mock one another all the time? There are quite a few scenes that may suggest there's more to that relationship the infamous "Nobody knows men like Fran does. I just never knew how much. In Revenant Wings, they are still hanging around and once again, some of their dialogue may imply that they're in some kind of relationship and more than friends.

Balthier is annoyed oh, surprise when they find out the truth about the "villain" in Revenant Wings, the type of relationship and the cause of conflict in the whole game which in a way reflects his own relationship with Fran. So, a love triangle of sorts?


Even in some of the original artwork for the game, they showed the three of them, Balthier holding Ashe with Fran controlling that motorbike-like thing whatever it's called. During the credits, they show the artwork of Balthier and Fran posted earlier in the topic. In the new artwork for The Zodiac Age, Ashe is placed next to Balthier and seems to be looking at him as if with passion this may be a mere coincidence.

Montblanc Montblanc 9 months ago 26 Next, there's Basch and Ashe. Their relationship is even harder to explain; Ashe hates Basch at first, thinking that he's responsible for everything, then she begins to trust him and finally, to quote Penelo, "she misses him".

In what way, one might ask? Ashe claims the Dawn Shard. As Ashe claims the Dawn Shard she is met by a ghostly apparition of her late husband, Rasler.

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The party exits the tomb only to discover Dreadnought Leviathan and the rest of Ghis's fleet waiting for them as a result of Vossler having alerted them. As proof of the might of the Empire's manufacted nethicite, they can fly airships even on the jagd.

Ashe is furious at Vossler's betrayal, who has come to believe opposition is futile, and acquiescence the only way to save Dalmasca from further harm.

The party is again brought before Ghis who takes the Dawn Shard from Ashe, gleeful the party has again done the work for the Empire in delivering them with deifacted nethicite. Ghis has the party taken away in chains, but succumbs to delusions of grandeur before the stone's power. Ghis plans to use the stone to take over the Empire, and has its power evaluated by placing the Dawn Shard in the engine of the Leviathan. The engine overheats as Mist—the ephemeral magickal power of Ivalice—flows from the stone.

The Dawn Shard destroys the Imperial fleet. The Mist effusing from the Dawn Shard drives Fran into a frenzy and she breaks free from her shackles and attacks their captors. The others free themselves as well, but as they make for the exit they are stopped by Vossler whom the party is forced to defeat.

In his final words Vossler asks for Basch to look after Ashe, and as the party escapes on another carrier ship, the Dawn Shard in the Leviathan's engine explodes destroying the entire fleet. As the Leviathan falls the party escapes riding the blast wave, but as they spot the Dawn Shard glimmering midair in the center of the explosion they turn back to retrieve it.

After witnessing the Archadian Eighth Fleet destroyed by the power of the Dawn Shard, Ashe decides to wield it as her weapon against the Empire, as even if the Resistance movement she had started was lost when Vossler became a turncoat, she now possessed a weapon of seemingly unimaginable power.

As she doesn't know how to use the now lusterless Dawn Shard Fran suggests they head for Jaharathe village of the garif knowledgeable on magicite lore. Ashe asks Balthier to accompany her, but he demands a ring on her finger as down payment until he comes across a better treasure. In Jahara the garif tell Ashe they cannot be of help due to the stone eluding even their ancestors.

The garif chief tells Ashe the Dawn Shard has lost its power, as the Mist it inhabited has been released making the Dawn Shard useless as a weapon. They meet Larsa who has come to persuade Ashe to join both him and another mysterious ally at Mt Bur-Omisace to prevent the imminent war between the nation-states of Ivalice.

Larsa explains his plan for Ashe to gain the Gran Kiltias Anastasis 's blessing to assume the throne of Dalmasca, and then propose peace to the Empire. The idea of making peace with the Empire that stole everything from her repulses Ashe, but she sees no other way to help her kingdom.

That night Ashe talks with Vaan who reveals he also saw an apparition the moment Ashe claimed the Dawn Shard from the Tomb of Raithwall, although he thought it looked like his late brother. The two decide to conceal the ghostly encounter from the others. Vaan explains that helping Ashe reclaim Dalmasca is his way of stopping running away from his problems. Disgraced by the Eighth Fleet's destruction, Vayne is called back to Archadia.

He begins to suspect his father and the Imperial Senate will bypass him for Emperor, giving the throne to his brother Larsa instead, whom the Senate sees as suspect to manipulation due to his youth.

Gramis is of failing health, and the question of his succession is to come up soon. Gramis tasks Judge Gabranth to spy on Vayne to discern his true intentions. The Judge Magisters know Larsa is not easily manipulated, and once the Senate realizes this he may be in danger of being assassinated. Judge Magister Drace and Gabranth talk the matter over and decide to protect Lord Larsa for the stability of the nation. Jote mocks Fran for having lost her viera senses. Ashe decides to trust Larsa and he joins her party on their passage to Mt Bur-Omisace, the center of the Kiltia faith.

While passing through the Golmore Jungle their path is barred by magickal barriers set by the viera. Fran unveils the viera settlement of Eruyt Villagetelling the others she is an exile and the viera will not be happy to see her, but her younger sister Mjrn may be able to help. In the village Fran's other sister, Joteclaims Mjrn is not there, and tells Fran to ask the Wood for her whereabouts.

Fran has spent too long away from the viera homeland and her kin no longer consider her a true viera as she cannot hear the green word. Jote despises yet pities Fran for her fall, and states the Wood says Mjrn is at the local magicite mine. The party travels to the Henne Minesanother of the Empire's sites of magicite research, and finds the local researchers slain.

Larsa becomes agitated at the sight and wants to investigate the matter. They find Fran's sister Mjrn deep in the mines acting strangely, holding a piece of manufacted nethicite being possessed by a shadow with glowing eyes. When Mjrn drops the nethicite it breaks, releasing her. As Fran rushes to her sister, Mjrn explains she left the Wood to explore the world but was captured and asked to hold a piece of manufacted nethicite to test its effect on a viera.

balthier and ashe relationship trust

Larsa asks Penelo to return the piece of manufacted nethicite he had given to her earlier, apologizing for not realizing the danger. Back in Eruyt Village Mjrn is reunited with her kin. Fran asks her to not follow her example and leave the Wood as it only leads to a life of loneliness. Jote gives Fran the Lente's Tear to dispel the jungle's magickal barriers and asks her to never return. Al Cid meets Ashe.

Although Al-Cid is but one of the many nobles of the ruling class, Larsa hopes that securing his allegiance would help normalize the relations between the nations if Al-Cid could help Rozarria recognize Ashe as the Queen of Dalmasca. All hope for a peaceful resolution is dashed when it is learned Vayne has murdered his father and dissolved the Senate, making him the dictator of Archadia, as Vayne would never allow Ashe claim Dalmasca peacefully.

The murder of the late Emperor was blamed on the Senate, giving Vayne pretense of disbanding it. Among the Judge Magisters only Drace opposed Vayne's ruthlessness, and as she sought to arrest him for high treason, the other Judges turned against her.

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Vayne, knowing Gabranth had been spying on him on Gramis's orders, tested his loyalty by ordering him to execute Drace for turning her blade on the Imperial Lord Sovereign. As Gabranth hesitated Drace quietly asked him to kill her, and to protect Lord Larsa who will have no one should Gabranth be lost as well. Ashe decides that going to war with the Empire is the only way. As much has become apparent to Ondore as well, who has departed to assemble a Resistance, stepping down as Marquis under pretense of ailing health.

As long as Vayne holds the Dusk Shard, however, they will have little chance against the Empire, having witnessed first hand what deifacted nethicite can do. The Gran Kiltias tells Ashe of another of Raithwall's treasures, the Sword of Kings that can destroy nethicite, hidden in the Stilshrine of Miriam to be overlooked by the Gran Kiltias as a neutral party.

The party retrieves the Sword of Kings. Leaving Larsa behind at Mt Bur-Omisace the party sets out to retrieve the sword. Posts 8 Forgive me if I cast magick arise upon this thread, can't help it, just lay my hands on this game finally! I haven't finish the game yet, ex-judge magister Reddas just welcomed in the party and Genji Gloves still a fresh egg in my inventory.

So far, I don't really think that Ashe and Balthier have relationship.

balthier and ashe relationship trust

But about platonic romance, I can't really sure about it. I know people like Wizzard Fynn tend to believe what eyes can see, but these people sometimes missed many aspects in life, especially things that more than meet the eyes.

These people are hard to convince because they tend to believe in their own perceptions, no matter how believable the reasoning.

balthier and ashe relationship trust

So, I won't even try to change or convince or debate your kind that there was really something with Balthier and Ashe.

Balthier is good looking because he's full of confident and well groomed.